How to choose a men's bag

Not knowing how to choose a men's bag according to all the rules, it is easy to make a mistake and waste money. Do not give in to the impulse and purchase the first product you like, because the image of its owner depends on whether the accessory is chosen correctly.

Types of men's bags

Types of bags and their purpose

Not only women, but also men choose a bag that matches their lifestyle. Often it is the only one in the arsenal of a modern gentleman, which means that it should be ideal both in appearance and in functionality. If a person leads a diverse, active lifestyle, then he will need at least three bags – for leisure, business negotiations and for every day. Let's figure out what are their differences and advantages in order to understand where to look for the golden mean:

  1. Diplomat. This most strict of the accessories is chosen by business men who value quality, style and are ready to pay a lot of money for it. Clear severity of forms, classic dark colors, give the owner of the diplomat a truly diplomatic look. Due to its rigid frame, important papers will never be remembered in it and this is its undoubted advantage. The accessory will be appropriate at important negotiations and is combined only with a business-style suit, complemented by polished oxford shoes. In everyday life, this is a disadvantage, since a diplomat is not suitable for all occasions.
  2. Portfolio. A quality document accessory is usually crafted from soft, embossed leather, in keeping with the notion of sophisticated classic style. Choosing a portfolio for yourself as a daily companion, you should think over the rest of the wardrobe to the smallest detail, since, for example, it will definitely not fit the Casual style. The modern briefcase has a smooth, soft shape without sharp, clear corners. This classic attribute of a business man can be austere black or dark brown, or slightly different from the socially accepted standard. Traditionally, a briefcase has a carrying handle, but modern models may not have one at all or may additionally be equipped with a wide and comfortable strap, which is a great advantage. The disadvantages of the portfolio include a rather rapid loss of shape from active use, which, however, is not inherent in products of famous brands.
  3. Travel bag. Many fashion brands produce men's bags or, as they are also called, travel bags. They are strikingly different from women, and therefore one should not be afraid to look stupid with him – everything in them is designed specifically for the representatives of the strong half of humanity. Like Dr. Watson from the well-known work, modern men are increasingly choosing a travel bag as a bag for every day. Made of expensive, high-quality beef leather, the bags complement the look, both on weekdays and on short trips. Thanks to the sufficient roominess, the bag will fit an extra pair of shoes, cosmetics and an interesting book. It has a compartment for documents that will not be wrinkled thanks to the rigid inserts. But for all these useful qualities you will have to pay with a rather high weight of the bag, since it is almost always made of thick, heavy leather and weighs a lot even empty.
  4. Holdall. This kind of bag looks almost indistinguishable from a regular men's bag. Unless it is most often made not of leather, but of synthetic material. Inside, such an accessory has a completely unusual filling – a classic suit on a hanger fits freely here, which must be transported in perfect condition. Such an accessory will not be superfluous in the arsenal of a man who often changes cities due to the nature of his work and must constantly look impeccable. However, despite all its positive qualities, the garment bag lets in odors, and if you spend a long time in a public catering or other place with intense odors, there is a risk that the suit will be saturated with them. To get rid of this problem, manufacturers are gradually switching to making their garment bags from leather that does not allow odors to pass through. So, when purchasing this folding carry case, it is better to give preference to the leather model.
  5. Messenger. She is a postman bag or simply a shoulder bag. For most people in the street, this is the most common and comfortable model of a men's everyday bag. Such an accessory can be made in a variety of variations – in leather, tarpaulin, textiles, nylon. The convenience of a shoulder bag is that it is always convenient to carry it, regardless of weight, because for this it has a wide, well-thought-out strap, adjustable in length. Of the minuses, it can be noted that all materials like a substitute for leather or textiles will last much less leather and quickly acquire an untidy appearance. In addition, the leather will protect things from rain, but everything in a canvas shoulder bag will get wet and possibly become completely unusable.
  6. Gym bag. This bag is perfect for every day, or rather on the occasion of going to workout. Thanks to its spacious bowels, it will fit sports shoes, uniforms and even boxing gloves, as well as a shower towel. It is better to choose this bag according to the style of clothing in which you get to training, so that there is no ridiculous dissonance. The positive side of a sports accessory is lightness, ease of care (washing), and the only disadvantages are that you cannot go on a business trip with such a bag, because it is intended exclusively for sports purposes.
  7. Backpack. Many reasonably believe that there is nothing more convenient for a modern man than a roomy and stylish backpack behind his back. If you look closely, then such an accessory can tell something about its owner. It can be worn by everyone – from teenagers to accomplished men, because the backpack harmoniously fits into the 'military', 'casual' or 'street style' style, combined with a wide variety of clothes and seasons. Go for a walk with a minimum of things, go on a country trip or to work, taking with you a snack and a permanent netbook – a backpack will perfectly cope with all tasks. Its only drawback is that it will not work for going to a business meeting, since it will be inappropriate, and the documents will not be in the best condition.
  8. Tote. This men's shopping bag for every day suspiciously resembles a women's accessory, but is still strictly intended for men. Such a leather accessory can perfectly complement the brutal look of a man, or, in a bright fabric version, is suitable for going to the beach. The disadvantages include a rather high price for a leather tote.
  9. Bag tablet. This is a smaller version of the messenger in a more vertical format. Such a convenient shoulder bag with a strap will not take up much space, will not become a heavy burden and will perfectly cope with the minimum task – to hold a phone, keys, a wallet and a tablet. The inconvenience of such bags is the relative fragility of the fasteners on the belt, therefore, when buying an accessory, you should pay attention to the quality of all fasteners and carabiners.
  10. Handbags. This type of bags is not so common anymore, as it gradually gives way to modern models. However, there are men who are accustomed to such a convenient accessory, which simultaneously serves as a wallet, business card holder and a purse for all sorts of little things such as a cigarette case and a phone. This bag has no downsides, except that it has to be carried by a rather small handle, which does not always fit comfortably in a large palm. It is best to purchase a leather purse that will serve its owner for a long time without losing its appearance.

