How to choose shorts

This summer wardrobe item is very popular with many. They are not hot and comfortable. But not everyone knows how to choose the size of shorts that would correspond to their physique. Before understanding this, it is necessary to select all the models produced.

Female models

Female models

To create a harmonious summer look, girls resort to various experiments, although everything is somewhat simpler:

  1. Lace shorts. They go well with light sweaters, blouses and other clothes that contain lace. The girl in them looks very feminine.

  2. High waist. Suitable for girls with small stature, thanks to this style, it can be visually enlarged. A variation of this model is the shorts extended at the bottom. This approach makes them look like a miniskirt. By the way, a great option for walking around the big city!

  3. Bermuda. There is an opinion that shorts are contraindicated for people with a certain physique or figure, whose sizes differ from the notorious 90-60-90. Take a closer look at Bermuda, they are suitable for people of any size. Bermuda is not just a trend, it is a MUST-Have for all occasions. Take a closer look and choose the one in which you feel perfect.

  4. Denim. This wonderful material will never go out of style. It is appropriate everywhere in reasonable quantities. The latest trend for several years has been focusing on their general weariness and the presence of holes.

  5. Sports. Even in sports, shorts have found a use. This is an element of professional equipment, as well as a convenient item for active sports. Various “breathable” materials are used for the manufacture of sports shorts, the main rule is lightness!

  6. Classic. Everything actually started with these shorts. Now they are not forgotten, and are very popular. This style is appropriate even in the office, as it looks conservative and majestic.

Men's collection

Men's collection

Men have slightly fewer options, but this does not create obvious inconveniences.

  1. Chinos. These shorts are direct heirs of the classics, and have absorbed the best traditions. These are tapered conservative models with unexpressed pockets. They are very versatile as they can be paired with a wide variety of menswear. The scope of their application is also huge. If the dress code allows, then they can even attend a business meeting.

  2. Bermuda. Like women, these models have long been loved by the strong half of humanity. Sewn in a straight cut, they will fit perfectly on your waist, and various textures will complement the chosen look. They are made of cotton and other materials that are pleasant to the body and do not cause irritation.

  3. Cargo. These are clothes with large patch pockets. In an urban environment, it will look blundering, but outside the city is another matter.

  4. Sports. Huge selection of models for sports and leisure, and for swimming.

Tips for choosing

Having familiarized yourself with the classification, you should proceed to the direct selection. However, do not forget about your body type and neglect valuable advice. After all, even a slender figure in unadjusted clothes will look ridiculous.

Recommendations for girls


For thin and slender ladies with narrow hips, it is a good idea to emphasize your waist with an accessory, such as a wide belt. Shorts should be wide cut and by no means monochromatic – only large prints and lettering. Options with ruffles will also be appropriate.

For overweight girls, in order for the thing to fit the figure, it is enough to make a choice in favor of Bermuda. They are straight cut, without protruding pockets and extensions at the bottom. This combination will create a positive image.

For girls of short stature, shorts with a high waist are perfect. And paired with a high heel, it will create a vivid image and add visual growth.

It is not recommended for tall girls to wear short shorts with heels; it is better to wear flat shoes.

Girls with plump hips will also not be left without shorts. A bit of vertical stripe illusion and no patch pockets will help you with that.

Recommendations for men


Tall men should not buy short shorts, it is better to limit themselves to longer models with significant knee length.

And people of average height should look at short options, especially if the legs are physically developed. You should not buy clothes with large prints, it is better to limit yourself to monochromatic and models with a vertical pattern.

For men prone to overweight, it is better to choose a dark color and length, almost knee-deep. And no patch pockets or other large items.

For men with a thin physique, fitted styles are suitable.

For absolutely any person, now picking up shorts is not a problem. Everything is decided by the right approach, the necessary accessories and small visual tricks.

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Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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