How to choose a wedding ring

The desire to share yourself with one single person for the whole the rest of the life is wonderful, even more than wonderful, it’s joyfully and happily at the same time. That is why in all countries the marriage ceremony is celebrated by a big noisy company, culprits of the feast, of course, in the spotlight. If you at least once attended the wedding, you know that this is a great occasion have fun, but it seems only to the guests – the newlyweds have a great deal not only at the wedding, but also before and after it. What is it worth only ring selection procedure! Due to some circumstances, many don’t know what kind of wedding rings exist, therefore, we will start with this question, after which we move smoothly to features of the choice of jewelry for symbolic fastening of one of the most significant events in the life of a man and a woman.

Engagement ring and wedding rings – what’s the difference?

Engagement ring and wedding rings - what's the difference?

In this only difference lies all the complexity that lies on the man’s shoulders (he is the one who makes the proposal half!), – let’s understand.

The marriage proposal, the very moment of kneeling and a gift of a small velvet box with a treasured little ring inside, do not at all engagement rings, as many people think, but only one – the engagement ring. Traditionally engagement ring only a girl wears, she wears it until the moment when the time will come to change it to a wedding, although in Russia and the former CIS countries are customary to wear an engagement ring after the wedding, but on the ring finger of the left hand. Engagement rings are also available. paired, that is, for both men and women, but in 9 cases out of 10 the proposal is made in one ring, feminine.

Now the logical question arises: what should be the engagement party ring? The answer is simple: traditionally it is white gold (platinum) with a diamond, but not everyone can afford it – in Russia engagement rings made of silver with zirconium are common, they stand quite a bit, such a decoration can afford to buy virtually everyone. The only thing that remains for a man to do is go to the jewelry store and purchase it, for this you need:

  1. examine the jewelry that your soulmate wears;

  2. find out the size of the ring finger on her left hand;

  3. focusing on the preferences of the future wife to buy a suitable ring.

After that, you can safely book a table in the restaurant and, at the end in the evening, after a wonderful dinner, with a glass of champagne, make your beloved woman happy, because she certainly deserves it.

At the wedding, in turn, buy wedding rings – in Both future spouses are already involved in the selection process, relying on their tastes, budget and, of course, traditions. This question should understand in more detail.

Choosing Wedding Rings

Choosing Wedding Rings

So, imagine the situation: the girl answered “Yes!” To the next day, you immediately went for wedding rings – and here, in the jewelry salon you are shown dozens of options, and you … not know what to choose. That is, you don’t know at all, all the rings merge among themselves into one thing, unintelligible and incomprehensible – this means that you do not own the situation at all, it happens always when you have no idea about the subject of conversation, or versed in the purchased product.

To prevent this from happening, you should study all the nuances in advance this difficult question, and then go to the jewelry shop – so success is guaranteed to you.

  1. Metal. Rings of red and yellow are considered classic gold, but they look simple enough, especially in the light recent years, during which the popularity of gold has reached incredible heights. Good options are platinum and all kinds of alloys based on it – albeit expensive, nonetheless reliable, status and beautiful. You can do as from ancient times acted in Russia – use silver wedding rings, but jewelers do not advise to do so and not because of cheapness material. The fact is that silver is very, very soft, how would you whether you liked this material, you cannot wear it constantly – then the rings are guaranteed to deform and will have to be carried in workshop. So think about traditional options from gold is the best solution. Remember that the higher the fineness of the metal, the higher its value, the brighter the gloss and the softer structure. High-grade metals are easily bent, but the rings of the 585th Samples, for example, are distinguished by their enviable strength.

  2. Design. With the advent of the Internet and a massive mixture of traditions and styles, almost all taboos have disappeared: today you do not need to buy a smooth ring so that according to legend life is also smooth, decor, in including stones and engraving are welcome. Furthermore, today you don’t even need to pick up paired rings, that is, such which are similar to each other – spouses can have two completely dissimilar rings. The main rule is: wedding rings should absolutely like the future newlyweds, because they have to wear these beautiful characters for the rest of my life. So you should not give in to traditions to the detriment personal aesthetic preferences: choosing a ring design, man should focus on your taste, and the girl on your own, then the selected models are guaranteed to delight you in your married.

  3. The width of the ring. Wedding rings can be in width from 2 to 12 millimeters – firstly, it allows everyone to choose a model that will look harmoniously on the hand, and secondly, the weight of the ring largely depends on the width, which means its cost, which makes it possible to show their worth or vice versa, save a little. The width of the ring should be such that balance the length of your fingers. Determine the optimal size for you help in any wedding salon or jewelry store by multiple fittings of different models.

  4. Ring profile. A profile is called the form that can be see by cutting the ring. The traditional option is smooth inner part and rounded outer, but lately at the peak Another option appeared in popularity – that with the inside, that with Outside, the ring is rounded. Unofficial name such forms – comfort fit, which means “comfortable fit”, as you know, the name speaks for itself.

Choose the size of the engagement ring

Since you will choose with your spouse, then make a mistake with the correct number will not work, however, experts still advise you to protect yourself a little: come to measure the rings only in morning hours, as early as possible after waking up, before going to bed do not you should drink a lot of water, and in the morning you should limit yourself to a cup of coffee – so your fingers are guaranteed to be swelling free. After about every 10th ring you need to raise your hand up for 2-3 minutes, this also allows you to save the natural thickness of the phalanx. Yes and not forget that in summer our fingers are slightly wider than in winter, which means in any case, the option you choose should not be close to – it is better that between the metal and the phalanx was very small gap.

If you carefully study the items presented and a little reflect on what is written, comparing the information received with personal convictions, then be sure – in a jewelry store you and your soulmate are not at a loss. In this case a happy choice is guaranteed, which means a joyful wedding is not for mountains!

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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