How to choose compression stockings and choose the right size?

Varicose veins (varicose veins) of the lower extremities become a serious problem for women with age. With it, the valves of the internal veins stop closing. Prevention, including the use of compression stockings, plays an important role in the fight against diseases of the venous system. Special underwear helps to achieve a therapeutic effect and positive results with regular use.

choose compression stockings

The best manufacturers of compression stockings, which company to choose?

Compression hosiery is used for a specific purpose – the fight against diseases of the venous system. It helps to get a positive effect, so it is better to consider when buying products from trusted manufacturers. There are not many brands in this segment that have achieved positive product reviews.


The German quality of Medi jersey is confirmed by Russian and foreign research. The stockings meet the requirements of the RAL-GZ 387 standard, which is one of the most stringent. Doctors mark this brand, and in Germany the company is the market leader.


The German company Bauerfeind specializes in the production of orthopedic products using innovative technologies and solutions. It has been supplying products to athletes at the Olympics for a long time. Today her bandages, knee pads and compression stockings are found at low prices in our stores and pharmacies.


Sigvaris from Switzerland is a competitor to German manufacturers. Her compression stockings have received a lot of positive feedback from doctors. The products are certified according to the RAL-GZ 387 standard. Relatively recently, the company began to develop the Russian market.


Orto products are manufactured with material innovation in mind. The Spanish brand develops the European markets, attracting low prices and a variety of products.

The principle of operation and features of compression stockings

The principle of operation of compression stockings

Varicose veins are a disease that occurs when the narrowing of the inner wall of the veins stops. The cause of the problem is a sedentary lifestyle, wearing high-heeled shoes, pregnancy and heredity. Girls are offered to wear compression stockings as a preventive and effective therapy. They are used even in advanced stages.

The task of such knitted underwear is to improve blood circulation. Normal microcirculation of blood in the legs is the main means of combating venous expansion.

The beneficial effect of stockings is manifested in the following:

  1. blood circulation improves;

  2. the normal functioning of the veins is restored;

  3. reduces swelling and the risk of thrombosis;

  4. general leg fatigue decreases at the end of the day.

Stockings stimulate blood circulation, due to which the tissues are better saturated with oxygen. This helps to achieve positive things.

Special underwear is made to apply pressure to the right areas. It is distributed from top to bottom – from the hip to the ankle. At the top, the pressure is maximum, and at the bottom, the minimum. This allows you to artificially restore the natural situation for muscles and veins while walking. People with a sedentary job and a sedentary lifestyle need this first.

Compression stockings differ in features:

  1. use of lightweight and elastic materials;

  2. seamless structure that provides pressure in the right places;

  3. breathability.

Such stockings are hypoallergenic, therefore they are used without problems by women who feel constant fatigue in their legs and have spider veins. Specialty jerseys from the brands are superior to stockings and simple elastic bandages.

Types of compression stockings

Special compression hosiery is used both in the early and advanced stages of varicose veins. A choice of models are offered, differing in size and degree of compression (compression). Depending on this, there are several types of linen:


  1. 1 class of compression;

  2. Compression class 2 and 3;

  3. Compression class 4 (medical).

They are used in situations taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism and the stage of development of varicose veins.

Preventive stockings

Compression class 1

Zero compression class is used exclusively for prophylaxis and they are worn without consulting a doctor. They are used by girls with sedentary work, who by the end of the day experience discomfort from slight swelling. They are also recommended to be worn during pregnancy. The compression level is up to 18 mm Hg.

These stockings help relieve tension in the legs, relieve varicose congestion and promote recovery from stress.


  • universality of application;

  • stimulating blood circulation to prevent varicose veins and thrombosis;

  • attractive appearance;


  • requires respect and washing;

  • not suitable for serious problems.

Compression class 1 stockings

Compression class 1 stockings

Stockings are recommended for use with unstable edema and at the first signs of varicose veins. They exert versatile pressure on the legs, preventing disturbances in the functioning of the circulatory system. Such products are recommended for pregnant women and people with a genetic predisposition to varicose veins during sedentary work.

