How to choose the right bra

The bra is hidden by outerwear, but it depends on it, what a woman’s figure looks like. Also from the right choice This item also depends on health. It is important to the bra did not squeeze the chest and lymph nodes, did not break normal lymph circulation.

The main types of bras

The main types of bras

There are many different types of bras to choose from. The right model is yours. Modern women The following linen options are available:

  1. classic bras with closed soft cups. The main purpose is to raise the chest without correction of its shape and volume. Suitable for large women;

  2. bendo has the appearance of a strip of fabric, maybe with a frame and shoelaces (strapless). A great option for outdoor parties dresses;

  3. model “balcony” supports the chest only from below, wide straps can be unfastened, therefore suitable for clothes with open shoulders or with a square neckline;

  4. corbey has a very deep neckline, almost to nipples;

  5. famous push up bras have gel or foam rubber pads for lifting the chest, both from below and from the side. IN the result is the effect of visual breast augmentation on several sizes. The model is popular among women with small breast size

  6. the invisible bra is considered a novelty, it is attached to the chest and almost invisible under clothing, while performing supportive function

  7. comfortable nursing bras are offered to nursing mothers detachable top so that you can, if necessary feed the child without taking off the laundry;

  8. special sports bras ensure a secure fit breasts with active training. Made from dense elastic fabrics, wide straps are usually adjustable in length.

Bras are available on the bones (with frame) and without frame. The pitted model is more suitable for women with a small breastfeeding. In such a bra, the breast retains its natural shape. But most bras are made with a frame, because in In this case, the underwear is able to support the chest to the right degree.

Measure and Count

Measure and Count

When choosing a bra, you should remember that according to the recommendations Doctors can wear it no more than 12 hours a day, and sleep need without him. But for half a day this linen should be yours a reliable assistant is to support the breast, emphasizing it favorably seductive form. Therefore, you must choose a bra appropriate size.

Although there is currently no unified system sizes of linen, correctly determine your size and choose from existing labeling, each indicator may each lady. It often happens that under the standard lettering different manufacturers hiding a different volume of the cup. therefore the key to the right choice are several bras until the moment of “getting” in size.

In common European bra sizes, the letters and numbers. The letter indicates the fullness of the cup, and the figure indicates the volume of the circle under the breast. For measurements, take a centimeter. To begin, attach it under the chest, without twisting and pulling. Received the figure is deciphered as follows:

  1. 67-72 cm corresponds to a size of 70;

  2. 73-77 cm – size 75;

  3. 78-82 cm – size 80;

  4. 83-87 cm – size 85, etc.

Next, determine the fullness of the cup, for which measure the breast by most prominent points. As a result of a simple calculation (girth chest minus girth under the chest) You will get a figure that indicates cup size:

  1. 12–13 cm – cup A (1);

  2. 13–15 cm – cup B (2);

  3. 15–17 cm – C cup (3);

  4. 18–20 cm – cup D (4);

  5. 20–22 cm – DD cup (5).

Use your data given that manufacturers are different countries may use different size designations.

Attentive to the fitting

Attentive to fitting

Before buying, be sure to measure models. Look carefully in the mirror. If you saw that the distance between the nipples is approximately equal to the distance from the center of the chest to the jugular cavity and, as a result, a distinctive visual triangle with equal sides, rest assured – your chest will be look attractive. And if the bra doesn’t squeeze you and causes discomfort, then the selected model suits you and size and shape.

When trying on a bra, fasten the belt to the very last hook. In the process of wearing, the bra belt can stretch, then it’s time to use the rest of the hooks to reduce belt lengths. In general, the belt accounts for the bulk of the load so when trying on, pay attention that the belt is tight wrapped around the chest and was even a little taut, but at the same time not hit the body.

Another important parameter of a quality bra is cup. The folds and wrinkles on it indicate that the bra too big. If the cup pinches the chest up to the formation of cushions, you should take a bra to size more.

Material for the production of bras

The material from which bras are made must meet certain specific requirements products: be resilient, elastic, comfortable, durable and wear. IN high-quality models the inner surface of the cups is made them cotton and seamless. For the belt and straps use natural and synthetic fabrics in various combinations. Often on the label two materials are indicated – polyamide and elastane in different proportions. Manufacturers also use silk, microfiber, tactile, lycra, silk, elastic lace and other modern fabrics.

World-famous bra brands

Firms with a worldwide reputation

When choosing linen, look at the name of the manufacturer. Branded items can be expensive, but their quality will be match the price. Famous companies make bras from the best materials on styles that famous people worked on designers. These things are sewn by real professionals, so they can be worn for a long time and with comfort.

To famous brands specializing in issuing bras include:

  1. Wonderbra

  2. Victoria’s Secret;

  3. Agent Provocateur;

  4. La Perla;

  5. Chantal Thomass;

  6. Intimissimi;

  7. women secret and others.

The right brand bra will emphasize Your strengths and gently veils the flaws.

When choosing an important part of the toilet, such as a bra, remember that your breasts are unique and beautiful by nature. Only need choose the right frame for her. It is advisable to measure your size every year, especially in the case of a change in weight of 3 kilograms or more – you may need another bra size.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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