How to choose a blouse

This clothing allows you to create a new look for the girl, combining it with other elements and accessories of the wardrobe. therefore the right choice of blouse will provide the perfect combination that Suitable for jeans and skirts. The following are general rules and useful recommendations of this difficult process.

Body type

Type of figure

This is the primary criterion to start your search with. suitable option for you. Even if you have a perfect figure, there are nuances that should not be dismissed.


In theory, a blouse of any cut, color and style suits you. But, since you are a happy owner of a beautiful figure, then an unreasonable approach can completely ruin your whole attractiveness. Therefore, choose fitted models and emphasize your waist with a belt.

This type of figure should abandon large prints, large decoration, lining under the coat hanger, as it spoil your look and visually break the silhouette.


Here you need to act more subtly. With wide hips, girl may have a beautiful waist. Therefore strongly translate the emphasis on shoulders are not worth it, achieving proportions of the previous type. Attract attention to the hips with some contrasting accessory. For shoulders you can use ruffles and ruffles, but very limited.

But if you have excessively wide hips, you will have to shift general attention higher. The deflated ones are very useful here. shoulders. By the color scheme – calm shades, without large drawings. And the length of the blouse should not creep on the hips.

Inverted triangle

Broad shoulders are a significant problem for visual concealment, but quite solvable. Today’s range contains necessary models. You will need a “V” neckline or another that will give your appearance a greater roundness. Here asymmetric variations are good, but without large patterns. Wrap blouses and one-shoulder models are also recommended.


First of all, you need to visually create a waist. To this A model with a high waist will help. Do not use any parts that stretch your silhouette, you need the opposite effect. therefore a large square neckline or square will do.

An important factor will be the desire for minimalism – the lack of additional decor, frills and large prints. Pay tribute attention to creating roundness in the figure.

An Apple

This is a rounded type of shape that you need to transform a good a blouse. Visual masking of the waist is not possible with models with fitted fit. Too free options should also be refuse because they will make you even bigger. Perfectly suited A-line blouse with a high waistline. Cutouts are acceptable, but small ones.

Large prints should be neglected. A vertical stripes stretch your silhouette a little. Decoration is acceptable at the waist, drapery and small folds.

Growth Choice

Growth Choice

Girls of medium height will suit any length of clothing. Owners of high stature should be very moderate with long variations, as they will only increase your figure. But most difficulties arise in girls with small stature.

Blouses with a long edge definitely do not suit you, visually you will seem even lower. There are short and medium models. But they should fit perfectly, almost completely repeating your silhouette.

In order not to disturb your proportions, use small drawings. In addition, do not “break” the figure with two contrasting colors, take advantage of the smooth harmony.

the cloth

Usually, a girl has two behaviors: look businesslike or bright. Suitable for office dress code discreet shades of dense cotton, knitwear, linen and artificial silk. The conditions put forward to them are good air supply, no bruising at the end of the day and limited high cost.

The choice for the celebration is radically opposite, except for one – You should be comfortable enough.



Here you can only determine where you will put it on. For the office, restrained variations are suitable, for a little walk spacious. Among other things, you should pay due attention to details, such as buttons, ties, fences, zippers. These items may complement and adjust your overall image.


The ability to choose the right blouse size for the figure is crucial in creating a daily eye-catching look. Having only several models, you can choose suitable ones for them accessories, and a new look is ready.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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