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ATLANT MXTE 30-01 Specifications

General characteristics

Freezer is absent
Color / Coating Material white / plastic
Control electromechanical
Energy consumption
Number of compressors 1
Number of cameras 1
Number of doors 1
Dimensions (WxDxH) 40x46x53.5 cm


Defrosting the refrigerator manual


Overall volume 31 l

Other functions and features

Ice maker is absent
The ability to outweigh the door there is
Noise level up to 32 dB
Climate class N
Weight 16 kg

Reviews on ATLANT МХТЭ 30-01

Advantages: 1) our production 2) low price 3) excellent quality 4) super modern technologies – analogues in the world Hardly ever. = We are the best !!!
Minuses: not noticed.
Minuses: review from 2011 approximately: was purchased for installation in a hospital room .. It runs silently. no one interferes, the control lights shine on the back wall at night .. quietly …. they don’t hit in the eyes. has three degrees of power – more than the second stage is enough .. the condensate formed is collected in bath at the bottom of the chamber and conveniently removed .. fills up on average in two weeks .. as a mini flaw I will indicate what freezes there’s a patch of 5-7 cm on the back wall. You do not need to defrost – ice once frozen, it does not increase – apparently there is a cold generator output .. I note a low power consumption … generally a great car. completely meets the needs and specifications stated in the instructions. Separately pleased that the refrigerator is completely ours. executed on excellent level, according to the latest trends .. There are no analogues in the world something that is similar in characteristics, but simply not .. supplement review 02.04.13: Another six months have passed, and only a half from the moment acquisitions. Finally, another flaw was revealed, except sliding rubber feet-coasters. They really slip if move the refrigerator. and so the flaw: vents on the back wall above the coolers clogged with dust! 1 movement with a rag – and the refrigerator is again like new. Specially came here, what would add review. In September 2014, after three years of continuous The refrigerator works. At one point, he just stopped to chill. The master offered a repair comparable to the price of a new the refrigerator. He refused. I found a familiar radio installer. The board rang. Found a burnt capacitor. Replaced. The refrigerator is back in operation! Be carefull! in case of breakdown, do not agree to replace the entire unit or board. Do not throw away refrigerator. Price tag: Tester, soldering iron, two hours of time and 50 rubles for a new element of the chip.

Lei LeiLei

Pluses: Well assembled, no noise.
Disadvantages: In the summer, of course you have to bother with laying food and cold drinks for a couple of people. Bottles after 1.5l do not fit, only if you remove the top shelf.
Minuses: I read reviews, looked at analogues (for which nothing I will not say bad), this is the most adequate in terms of build quality. Works 3 months, no noise (well, if only a little). There are 3 cold modes, at 2m it cools as it should at +30. The legs have rubber “boots” if move it, can fly off. But I think they can be glued. In short take it, you will not regret it. The nature of the class, CLEAR. You know, you can !!! upd. 06/16/14 Broke a year later. Warranty 3 years, master free leaves. Still satisfied)))

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: very quiet, if you listen, the sound is as if a grasshopper chirps, stands above his head in the bedroom, sleep, he is not is heard. 3-mode switch. Door can be hinged to the other side. On the door, the top shelf can be rearranged in 3 different height position I will add almost a year later. If the window is closed and he standing over the head, it is still audible, although not very much. Chip in that the window is usually closed in winter, and in winter it is not used, because and so cold. In summer, the window is open and you can hear anything just not a refrigerator 🙂
Disadvantages: Legs are not adjustable, put on like shoes. If you move back and forth, slowly get off. But this is garbage. Shelf is placed only on one level. Scoop instruction, where it’s written that it cannot be turned on without grounding, it cannot be turned on via an extension cord impossible, impossible, impossible … Yes, the ice cream in it will melt, although the drinks are very cold. Well this is not a flaw, a feature
Minuses: I decided to write a review on this model, because she has no feedback at all. I suddenly decided that I needed a minibar, because it’s a type of comfort and at the same time will allow you to unload the refrigerator I want to drink from bottles (cola, kvass, beer) in the summer. I read reviews on Yandex, most of all I liked Samsung SG06 he has a capacity 47l + freezer, ice can be made, but when I looked at it, then him in the back of the camera is a step because of the compressor, which makes uncomfortable placement of bottles – you can’t put a lot and you need to invent. But this is because it is designed just like a refrigerator. All sorts of yogurt and sandwiches are good to place there. He’s also compressor, I was afraid will make noise in the bedroom. I went to see the Moscow Art Theater, he has a stupid camera box and shelf is high. Know, shove the bottles. Liter Nesti comes under the shelf because of the flat lid, beer too easy, liter cola not included, not enough half a centimeter. One and a half liter can be put if you remove the shelf. 2 liter has not yet tried. The height of the chamber is 40cm. 4 bottles come in. 1.5l and even at the door you can blow beer. There is no compressor at all, there is 2 fans. On the back wall there is a small tray 20×1.5×1.5cm, which needs to be poured periodically. After switching on, it was cooled, as It seemed to me for a long time, but it can only seemed. the adequacy of prices, manufacturing, etc. is difficult to say because there are no more on the market. Therefore, I set it everywhere 5. In general, awesome refrigerator, I recommend it to everyone!


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