How to choose a leather jacket?

Leather jacket is a universal item of outerwear, which Perfect for both men and women. It can be worn as in winter with small cold, and in spring or autumn, when not yet very hot. So that a leather purchase of a leather jacket does not become for you disappointment, her choice should be treated with a large responsibility. What characteristics should you pay attention to when choosing this clothes? Collar fit

Matching the shape of the collar

So that the leather jacket does not spoil the holistic look, formed by other garments, one must carefully treat all the details. One of the important little things is the shape collar, which can be completely different in two different jackets. The shape of the collar must be selected based on the shape of the face:

  1. Oval face. Excellent for men and women with an oval face all styles of leather jacket collar fit. Will also be good look models on which the collar is generally absent.

  2. Long face. The best option for owners of this form heads – stand-up collar.

  3. A triangular face. Here’s a tip similar to that for oblong head shape. For both types are contraindicated spiky collars, as they visually make the face still longer.

  4. Round face. Shawl leather jackets will look good collar – like those used in shirts. Similar The recommendation is also valid for owners of a square face.

It is also worth remembering that the longer the neck, the shorter there should be a collar. “Racks” on a leather jacket are contraindicated people with a short neck, because in this case it is visually strong shortens.

Jacket selection by body type

Jacket selection by type of figure

A properly selected collar shape is only half the battle. Not It’s less important to choose a style that suits your body type. it may seem complicated, but in practice there are only a few types figures:

  1. Wide hips and narrow shoulders. It’s worth saying right away that shortened models of any type will definitely not suit you, since visually will make the figure even more visually compressed. The best option is a leather jacket, the length of which is up to mid thigh. Longer options are also useless.

  2. Narrow hips and broad shoulders. The type of shape inverse to the previous one. Short models are best suited. May consider common styles such as Bolero, Bomber and Biker Jacket.

  3. The hips and shoulders are the same width. To visually make a figure more attractive and proportionate, it is worth taking a closer look at jackets that are voluminously decorated at the top.

The most successful type of figure is a thin waist, hips and breasts that are proportional to each other. Owners of such physique can choose from a wide variety of leather products. It is also worth considering such a style as a “jacket”. It looks quite solidly on certain types of figures.

How to choose the size clothes?

How to choose the size of clothes?

Leather jacket must be chosen exactly in size. Not it’s worth counting on the fact that over time such clothes will stretch, since the skin is quite resistant to stretching. Besides, the product must not fetter the product. Take with you on a try things that you plan to wear with a jacket. During fitting put on these things, on top of the jacket, and then stretch your arms forward, up. Make sure your movements are unrestricted. If this indeed, and the jacket does not hang, it is worth choosing it.

When choosing an American brand jacket, do not rely on numerical dimensions. Since American sizes are more spacious in Compared with Russian, differences quite naturally appear. In order not to miscalculate with the American size, it is necessary to round its Russian size down.

The right color choice

The right color choice

Most leather jackets are made in black, however, on sale a lot to find clothes that are made in brown, bluish and greenish shades. In addition, there are other colors, more unusual for such clothes. By the reason for sufficient color diversity will have to spend a little time to find clothes of the right color. Not it is worth being scared – everything here is also simple:

  1. Black and brown jackets of dark shades are suitable for people. with a dark skin color.

  2. An intermediate option is the products of orange, yellow colors, other warm shades.

  3. For fair-skinned men and women, soft tones are well suited. such as olive and mint.

Of course, most suitable for most men are it is black and brown shades.

What to do before by purchase?

What to do before buying?

Suppose you have already chosen a leather jacket that is perfect Fits your figure and face, and also sits well. Even that not a reason to buy a product. Before buying, you should check jacket quality:

  1. Drop a few drops of water on the surface of the product. If the skin absorbs water instantly, and at the same time darkens a little, in front of you leather. Synthetic leather material reacts to moisture can be exactly the opposite – artificial skin usually repels moisture.

  2. Touch the jacket for a few seconds and listen to sensations. If your skin warms up and gives off your heat, then this natural material. Artificial leather stays for a long time cold.

  3. Carefully inspect the product for wrinkles and roughness. Synthetic and natural materials should be Smooth and pleasant to the touch. If you gently scrape the surface skin, it should not be scratched. If the opposite is true, from purchasing jackets should refrain.

  4. Gently rub the leather product with a light shade. If a black spots and traces remain on it, it is worth choosing another jacket. Most likely, this instance was specially tinted.

Take your choice of a leather jacket seriously, and then acquiring new clothes will definitely not disappoint you. Also on forget that these clothes must be properly looked after, so that she will serve you for a long time.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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