Asko OP8676S

Asko OP8676S

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Characteristics Asko OP8676S

General characteristics

Oven electric independent
Volume 73 l
Energy consumption class A, connection power 3.40 kW
Dimensions (HxWxD) 59.5 x 59.5 x 54.6 cm
Maximum temperature 275 ° C


Grill yes, electric, 2700 W
Convection there is
Defrosting there is


Switches sensory
Timer yes, with shutdown
Display sensory
Thermal probe there is


Skewer not
Oven door folding
Telescopic rails there is
The number of door glass four
Oven cleaning pyrolytic
Other functions and features camera backlight, cooling fan, anti-theft system children protective shutdown
Clock there are electronic
Body color silver


Additional Information program save function

Reviews about Asko OP8676S

Pluses: all is well, but
Minuses: broke after 3 months, telescopic skids stopped riding, from them such a rattle goes that you can go crazy. Started cutting down electricity in the apartment at work. It worked locking the oven, and the door does not close.
Disadvantages: Let’s see how the warranty service behaves!

Vadim Mulenkov

Pluses: Comfortable, beautiful, functional. Easy in installation. Installed myself in 15-20 minutes. 220 Volt, ~ 10 amperes, up to 2500 watts at peak load. Mandatory “land”. Telescopic guides, very convenient. Three pairs included. Two baking sheets, deep and not so. Two grilles. Pyrolytic cleaning is a great thing))) just turn on the hood, specific smell. A large number of programs, or 16, or 17. Off timer, sound timer. �Well – and most importantly – cooks excellently. �Nothing burns, everything is fine baked.
Disadvantages: The only one identified is fingerprints on the glass. Removed elementary.l

Azarov Alexey

Advantages: Build quality, good functionality, pyrolytic cleaning, PRICE, Cope with their features!
Minuses: not identified
Minuses: I’ve been using it for half a year already, I have never regretted that bought, the volume of more than 73 liters was found only in Asko. There is nothing superfluous, everything is very well thought out, for the current price of competitors not.

Sandro Eugene

Advantages: Advantages: This oven is completely and completely consists of the advantages: – The huge size of the internal space. Compare with friends’ models and understand how much more in my a miracle stove can be shoved – Intuitive controls. No instructions are needed, everything can be read in words on the display – A huge number of auto programs. – Display temperature even off the oven. You always know that it’s still warm there, and you can warm food without including anything – do not remain on the surface prints, which greatly simplifies cleaning and supports external view – Thermal probe – a godsend for a lazy husband 🙂 – The outer door is barely warm even with pyrolysis – Touch control is much more pleasant “recessed” buttons – fewer problems with laundering traces use with greasy fingers while cooking – Pyrolytic cleaning is just a fairy tale, after it just wiped the ashes with a rag – Oven reminds you to clean – Easy to disassemble glass door. you can wash any accidentally caught dirt
Disadvantages: I do not use most of the heat, because after my old past oven with simple “heat above “-” heating from below “can not always get the desired result. By trial and error I found the most necessary 🙂
Disadvantages: I admit that I am delighted with my oven. Now I look at the ovens of my acquaintances almost with neglect – I always find some kind of flaw in comparison with my clever girl. Husband I lamented for a long time why we needed such an expensive oven. But I was like flint. I like everything about her: from display, control, ending with the result of cooking and cleaning. This model assembled in Slovenia, each product is registered. It was the most successful investment in all my repairs.

Filatova Svetlana

Advantages: Well, everything is baked, many necessary functions. Very good coverage, comfortable to wash
Minuses: I have been using it for 2 months now, I am very pleased with the purchase. The oven just bakes wonderful, the pies in it are very tasty, bakes quickly. A lot of useful features, for example, You can record and store recipes. There are also multifunctional watch and a large convenient display. Super wardrobe. Recommend.

Podkina Elvira

Advantages: – pyrolysis – installed programs – 3 pairs telescopic rails and thermal probe included – large oven – 4 glasses! at 200 degrees inside the outer glass is barely warm (after a hellishly heated gas oven on a removable the apartment is just amazing difference)
Disadvantages: they really are not
Disadvantages: Insanely happy and happy with the pyrolysis. I’m not at all I like to cook and the main thing for me is to throw a program on a baking sheet turn on and you are freedom! Cleans perfectly, only 3.5 kW / h and you everything is clear. I have it built in at chest level so that blowing air during pyrolysis it will not be able to harm anyone, neither animals nor children. It’s easy to remove the glass, there is a latch strip, just be careful when remove 1 glass, the door will no longer be able to hold the rest glass.

Kasatkina Valentina

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