How to choose tights

Tights are so firmly entrenched in our life that it’s hard for yourself imagine the clothes of a modern woman without this element. Baby models help out babies at any time of the year. A fashion stylists offer models for men in forgotten European traditions.


  1. A bit of history
  2. The main parameters when choosing tights
  3. How to choose the size of tights
  4. How to choose a pantyhose style
  5. How to choose the density of tights
  6. Modern materials
  7. Color variety
  8. The most famous manufacturers of tights
  9. How to choose children’s tights

A bit of history

A bit of history

Long skirts were perfectly combined with stockings on a belt or on elastic bands, so until the 60s of the last century, the need for pantyhose was absent. But as mini skirts appeared, and the demand for nylon tights bounced to heaven. In russian language Czech product name is used, literal translation means “little pants”. Popularity increased in the 80s thanks to the advent of color and lace patterns. And then the industry has mastered the production of glossy tights, which made the addition of lycra. Now the tights “settled” in women’s wardrobe forever, regularly replenishing their ranks with new products and fashionable little things.

The main parameters when choosing tights

The right choice of tights is based on several “whales”. So that your purchase emphasizes the beauty of the legs, harmoniously fit into the ensemble and showed others your excellent taste, pay due attention to the following parameters:

  1. size;
  2. Models
  3. density;
  4. color.
  5. material

Each indicator is important in its own way, and with the right choice, your look will become perfect and impeccable.

How to choose the size of tights

Size range

Modern manufacturers label tights with two ways:

  1. numbers (from 1 to 6 in order of increasing size);
  2. Latin letters (from XS to XXL)

The main parameters for choosing the appropriate size of tights – weight, growth and volume of hips. On the packaging of any branded product you You will find a table that will help you choose the right tights for size. In case your indicators are on the border of two sizes, purchase larger products. This simple trick will not allow too tight fit, fraught with “arrows” and other troubles. You will be more comfortable in such tights.

How to choose a pantyhose style

In order not to get lost in the variety of existing models nylon tights should be guided by the basic principle – The model should be chosen for your image.

Tights have many different modifications:

  1. with shorts and panties;
  2. high waist;
  3. hips (low waist);
  4. with dragging effect, etc.
  5. with compacted heels, etc.

When making your choice, imagine with what clothes and shoes you You will wear tights. Some products provide additional impact, for example, modeling and pulling models visually reduce the volume of the hips. They can be issued with using special threads and vitamin microcapsules, with antiallergenic or antifungal impregnation. If on the package there is an inscription “UP”, in front of you is a product that promotes tightening the abdomen and lifting the buttocks. For people with varicose veins veins, as well as for pregnant women, manufacturers produce high-density massage tights without seams. On such products usually labeled “Support”, which means support.

How to choose the density of tights

Material Density

The density of tights is indicated by special units DEN (abbreviated from the French word denier). This parameter defines the weight of the skein of thread that went into the manufacture of the product. It is measured in grams and denotes the weight of the string 9 km long. For example, 40 DEN means that 9 km of these pantyhose threads weigh 40 g.

The modern hosiery industry massively produces products with a density of 5 to 200 DEN. The thinnest tights with a density of 5-15 DEN are designed for hot summer weather and more often all used in offices at the request of a dress code. Middle Densities (20-40 DEN) are suitable for spring and autumn. Colder weather requires denser models (from 50 DEN). Part nylon models for the winter are often added for heat woolen or cotton thread.

High-density products have a modeling and therapeutic and prophylactic effect. Compression Products 40, 70 and 140 DEN are considered preventive; they are worn for prevention of varicose veins or in order to alleviate the condition in the early stages of the disease. Compression models with therapeutic effect can have a density of 280 or 340 den. Purchase and wear such products should only be recommended by a doctor.

Modern materials

In the manufacture of tights, various materials are used:

  1. lycra (if in the composition from 10 to 30%, it helps to keep in shape products after washing and prolonged wear);
  2. acrylic (for insulation);
  3. microfiber (adds strength and elasticity to the product).

If the texture is rough, the tights look thick and heavy. Accordingly, their use will be limited. Elegant patterns favorably emphasize the dignity of the figure and clothing.

Color variety

Color variety

The color of the selected tights can adequately complement your image or to nullify all measures to create a style.

Impeccable classics, equally suitable for any clothes, limited to only three shades:

  1. bodily;
  2. black
  3. grayed out.

Skin colors visually make the legs longer and more elegant. Choose high-quality products that completely imitate bare leg with smooth skin and light tan.

Black models visually stretch and narrow the leg, clearly outlining her silhouette. They look great paired with shoes. black color.

White color is not suitable for everyone, because visually enlarges the foot. Try to wear these items only in special cases.

Solid color models organically complement the silhouette. Support original shade of tights with an accessory of the same color (belt, handbag, gloves, etc.).

To always look elegant, choose the color of tights to match clothes. If you combine the color of tights with a skirt, you will receive effect of visual lengthening of the legs. If the tights are in the color of the jacket, top or blouse, your image will be stylish.

The most famous manufacturers of tights


Choosing products of famous companies, you can be sure of product quality. Tights from well-known manufacturers will last long enough, retaining its consumer properties and daily pleasing its owner. According to reviews, to trusted companies, producing great everyday models include:

  1. SiSi Be Free;
  2. Omsa;
  3. Golden Lady;
  4. TM Conte;
  5. Pierre Cardin;
  6. Sanpellegrino
  7. Levante.

By purchasing products from these manufacturers, you are in no case get lost.

How to choose children’s tights

Products for children

Currently, there are so many types of tights for children, that you can easily pick up quality products of any density, colors, with different patterns and decor.

Quality models for children do not necessarily consist of one cotton. To keep products better in shape, manufacturers add elastane and microfiber. For the cold season, buy your child tights with 50% wool content.

In order not to make a mistake with the quality, pay attention to Availability:

  1. wide belt;
  2. thin seams;
  3. condensed area of ​​the foot;
  4. pleasant smell.

The correct choice of children’s tights is determined correctly matched size. To do this, measure the chest circumference child, his height and foot length.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to women bag and the secrets of choosing compression stockings.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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