How to choose women's underwear

Any modern person, regardless of gender, will agree that women's underwear is not just a hygienic piece of clothing, which is certainly important and necessary, it is also the most piquant part of a wardrobe that is widespread in contemporary art. If men choose lingerie only as a gift that they are going to present to a loved one, then for girls it is a direct necessity. It would seem that with an abundance of manufacturers, assembling a suitable set – panties and a bra – would not be difficult, but in fact this assumption is very deceptive. To learn how to choose underwear, you need to delve deeper into this topic, the only way you are guaranteed to feel confident in any specialty store and salon. So, let's begin.

How to determine the right bra and panties size

How to determine the right bra and panties size

Despite the information age, many girls still do not know the exact size of underwear that suits them best – they simply choose sets that are similar in parameters to those they already have. But it is wrong to do this: firstly, you infringe on yourself in comfort, and secondly, it is harmful from the point of view of hygiene. Therefore, now we will take turns deciding on each element of a set of women's underwear, and start with a bra or, as it is called in the Dutch manner, a bra.

  1. To begin with, you need to take measurements, take a sewing meter and fix two indicators: the coverage of the body under the chest, and the second – along the nipple line. Take your time, do it as carefully as possible – the meter strip should lie strictly horizontally during measurements, no deviations should be allowed.

  2. Now you need to understand what we measured: the bust indicator shows the volume of your bust, and the number obtained by subtracting one indicator from another is the second part of the size, it is always given in letters. Let's say your bust girth is 95 centimeters, and the difference between this indicator and the second measured (under the bust) is 20 centimeters, which means that the correct bra size for you is 95B. You can easily find a table by which you can determine the letter size by the difference of two girths in any store.

  3. After the measurements have been taken, you can absolutely safely go to the store for a new bra.

So, we learned the size of the bra, now it's the turn to decide on the panties – here we also need two indicators.

  1. We measure the waist and hips, respectively, at the narrowest part and at the most protruding one.

  2. Next, we just look at the desired table, which it is desirable to always have at hand, for example, in the form of a picture on the phone. Why is this necessary? Different manufacturers mark their products in different ways, which means that the sizes differ in terms of indicators.

  3. Now just go to the store and buy the panties you like that match your size

Naturally, only a girl can make such measurements, if a man wants to buy a really good gift – he needs to know exactly these indicators, there are several options:

  1. if you live together, imperceptibly examine the tag on your girlfriend's favorite set, indicators will be written there;

  2. carefully try to get this information out of the conversation;

  3. find out the parameters of your wife from one of her friends under the pretext that you are going to surprise the girl.

And of course, you can give up the idea with a surprise and just pay for the certificate in a large lingerie store for the amount that you were ready to spend – you can believe that the girl will be no less happy with such a gift.

Determining the right panties material

Determining the right panties material

This procedure is simple, nevertheless very important, it is worth remembering a few simple rules.

  1. For summer time, smoother materials, for example, silk, are suitable, and for winter, respectively, one hundred percent cotton (cotton).

  2. When choosing a set, pay attention to the percentage of artificial synthetic fibers in the fabric, it should not be higher than 15% – this is the optimal indicator: the underwear will be quite elastic, and the body will be able to breathe fully.

  3. Decide why you are buying a set: for daily use, choose underwear without lace and other decorative elements, for special occasions – decorative jewelry will be very useful.

This concludes the review of the materials – as you can see, it is really not difficult.

Determine the style of bras and panties

Determine the style of bras and panties

Let's start, as in the previous paragraphs, with an examination of bras, we will evaluate them according to three criteria – the presence / absence of underwires, the type of straps and cups.

  1. Bones. It's pretty simple to remember: if you have large breasts, then the bones are simply necessary – they provide better fixation and give the correct shape. Girls with small bust can freely choose the models without underwire.

  2. Straps. Again, the larger the breasts, the more important it is to choose bras with wide, tight straps. This choice will allow you to better distribute the pressure, which is especially important when wearing a bra for a long time, for example, during the whole working day.

  3. Cup. The cup itself is a matter of personal preference, it can be dense and soft. The dense cup gives the breasts the correct shape, it suits girls who are not completely satisfied with their native forms. Bras with a soft cup will appeal to girls who are confident in the shape of their breasts.

Now let's say just a few words about panties: they should not leave marks on the skin, much less cause painful sensations when worn, but at the same time you should select models that fit snugly to the skin. Regarding the shape: although the thongs and thongs are seductive, they cannot be worn for a long time, let alone sleep in them – even if universal slips and boxers prevail in your wardrobe.

A few words about colors and manufacturers

A few words about colors and manufacturers

Conditionally, skin tones can be divided into three groups, based on which it is necessary to choose underwear.

  1. Light (pale) skin. All pastel shades are suitable for such girls, but classic black and red should be avoided – they will contrast unfavorably.

  2. Normal skin. There are no restrictions, choose a set by color based only on your preferences and situation.

  3. Dark skin. There are no restrictions here either, but there are options that are traditionally considered successful in combination with dark skin: pale green (olive), all shades of purple and, oddly enough, orange.

It makes no sense to talk about lingerie manufacturers – there are thousands, if not millions. However, in all this alluring variety, there are companies that have acquired an impressive reputation – buying underwear of their production, you are guaranteed to receive a high-quality, reliable and comfortable product.

  1. Calvin Klein. The company creates collections of panties and bras for young girls who value practicality and comfort: discreet colors, versatile cuts and pleasant fabrics. Unfortunately, you will hardly find seductive lace sets in the assortment of the brand, but daily options will be enough.

  2. Women Secret. The Spanish company, known for high quality products with bright designs, creates lingerie for women of any size. The company pays particular attention to classic lace bras and panties.

  3. Etam. The brand specializes in underwear that will be appreciated by business girls after 25: it is in perfect harmony with suits and formal dresses, while you feel the maximum comfort – the manufacturer has already taken care of it. The only drawback may be in the cost, brand products are not the cheapest.

Now you can easily purchase lingerie that will become a comfortable and seductive decoration for your beautiful forms. Do not skimp on your health and well-being, choose only really comfortable and attractive underwear and always feel at your best!

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose the right swimsuit, the secrets of choosing women's panties and the features of choosing a spectacular bra.

Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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