How to choose a mink coat

Mink products, whose popularity grew in the 18th century and is still not fading, is considered a very spectacular element of the women’s wardrobe. Since this clothing was available only to wealthy people, her wearing was a sign of status. This material was given preference for cinema stars of the “golden era”, introducing a trend products from mink. A new round of evolution was introduced by Michael Korsom. He experimented with fur, cutting it, painting in unusual colors, decorated with fashion accessories and even perforation.
But no matter how wonderful the mink model is, the wrong one selection will completely destroy all its advantages.

Before going to the salon

Before going to the salon

Yes, it is in the salon, and not in the trivial store, that you can Find excellent mink coats, not dyed rabbits. Such thing is not cheap, because the price of the material and the long service life makes adjustments. Therefore, decide on a budget in advance.

The next item on your selection list will be the definition style. Traditionally, there are three main types:

  1. long, with an edge to the end of the legs;

  2. middle covering the knee;

  3. short, called a short fur coat.

If your weather conditions are severe, and the wind penetrates cold, you should look at the long version, such A daily outfit will keep you warm. Significant minus it turns out the weight of the fur coat itself, it’s difficult to pass hours.

Less weight on a medium-long fur coat, it will also protect you from cold, and high boots compensate for the missing length. Sleeves it is worth choosing long so that they fall to half palms.

If you are driving or should have a representative appearance, your choice is a short fur coat. It is moderately warm, rather light, if Compare with previous options. Since the sleeves are here a little shortened, then a good accessory to this coat long signets.

It is worth mentioning that all previous arguments concerned exclusively weather conditions and nature of use. Second An important aspect is your figure.

If you are short, then long options are not for you. They visually steal a few centimeters from your already small growth. In medium-sized models, you will look more elegant.

Tall girls are not recommended to wear wide loose cut to heel length. He will make you look like a bear. Emphasize your merits with a different model.

If you are inclined to fullness – this is not a reason to refuse mink coats. It is necessary to choose such a tailoring so that it does not emphasize your figure, on the contrary, was hiding it. And generally, no need to buy close to the fur coat, leave some free space. So you You will feel more comfortable.

In the fitting room

It is unlikely that the seller will say poorly about his product, and that in With this model, you look unimportant. Therefore, armed with the necessary knowledge, proceed to the inspection.

Mink coat outside

Before going to the salon

A distinctive feature of fur products is its fantastic brilliance. Mink coat is not devoid of this expensive gloss, provided that it genuine and stored in the right climate.

When choosing a model of a fur coat, evaluate the quality of the fur. He definitely must shine. It is slightly tougher to the touch than a rabbit. If you spend against the coat, the villi should be in the starting position. Unevenly protruding villi speak of poor quality the material.

There should be a slight edge of the skin near the skin, otherwise case – discard this model.

A well-crafted skin should have uniform fur, without inaccuracies and bald spots. And trimmed options should be perfectly flat, do not stick together and have sufficient elasticity.

Shake the coat a little, no villi. Also, with a slight twitching of the tufts of fur, they should not fall out.

Mink products are often dyed, so check it quality. Using a damp cloth, swipe over the selected area. If a paint remained on it, the coat was stored in poor conditions, and not represents a large commodity value.

There should be no seals over the entire surface of the material. or lumps.

About the color of the fur coat

About the color of a fur coat

In modern salons you can find a variety of color solutions. They can be unpainted, a natural shade, and some of a harmonious artificial color.

Do not assume that dyed fur is a sign of poor quality product. It depends on fashion trends, and the quality of the painted fur coats are described above.

Your face texture and color are directly related to the choice of shade. eye and hair. You probably learned how to successfully combine colors with yours. natural data, so mentioning this is an excess. The only thing worth recalling is that dark tones are more practical.

Mink coat inside

Mink coat inside

Although you will not wear a fur coat with the inside lining worth a look, because its quality will tell a lot.

Mezdra, i.e. the inside of the skin, must have excellent dressing, to be pleasant to the touch. By color – light shade, if the fur did not give in to a lot of pigmentation.

An important element – complete or partial absence lining. Manufacturers do not save on fabrics, but rather try Imbued with great confidence from the buyer. Smaller quantity pieces spent on the product, the greater the value of its quality. Each skin should have a stamp that indicates its sizes and accessories to a mink.

There are two technologies by which the skins join each other. to a friend:

  1. traditionally, seam;

  2. by gluing.

The second option is not recommended. Such a product already through a couple of years can crawl, and it will need to be carried in the studio on firmware.

And ordinary seams should look neat, without unnecessary details, tightly connecting parts of a fur coat.

If the lining completely hides the interior, ask seller a little push it, a competent person will never this will not refuse.

Prices for mink coats

Prices for mink coats

There are no big difficulties, the price tag is directly formed from the amount of material spent. Therefore, the cost of quality The products were distributed as follows:

  1. short fur coat – from 30 000 rubles;

  2. fur coat of medium length – from 45 000 rubles;

  3. long models – from 60 000 rubles.

It is important to remember that these are average prices.

Be very careful about sales. Price drop may indicate a damaged instance that has significant defects or storage in disgusting conditions. But also, some models are stale and outdated in terms of fashion trends. Therefore, make a quality and inexpensive purchase at sale is a big luck.

How to store mink products

How to store mink products

It is not enough to purchase a mink coat, it is important to store it in proper conditions so that the appearance retains its former beauty.

In winter, you need to “walk” your coat from time to time. Cold air will do her good and keep it for years to come. But excessive precipitation, hazardous substances in the air and large crowds.

If the fur at the fur coat is still wet, then do not dry it near heater, battery or in the sun. Even a hairdryer is contraindicated, therefore, dry only naturally. Shake the fur coat to drops flew from the villi. With plenty of moisture, get wet with her rag. The best way would be drying in a well ventilated cool room. Hang it on your shoulders and time shake from time to time until drops are completely eliminated.

Also in winter, refrain from carrying a handbag on your shoulder, this will ruin the fur texture.

But special attention needs to be paid in the offseason. This is an important period. to preserve the beauty of the fur. Looking cool and good ventilated storage conditions. Dry cleaners even have a service storage of fur items in special rooms.

However, if you prefer to keep your fur coat at home, remember following rules:

  1. enough storage is required for storage provides good airflow;

  2. the room should be cool, within 10 degrees;

  3. before storage comb out the fur with a special brush, hang on hangers and fasten all the buttons.


The choice of a mink coat – like the choice of jewelry, is an invariable attribute of luxury, buying a mink coat will make your life is not only more comfortable but also beautiful.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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