What materials are men's bags made of?

What materials are men's bags made of

The modern market offers a fairly wide range of materials from which a bag can be made. In addition, the classic black and brown colors have pushed different shades of blue, gray and even burgundy. Everyday bags generally come in a wide variety of flashy colors, which allows their wearer to stand out from the crowd. Here's what manufacturers offer:

  1. Leather. From time immemorial, this material has been considered the strongest, most durable and beautiful. Leather bags have always talked about the wealth and good taste of their owner. The leather accessory will reliably keep everything that the owner entrusted to him. The disadvantages include the high cost of genuine leather and the rather heavy weight of even an empty bag.
  2. PU leather. In the market for leather accessories, a semi-natural material has significantly pushed its predecessor. Such leather consists of three layers: fabric, leather and polyurethane. The middle layer allows you to give the product all the positive qualities of the leather, and the upper layer enhances them, making the bag lightweight and providing reliable protection from getting wet. In addition, bags of such material are much cheaper, have a low weight, and have no smell ..
  3. Various types of woven fabrics are very popular with handbag manufacturers. The coarse 'tarpaulin' weave gives the garment a masculine look and significantly reduces weight. However, such bags tear much faster than their leather counterparts.

The best manufacturers of bags for men

The best manufacturers of bags for men

Knowing how to choose a men's bag, you can not worry that it will wear well, provided that a bona fide eminent manufacturer is responsible for it. Let's consider what are their advantages and differences:

    1. Baldinini. This Italian brand made a name for itself not so long ago – in 1994. But thanks to the wide, constantly updated assortment, the highest quality and style, the products have won the souls of thousands of men around the world. The product line includes both natural and artificial leather products, which means that the price-quality ratio is at the proper level. Bags differ in that they have overhead valves that are not fastened with a magnet. Horizontally stretched models are suitable for people of short and medium height, and vertical ones – for tall people.
    2. Piquadro. The Italian manufacturer specializes specifically in leather suitcases and bags. Black, brown, blue colors and their combination make Piquadro bags recognizable. The thinnest beef skin of several microns retains its unique natural pattern.
    3. Louis Vuitton. This brand needs no introduction. The famous brand produces both formal bags for work and for everyday wear with an original checkered print.
    4. Montblanc. These are bags for those who value German quality and sophistication. The luxury of these accessories is combined with a strict classic wardrobe.
    5. Hugo boss. Bags from this manufacturer will give their owner the necessary elegance and complement the image. Despite the long history of the manufacturer, he follows the trends of men's fashion, constantly updating the lineup.

    What to look for when choosing a men's bag?

    What to look for when buying a bag

    Choosing an expensive bag from a renowned manufacturer for documents or for every day, you can be sure of its quality. But if you have to buy in the middle price segment, you should treat it with greater responsibility. Here are some things to watch out for:

    1. Are the zippers working well (smoothly without jerking);
    2. the presence of crooked seams, non-stitched sections and hanging threads indicate the low quality of the product;
    3. Are the magnetic holders firmly gripped?
    4. do carbines work well;
    5. are there enough compartments inside for storing a phone, wallet, pens, documents.

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Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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