Asko OT8636S

Asko OT8636S

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Characteristics Asko OT8636S

General characteristics

Oven electric independent
Volume 75 l
Energy consumption class A +, connection power 3.40 kW
Dimensions (HxWxD) 59.5 x 59.5 x 54.6 cm
Maximum temperature 275 ° C


Grill yes, electric, 2700 W
Convection there is
Defrosting there is


Switches rotary
Timer yes, with shutdown
Display sensory
Thermal probe there is


Skewer not
Oven door folding
Oven cleaning catalytic
Other functions and features camera backlight, cooling fan, anti-theft system children protective shutdown
Clock there are electronic
Body color silver

Reviews for Asko OT8636S

Pluses: It’s just my charm))). Actually the oven very good. I especially love her for her large internal volume, maximum heating temperature of 275 ° C, convection and defrost timer with shutdown and catalytic cleaning up.
Minuses: no
Minuses: everything is fine, I am satisfied

Fadeykina Natasha

Pluses: Convenient location management. Good set functions. There is grill and convection, and defrosting. Display Touch with a simple and clear indication. Door closes smoothly, nothing rattles
Minuses: They have not been.
Minuses: We are glad that we chose this model.

Grigory Chuykov

Advantages: Independent, stylish, multi-mode. Timer, rotary switch, door with shock absorber open-close no clapping, no noise. Child lock with customization. Cleaning does not cause any problems.
Disadvantages: it’s too early about the shortcomings, just the beginning use her
Disadvantages: The technique is not only beautiful and modern, but also reliable and high quality. I operate it with great pleasure, the cooking process has now become easy and economical for me. Have bought the oven recently, but I have already fully mastered it and make my family happy different snacks. The first time it turned out very tasty and tender baked meat, perfect roast, juicy with a crust. The family is delighted, and I like it, I spend time on preparations less, the oven heats up quickly, bakes well, does not operate confused, the display is convenient and understandable, the main thing is to choose the right one the mode and everything else she will do for you, also disconnects when cook, a timer will help. The functionality of my oven on height!

Dmitrieva ELENA

Pluses: Electric grill is a great thing, we’re cooking kebabs even with his help. Not like coal, but not bad either it turns out)) The defrost function really works, and that’s all It turns out very, very smartly. Child protection is – useful and the desired option, they basically chose with her and she completely herself justifies. It’s easy to clean, at least my wife She said that it was much easier than with the previous oven.
Disadvantages: Not the most convenient switches, they resilience as if not enough …
Minuses: Well, the overall rating will still be five, because the oven really good and we really like it.

Barushenko Grigory

Advantages: virtues for which the oven was bought, and namely, telescopic guides and pyrolytic cleaning – not detected.
Disadvantages: NO telescopic rails declared in Description on Yandexmarket !!!!!!! also does not have pyrolytic cleaning up. Standard functionality. The same can be bought much cheaper. Cooking in the oven is best in their intuitive instinct, and without focusing on the manual, as the dish turns out overdried.
Minuses: trademark holders should be more honest with customers, more faithfully do their job to track inaccurate information on their products, hosted on such an authoritative Internet resource. Otherwise it seems that buyers are purposefully introduced into misconception.

Runal runal

Pluses: Beautiful and comfortable, she has a comfortable touch control.
Minuses: the oven copes with its tasks a hundred percent. Additionally there is also a grill function, also good works.

Reshetnikova Sveta

Pluses: Great oven! Touch control panel timer, probe. Installed time-saving programs – fast preheating the oven to the set temperature, defrosting, and heated plates, simultaneous cooking on two and three levels of
Minuses: The oven did an excellent job and I learned it trust.

Vardanyan Armine

Pluses: Do not heat the glass on the door, convenient and understandable guide
Minuses: not found
Minuses: I use this oven for about a year. Convenient to operation. Easy to wash. All parts inside if necessary remove (for deeper cleaning) without much difficulty, which is detailed described in the instructions. Clear and detailed guide to operation with recommendations on cooking time and temperature for various dishes. It turned out to be very convenient for me flush switches as my child at the age of one magnet pulled to the kitchen drawer under the oven. For a year of operation I didn’t find any flaws.

Sedokova Anna

Advantages: Oven Asko OT8636S with a meat probe, and grill function, Multi-layer glazing doors Ultra Cool Door eliminates the possibility of burns.
Minuses: no skewer
Minuses: very happy with the oven. In addition to the traditional heating “upper and lower heat”, which is just perfect for baking and even baking meat or poultry, we often use grill. Fragrant chicken with crispy crust or hearty pork shank have become my signature dishes. This wind helps me cabinet and save time – the defrost function quickly cooks frozen foods for further processing.

Subbotina Alla

Advantages: 1) Very convenient telescopic rails on 3 levels. 2) It is easy to clean (but only Schumanit). 3) It looks very aesthetically pleasing. 4) The glass does not heat up very much (let others not scare, because you don’t sit on it) 5) Everything is prepared excellent, at least for my wife in all modes (both meat and fish and sweets)
Minuses: They are not
Disadvantages: They are insanely happy with the model, taking into account what we had gas oven of a little-known company, and it became bad in it baking, nothing rose. And here everything is fast, easy. prepare ))

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