How to choose an evening dress?

From time to time, the question of how to choose a dress arises in front of each a girl. The reasons can be very different. It could be a dress for prom at school, outfit for friends wedding or on New Year’s party. To look amazing in a dress, you should pick it up, starting from your type of figure.

Dress by the type of figure

Dress by the type of figure

Chic evening gown material and expensive jewelry can go unnoticed if the outfit is chosen illiterate. Even the most a simple dress that emphasizes the advantages will be look much better, pompous vamp style on a woman with a wide waistline. Anyone can look exquisite at a party a woman if her dress fits her body type. That’s how they are there are:

  1. “Hourglass”. It is with them that the most attractive female figure. Smooth body bends balanced hips and shoulders are all in harmony. On such a figure it will be ideal look like any dress, it is important that the size is chosen correctly. If a with such a figure, the body weight is large enough, emphasis should be made in the form of a belt on a thin waist and then large hips and a bust will not in the foreground.

  2. Inverted Triangle. In this case, the shoulders are pretty massive as opposed to narrow hips and thin legs. For such a figure A medium-length dress with a V-neck is suitable. To visually To expand the hips, you can choose a narrow skirt with a peplum.

  3. “Triangle”. Such a silhouette with narrow shoulders and wide hips can be leveled with a long flowing skirt with drapery, which smoothly fits the hips, and sleeves-lanterns can decorate the shoulders, wide straps or a collar collar.

  4. “Rectangle”. If the shoulders, waist and hips are at the same level, then You can save the situation by focusing on slim legs. For this you will need a dress to the knee or a couple of centimeters below.

  5. “Oval”. This type of figure is characterized by narrow hips and shoulders that are strikingly different from a wide waist. Moreover the weight category of owners of such a figure may be the most different. For such women, a slightly flared bottom is recommended, decorated with beautiful drapery and a shallow neckline. Perfectly on an oval figure, a shirt dress or tunic dress.

Choose the length of the dress

Choose the length of the dress

Many women certainly want to shine in a flowing dress to the floor, but, unfortunately, not everyone understands that it doesn’t fit each:

  1. slender, tall girls, up to 175 cm tall will be attractive look in a long dress; high growth implies shortening the length of the outfit;

  2. short stature, and all those below 165 cm will fail choice if you purchase a dress on the floor; midi length is better mini.

We select jewelry for a dress for a party

We select jewelry for a dress for a party

You can spoil the most beautiful dress accessories. There are such rules for their compatibility:

  1. gloves for the dress should be the longer, the shorter the sleeve dresses;

  2. bright large jewelry perfectly complement a modest dress;

  3. catchy, bright dress will look vulgar with similar decorations, but modest ones will be just right;

  4. traditionally a small celebration is required to celebrate a handbag, or clutch, which should be contrasted with dress color.

Color for evening dress

Color for an evening dress

The most profitable flowers for an evening dress for a large the celebration will be red, gold, white, black. For New Year parties fit fashionable lilac, blue, green, orange. AND nondescript tones for a holiday exit should be avoided, leaving them for casual wear. Knowing how to choose an evening dress, you can expect from the party the most pleasant emotions.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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