How to choose sandals

In the summer, you want to close your own as little as possible body, because this is the only time you can put on your beloved light shoes. Very practical among all summer shoes are considered sandals as they embody comfortable qualities and grace. But, like the rest of your wardrobe, you need them be able to choose.

Determined with a foot

Determined with the foot

The European system of shoe sizes is widespread in our region, so you need to focus on it. For this, enough measure the length of your foot from the heel to the end of the big toe. The obtained value in centimeters must be compared with the table indicators and determine your size.

The right size is very important, as it will more accurately succeed. pick up comfortable sandals. They will not rub their legs and deliver other inconvenience. Quality shoes will prevent the occurrence of disease of the veins, joints, muscles and spine.

Physiologically, our feet have several different size, so you need to focus on the one that more. Also, legs in the morning are smaller in volume than in the evening.

The second element to pay attention to is the width feet. There is no pronounced classification of this parameter, therefore look for your style in which you feel comfortable.

On boxes with shoes, sometimes, you can find markings from F to H. This is the size of the girth of the foot in its widest part, it is just countable. But its presence depends on the model of sandals.

Where to wear sandals?

Where to wear sandals?

Before going to the store, you need to decide for what purpose you buy this particular shoe. Different configurations are not appropriate everywhere, therefore, you need to know some selection rules:

  1. Office. If there are no prohibitions on the dress code sandals, you can safely wear them. Perfect models on heels or wedges. It’s important to remember that overly open options not appropriate. And don’t try to wear them with pantyhose, whatever they were not flesh-colored.

  2. Beach. And here, even open sandals are required type. And, since it is a beach, then consider the option with a flat the sole.

  3. Town. A huge selection of shoes for the city with an open toe, but do not give preference to flat models. To look like gracefully help shoes with a small heel.

  4. Walk outdoors. There are special sandals sports style in which huge distance. A sole with a tenacious surface will only complement necessary requirements.

  5. Secular reception. You have no choice – you need a heel, and preferably higher. An evening look with low soles will be inexorably spoiled.

Types of sandals

Types of sandals

In the modern world of fashion, a large number of styles and models. However, they are still divided into several categories:

  1. Open type. Designed for girls with impeccable legs. Everything should be perfect for you, and heels, and pedicures. Foot securely fastened with straps and straps, therefore, adjacent to the sole as natural as possible.

  2. Sandals half open. Usually, in such models close the heel, focusing on the toes. Configuration also lined with straps that sit comfortably on the foot.

  3. Almost closed models. In this style open remain heel and thumb. This shoe usually comes with a strap, which is attached to the heel.

  4. Completely enclosed models. Only the heel is visible, in while the toe is securely hidden.

Trying on sandals correctly

Trying on the sandals correctly

As indicated earlier, purchases of sandals should go to afternoon when your feet are stretched out and ready for fitting. Having decided on your own size, you should look models are half the size. This will ensure comfort and Protect yourself from dropsy and corns.

It is necessary to give your preference to leather options. Material should to be soft and pleasant to the touch. And leather insoles will provide elimination of excess moisture and relieve some tension.

The very shape of the sole should completely repeat your foot, otherwise unwanted friction will occur and, in the future, will lead to health problems.

Well, if the shoes have a fabric finish. But it follows pay attention to the seams and connecting elements, they should be performed more than carefully to avoid skin irritation.

Pay attention to the color scheme and your figure. Not everyone Certain models and colors are equally good. TO you may also have an imperfect anatomy of the legs that you would prefer to hide by any tricks, but more on that later.

Types of heels in sandals

Types of heels in sandals

Among the many models, a feature use certain heels to betray shoes special aesthetics:

  1. Vienna heel – a low option that is used for walking sandals, suitable for all types of legs;

  2. brick – suitable for girls with curvaceous, made in various variations, from rude to graceful;

  3. wedge-shaped – a rare element among the philistine shoes, but widely used in designer products because of the pyramidal forms;

  4. cone-shaped – a high option with which shoes are completed for office and social receptions;

  5. a glass is a very feminine version that remains today trending;

  6. a column – not suitable for owners of slender legs, but the rest look wonderful with him;

  7. hairpin – well, and where without the “queen of shocking”, it is completed designer shoes and many other models.

Masking problem areas

Not all girls can boast impeccable legs, so for the rest, the following solutions were found:

  1. Girls with a wide ankle. No subtle elements and Other decor should not fall on this part. And the taboo for sandals with a flat sole. You should slightly raise your foot on small heels or platform. This creates visual lengthening. legs.

  2. The presence of “bones”. It is necessary to hide bulging joints half-closed models, shifting the focus to the toes and heel. If a this is not possible, then the option with a large number of cross straps, it will dispel attention from the shape of the foot and its problem areas.

  3. Problem fingers. Here you need to either completely hide them, or, as a more rational option, leave big finger. Although the very idea of ​​ugliness of fingers is very subjective the trend.

  4. Excessive foot width. Need to raise the general level feet with a platform or heel, as well as pick up a model with triangular shaped sock.

  5. Girls with a narrow ankle. Anything but not platform. In the world there are many other styles of sandals, and with the platform, your legs will look like two fashionable irons.

Trending models of sandals

It is important not only to choose shoes by size, but also to be in the know existing trends. And today’s leading positions following models:

  1. sleepers – convenience in its academic understanding, a symbiosis of cozy slippers and prestigious sandals, open fingers and heel, stylish decor – all this creates a bright summer look;

  2. birken stocks – very comfortable shoes, in many ways orthopedic, one-piece sole with comfortable buckles reliably fixes your foot when walking;

  3. stilettos – a neat model that incorporates the best classic shades, equipped with a hairpin;

  4. mules – original sandals with an open heel and toe, in which is an interesting heel, it is tall and has significant width, which gives him sufficient stability.


Convenience and style are both possible things. Enough take some time to find the right style, and this will ensure your wardrobe rational acquisition. Take into account your figure, foot size and shape, possible imperfections in your legs – and the result secured.

Remember that sandals are only part of the image. Experiment with other things to create a truly dazzling summer look.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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