How to choose a rain umbrella

In the modern world, a good umbrella has long ceased to be just a way to keep yourself and your clothes dry – no, today it has a lot more from an accessory than from functional tool. Properly selected umbrella will emphasize the status and taste of its owner, so they are as popular as women and men alike. By the way, it would not be superfluous to understand separation of umbrellas by gender.

Differences between male and female umbrellas

Differences between male and female umbrellas

Being in a store or mall is rarely possible to get into a situation where you cannot determine by eye who exactly This accessory is intended for a woman or a man. Despite this, to study a small memo on this issue will not be superfluous.

  1. Female models. There is nothing complicated in classification such accessories: lightweight design, bright dome colors (plain or print), possibly decorative decoration in the form of lace and other non-functional elements.
  2. Men’s umbrellas. They have massive construction and increased dome – the ideal option is when under a male umbrella two adults can comfortably accommodate, but not everyone I like this size. The design of men’s accessories is also different, he gravitates more to the classics: geometric patterns, restrained colors, lack of decorative ornaments.

There are also universal models – similar to men’s, but small sizes and brighter colors, for example, saturated blue – and children’s. We are not talking about the last group of accessories we will, since children’s goods are a separate subject discussions.

Types of Umbrellas

Types of umbrellas

So, if you want to understand this issue in detail, so that be able to buy a really high-quality accessory, which for many years will delight with its functionality, – will have to understand the classification a bit. There are two large groups.

  1. Umbrella cane. The design is as follows: to the handle the rod (frame) is attached to the entire length of the umbrella, and to it is tight adjacent spokes holding the dome. That is, both in folded and in when unfolded, such an umbrella cane has the same length, that is why they are called “non-compact.” Advantages of such umbrellas: durability, ease of use, presentable appearance and, as a rule, high quality – such umbrellas are above average, which means they are made reliable.
  2. Folding umbrella. You also saw such models many times on street: when folded, they are 3 or even 4 times less than in unfolded – it is very convenient, as it saves space in the bag. There are only two drawbacks: short service life (for cheap models sliding mechanisms fail very quickly) and a simple external look, such models look scant compared to cane umbrellas.

Now, choosing a suitable model for yourself, you will already know advantages and disadvantages of each option, but there is more to it – further we will discuss a more subtle issue.

Varieties of umbrella mechanisms

Varieties of mechanisms of umbrellas

This is a very important topic, because of the complexity of the mechanism and its quality directly depends on the durability of the model, its convenience use and many other points. Fortunately for all lovers accessories manufacturers focused on the production of only three varieties of mechanisms for umbrellas, giving them their name.

  1. Mechanics. The mechanical type of addition is the simplest, but from of that – the most durable, because it is deprived of dozens of unnecessary elements, each of which may fail at any moment. To open / close such a model, you need to attach some physical strength, however, it is small – such umbrellas love and men and women. Another advantage of “mechanics” is compactness, folding models of the smallest sizes, by virtue of design features, equipped only with mechanical addition systems.
  2. Semi-automatic. Similar to the previous option, but with one amendment – to open such a model, you just need click on the button, and it is already closed manually. Semi-automatic design is more complex, which means less reliable – this must be considered when buying.
  3. Machine. Fully automated opening and closing the umbrella dome – as a rule, such a system is equipped accessories are more expensive, because it is not weak in itself increases the cost of the product. Disadvantages: firstly, if the system it breaks, you can’t open / close the product manually, secondly, cane umbrellas cannot be equipped with full automation – you have to choose only from folding models.

Everyone decides which option he likes best. – by and large, it all depends on the individual preferences.

How to determine the quality of the umbrella

How to determine the quality of the umbrella

Having read up to this point, you are already able to choose yourself a suitable umbrella – as you can see, there’s nothing complicated about it. Left only a few nuances – the material of the manufacture of knitting needles, frame and domes.

  1. Wireframe. The most economical is aluminum, it is very lightweight and practically worthless, so it’s better to immediately refuse such an option. Optimal ratio “price-quality” is carbon, stainless steel and their alloys.
  2. Knitting needles. The larger the dome, the more spokes: there may be from 5 to 36, it all depends on the specific model. When choosing it is recommended to do this: check the number of knitting needles (8-12 pieces quite enough for any model, even a large size) and their quality – they must be straight and strong, no less durable, than the umbrella frame.
  3. Dome. Pongee, nylon, satin, jacquard or polyester – what of this is better, you can only determine empirically. Every of the options has its advantages and disadvantages, but, fortunately, it can always be changed – moreover, experts recommend this do preventative measures from time to time to preserve functional qualities of your umbrella.

Remember that the right approach to choosing accessories speaks of your maturity as a person with taste and your own concepts about style, so don’t underestimate the importance of such a simple thing, like an umbrella.

Choose comfortable and beautiful models, and stay dry even in the rainy weather!

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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