How to choose a women's bag

Well-known fashion designers at all times claimed that wherever a girl went, she always takes a bag with her – this is the most functional element of her outfit, which at the same time serves as a universal accessory. That is why today you can see whole supermarkets that sell only bags and handbags for all occasions, in addition, not a single fashion house allows itself to leave this accessory unattended – each new collection of clothes corresponds to a certain series of handbags.

How to choose a bag based on its purpose

How to choose a bag based on its purpose

We will not talk for a long time about the combinations of colors, shapes and sizes in relation to the outfit – each girl must independently determine this for herself. Instead, we'll talk about one of the really important criteria when choosing a bag – its purpose. Since all this great variety of existing options is created for different purposes and for different situations, it is worth considering each of them separately.

  1. Job. You need to choose about the following bag: it should contain not only a cosmetic bag and a notebook, but also a small box with lunch, as well as business papers, as a rule, in A4 format. Experts recommend not to be too smart in this case: choose a discreet portfolio bag – this is both convenient and status. It is recommended not to skimp on a work bag. Take a closer look at discreet colors.
  2. A party. Here we need the same clutch that many girls confuse with a large wallet. The clutch should hold your wallet, phone, keys, some cosmetics and other knickknacks that are usually in the pockets – it is assumed that the clutch is worn only with a dress, which, as you know, simply should not have pockets. The clutch is selected either to match the dress, or vice versa – to create contrast, for example, a white handbag to a black outfit.
  3. Beach model. This is the easiest accessory to choose: it should be bright, soft and roomy so that there is enough space for a swimsuit, towels, bedspreads and a large bottle of water. As for the colors, something bright, with a nautical print, but without poisonous overflows.
  4. Daily bag. It should be a comfortable, medium-sized bag with two handles, no hard frame (but not exactly soft!) And lots of pockets. With such an accessory, you can go shopping, and buy groceries in the supermarket, or just walk on the street, which is why it is called a 'bag for every day'. Choose something neutral and versatile by color.

The information provided will help you decide on the type of bag you want to purchase and make the right choice based on the characteristics of the future accessory.

How to choose a bag by shape

How to choose a bag by shape

Now it will not be superfluous to talk about the second criterion, which must be taken into account when buying a bag for a girl – these are the features of the figure. Let's just say a few words about the three most popular cases:

  1. Tall thin girls. Nothing complicated, wide models of small height with medium to long handles are suitable for you. Accordingly, tall totes with short handles are not for you, as this combination is too stretching.
  2. Short thin girls. Only medium and small models with short handles, otherwise you will disadvantageously emphasize your small stature.
  3. Full girls. Medium bags (with medium-length handles) in a bright color are suitable, models with printed patterns on the fabric are welcome.

When choosing a bag, remember that it should always be not only beautiful, but also comfortable – only then you will really understand all the advantages of this accessory. Live in harmony with yourself and your wardrobe every day!

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Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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