These stockings can be recommended for girls who are worried about the first signs of venous disease.


  • improved blood circulation, increased muscle tone;

  • slowing down the development of leg disease;

  • reduction of swelling in the lower extremities;


  • can not be used around the clock, especially at night;

  • there are contraindications for use (dermatitis, open wounds).

Compression class 2 and 3 stockings

 Compression class 3 stockings

This type refers to stockings with a pronounced therapeutic effect. They should be worn only on the recommendation of a doctor if there is severe swelling or noticeable pain. In this case, varicose veins have already manifested themselves, and a clear vascular mesh has formed on the legs. Compression ratio ranges from 23 to 44 mm. rt. Art.

Such underwear is used for therapy with progressive vein diseases, as well as related problems. For this, special fabrics and innovative technologies are used.


  • improved blood flow from the periphery to the center;

  • reducing the risk of developing severe stages of the disease (thrombosis);

  • easier walking and less heaviness of the legs;

  • prevention of venous expansion;


  • discomfort while wearing;

  • extensive contraindications for use (dermatological problems, atherosclerosis, endarteritis and other diseases).

Compression class 4 stockings

Compression class 4 stockings

Medical jersey stockings are used as directed by a doctor. They are worn only for serious vein problems, as well as after surgery. Stockings with a high degree of compression (over 50 mm Hg) are also prescribed for bedridden patients to eliminate problems with lymph outflow or when severe edema appears.

Such stockings are not always commercially available, because they are required only in the late stages of varicose veins or when recovering from surgery.


  • solving problems with puffiness and varicose veins;

  • restoration of blood circulation and tissue oxygenation;

  • removal of painful sensations and heaviness in the legs;


  • are used only on the recommendation of a doctor;

  • extensive application restrictions.

Options for choosing compression stockings

selection criteria for compression stockings

Stocking varieties have personal characteristics. When choosing, follow the recommendations of doctors and pay attention to the specific characteristics of a particular product.

The parameters include:

  1. compression level – force of applied pressure;

  2. materials of manufacture – affect the durability and ease of use;

  3. trademark.

The pressure applied to the skin surface is the primary selection criterion. Preventive stockings will not help with varicose veins that have already begun. At the same time, if you use products that exert too much pressure, the natural movement of lymph is disrupted.

An important factor is the material of manufacture. Such products are manufactured using a special technology. Synthetics are often added today for strength and elasticity, but they must be breathable. The density of the fabric (DEN) affects the compression properties and several other parameters.

In appearance, stockings can be divided:

  1. classic;

  2. models with silicone rubber;

  3. models with a sticky belt.

It is important to choose models that will be below the belly line. This ensures the correct distribution of pressure and maintains aesthetic appeal.

How to choose compression stockings?

A verified brand and place of purchase are often a guarantee of the quality of the product, otherwise it is easy to run into a fake.

For the correct size selection, several aspects are taken into account:

  1. leg length;

  2. thigh girth just below the groin;

  3. girths of a wide and narrow place of a shin.

With a leg length of 65-68 cm, the shin girth is 42-45 cm, and the narrow part of the shin is 18-21 cm.If the leg length is 73-75 cm, then the thigh girth is about 52-55 cm.

When choosing, you need to clearly understand for what purposes compression underwear is required. Preventive stockings are suitable for those who are simply worried about leg health. If spider veins have already begun to appear on the legs, signs of swelling and varicose veins, then stockings of 1 or 2 levels of compression are required. In other cases, consult your doctor.

How much do compression stockings cost?

  1. The cost of simple preventive stockings ranges from 800 to 1500 rubles.

  2. The price of class 1, 2, 3 compression stockings varies from 1,500 to 6,000 rubles.

  3. Class 4 medical stockings cost more than 4000-5000 rubles.

In the following articles, our experts will tell you how to choose the right tights and the secrets of choosing a woman's bag.

Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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