How to choose a raincoat

It is generally accepted that a cloak is the first element of clothing, which man invented. Today’s view is presented in different variations, so everyone can choose their own model. But first you need to deal with the criteria by which you pick suitable option.

Female figure

Female figure

That physique is the starting point, because you need expressively emphasize the dignity of your body, and hide Some of its features:


Most likely, you are the owner of wide hips, so look at side of raincoats with a wide top and a straight bottom that will not over-hips. Do not buy long lengths, limit yourself to the knee or mid-thigh. note on models with patch chest pockets, drovers or wide sleeves. If desired, you can complement the image with a scarf or buff.

An Apple

Your body type should not focus on waist, so choose her overpriced option. Do not use no belts and large drawings. Perfect for you asymmetric option. Sleeves should be moderately narrow, and the overall the length of the cloak is up to the middle of the hips.


Do not ruin your figure with irregular forms of clothing, choose fitted cloak. A good complement to it will be pronounced belt. The optimal length is up to the knee. Avoid excesses like patch pockets and other decorative elements that betray volume in unnecessary places. Do not buy models with direct will cover.


Your appearance needs to be given more roundness. In this you decoration in the form of patch pockets, frills on the hips will help. A model with an extended bottom is well suited. Total length of the cloak should reach the middle of the thigh. However, products with straight cut and vertical patterns.

Male figure

Male figure

Men are much simpler, there are three classic types of raincoats, whose diverse shapes and styles, in general, are practically suitable any body type.

  1. A trench coat is a double-breasted cloak model, a belt in tone to the main material, and a slit at the back. Made made of cotton or wool. For more moisture resistance is impregnated with a special solution.

  2. Macintosh is a raincoat made of rubberized material, which does not have a collar and pockets, you can wear with anything. A stylish option for outerwear for rainy autumn.

  3. Hubertus – insulated waterproof raincoat, dark green or olive flowers. It is made of cloth and is suitable for everyday wear.



To accurately understand, this or that model suits you necessary:

  1. Raise your hands up – the cloak should not be too short;

  2. Walk in it – nothing should hamper your movements. Any discomfort or tightness in the hips, waist or shoulders is obvious sign of inconsistency of the selected instance.

  3. In addition, the cloak should perform one of the main functions – protection against wind and rain. Check fabric quality, evenness of seams and lining, nothing should cause even the slightest embarrassment and discontent.

  4. Estimate with what and how you will wear your raincoat. He is worn in buttoned and unzipped, so do not forget to dress in tone. And various accessories will only complement your bright image.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose mink coat and the secrets of choosing a leather jacket.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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