Asko HG1145AB

Asko HG1145AB

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Specifications of Asko HG1145AB

General characteristics

Panel Type gas hob
Installation independent
Dimensions (HxWxD) 4.8 x 111.4 x 41.2 cm
Built-in dimensions (WxD) 107 x 38 cm


Panel Material glass ceramic
Total burners 4
Gas burners 4
Burner wok there is

Control Panel

Panel Location in front
Switches rotary
Electric ignition yes, automatic


Gas control hobs there is
Cast iron grates there is
Colour burner panels – black

Reviews for Asko HG1145AB

Pluses: In order to save space in the kitchen (studio apartment) this hob was purchased. Despite his compactness turned out to be very convenient, the dishes on it are free apart from each other.
Disadvantages: No flaws.
Minuses: Works fine, easy to clean, auto ignition, removable handles cast iron stable lattice.

Novikov Mikhail

Minuses: Markaya – but very easy to clean. High cost.
Minuses: Very cool panel, looks stylish in interior, ignited with the first click of electric ignition, all burners functional and used, the flame burns evenly and silently, it is very convenient to remove the grilles and wash the panel, but do it often – on black all crumbs and dust are perfectly visible. It is necessary to get used to the non-standard arrangement of burners.

Galieva Lidia

Pluses: Qualitatively done. It is well washed. Unusual design, 2 BOK burners, removable handles. without extra frills.
Minuses: Not yet encountered.
Disadvantages: For your money a decent option.

Savchenko Vladimir

Pluses: beautiful appearance, cast iron grilles, reliable electric ignition, turbo burners, comfortable handles with smooth adjustment.
Minuses: Everything is cool
Disadvantages: During the operation (about half a year) nothing disappointed and looks like new. There is a turbo burner a small nuance: the dishes should be large in diameter, otherwise the flame breaking out from under the bottom can leave traces of soot on dishes or melt the handles; or do not do flame at full power. Cast iron grids – a thing with steel enameled no comparison, the dishes can be moved as you like without fear of chips and scratches

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: cast iron grates, easy to clean, very thought out
Disadvantages: Long tormented with the choice of cooking. Finally, settled on this one. Scarecrow, of course, black: painfully easily soiled. But if you think about it, then whatever the stove, we always have it wipe after cooking. Otherwise, then it will not be washed. True, stains remain. But they are not striking. And to the arrival of the mother-in-law you can kick it))) Very pleased with the small cast-iron grates. Firstly, they are cast iron, that is, dishes do not slip on them. Secondly, they are small. So washing them is not a problem (I recall the old grandmother’s plate with huge cast-iron grates, which to wash was a punishment). In general, the main condition for cooking we had small cast-iron grates. In general, from cooking I’m in delighted.

Sheveleva Julia

Advantages: Work surface not standard size Handles Do not heat up as far from the grills 2 WOK burners with two contours of flame – who knows how to cook in WOK well or just wants to diversify cooking, just right flexible gas settings – heats faster than the previous Bosch.
Disadvantages: The cost is large.
Minuses: We were looking for a manufacturer, so as not to China, such as trust in this country is not enough. At a cost they thought it would be cheaper, but apparently mistaken, now the quality and is “quality”. Well nothing. The main thing is to serve for many years and not create problems. During these three months of use, while it has shown itself with the best parties only. Cooking on it is nice. It’s not difficult to take care of. Durable cast iron dishwashers that can be washed directly in dishwasher.

Kuzmina Nastya

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