How to choose a frame for glasses

According to statistics, every second inhabitant of our planet has vision problems. The calculations are carried out by specialists of different countries, the picture is the same everywhere. For example, in Germany, 39.4 million a person wears glasses, which accounts for 63% of people over 16 years old. Australian scientists found that in 2000, 1.406 billion people suffered from myopia, which was approximately 23% Earth population. According to forecasts, by 2050 this figure will increase three times. Add to this number all those who resort to the protection of organs vision from ultraviolet radiation and who has farsightedness, and in As a result, we get that almost every person is faced with the issue of choosing frames for glasses.


  1. Device points
  2. What modern frames are made of
  3. How to choose a frame size
  4. Frame as a fashion accessory
  5. How to choose a frame on the face shape
  6. Glasses as an element of image and style
  7. How to choose a female frame
  8. How to choose a men’s eyeglass frame
  9. What frame to choose for the child

Device points

Glasses device

Any standard frame consists of two parts:

  1. framework i.e. rim for lenses and nose;
  2. behind the ear

The nosepiece is considered the most important part of the frame. It is naked or with nasal stops, which in turn are divided into motionless and mobile. It is from a correctly selected nose depends on how comfortable the glasses will hold in place, not crushing and not slipping.

By design, the frames are divided into:

  1. rim;
  2. semi-rimless;
  3. rimless (without a frame). The lenses in them are attached with screws.

What modern frames are made of

What modern frames are made of

Spectacle frames are made of plastic, metal alloys and natural materials.

In the manufacture of plastic frames are mainly used the following chemical compounds:

  1. cellulose acetate or propionate derived from cotton. Material possesses ease, plasticity, durability;
  2. nylon (polymer based on polyamides and other components). The material is characterized by strength, lightness, hypoallergenicity, resistance to deformation;
  3. optil (heat-resistant polymer based on epoxy resins). Differs in the increased ease, has “memory effect”, often used in combination with other materials;
  4. Kevlar (with the addition of aramid). It is particularly resistant to strokes, therefore ideal for baby frames.

If we are talking about metal models, then in their manufacture The following materials could be used:


  1. titanium and its alloys (e.g. flexon);
  2. Monel (an alloy of nickel and copper with a predominance of nickel);
  3. stainless steel;
  4. aluminum and other metals as additives.

Modern production tends to use materials, products of which have increased strength. Your attention a wide selection of frames made of titanium and alloys with its content. Titanium models are not cheap, but in this case The price corresponds to the high quality of the product.

To the natural materials used in optics, you can include:

  1. valuable species of wood;
  2. skin
  3. bone;
  4. tortoise shell, etc.

Models made from natural materials differ originality and natural beauty.

How to choose a frame size

Those who wear glasses all the time

The main criterion by which to choose a frame, is convenience. Everything is simple – you should not feel discomfort. Therefore, fitting before purchase is mandatory. Model not should push, it should conveniently “sit” on the bridge of the nose and not be too loose. When tilting the head, glasses should not move down, therefore it is better to choose products with silicone nose pads that gently and firmly fix the glasses. Look at yourself in the mirror. Please note that the top of the frame does not cover the eyebrows and was not above them, but between the lower part and the cheeks there was gap.

On each model, manufacturers apply the main dimensions in millimeters. One earhook is usually marked with the name manufacturer. At the second earhook there are basic product parameters. The first digit indicates the width of the frame, then the width of the nose is indicated, the last digit informs about the length behind the ear.

Choose a model depending on the distance between the pupils and head coverage, the correct focus of vision depends on this. The thickness and weight of the inserted lenses, because for massive glasses you need a more solid and durable frame.

Pay attention to the size of the earhooks. Glasses should be comfortable stay on your face, too long temples can be adjusted to the required length. If the temples put pressure on the whiskey or region beyond ear and are not subject to correction, do not take such a frame.

Glasses for vision are selected so as to help, not interfere Your daily affairs.

Frame as a fashion accessory

To make your glasses a stylish accessory that accentuates your advantages, you should choose a model based on the type of person accepted clothing style, in tone with eye color and a touch of hair and skin.

Different diopters can visually enlarge or reduce the eyes. Any optics visually distorts objects. Minus lenses used for myopia, can have the effect of reducing the size eye, while glasses for farsightedness are able to visually them to increase. Therefore, you should choose a frame based on these properties – with myopia, choose a larger frame, with farsightedness on the contrary, pay attention to narrow glasses of small sizes.

There are general tips for using glasses. So color nose bones can affect a person’s appearance since thin the jumper visually increases the gap between close eyes wide, and a wide nose bright color can visually bring together wide-set eyes. If the features of your faces are small, then you should not look at large models – they are not for you. For massive glasses, such a person may “get lost.”

There are some models that are suitable for any face shape. These are products with a thin rim and arms made in the classic metal style, and bezelless, which are almost invisible on face.

How to choose a frame on the face shape

Glasses by type of face

Determine the type of your face and choose a frame for the purpose balance the overall look.

The most beneficial type of face is oval, in this case models of any style will do. Round models will add softness, and square will make the image more strict.

Rectangular or square glasses are suitable for a round face. A narrow shape with sharp corners will look great.

Glasses are able to visually smooth the “corners” of a square face oval or round. Frames are ideal for these purposes. with soft lines.

For a triangular heart-shaped face, the best the option will be medium-sized round glasses in a light colors, as well as classic aviator glasses.

For a triangular face with a narrow forehead and extended the area of ​​the cheeks and chin is the best option is a semi-rimless rim without the bottom, as well as butterfly-shaped glasses and any model with wide temples and an emphasis on the upper line.

If your face resembles a rhombus (high cheekbones with narrow lines of the forehead and chin), oval or round “grandmother’s” glasses or stylish “cat” frame favorably emphasize your charm.

To give volume to an elongated face of a narrowed shape, it is worth pay attention to wide frames with right angles or elegant butterfly glasses.

Famous stylists recommend choosing a frame in such a way so that the glasses contrast with the oval of the face and try to the model did not repeat its shape.

Glasses as an element of image and style


Many women choose frames for the color of their hair and eyes. Glasses really able to profitably shade the natural beauty and create the right accent. Blondes fit black, blue, green color schemes with brilliant decor. Brunettes will be spectacular look in frames of a shade of steel. Ladies with red hair can pay attention to products of blue, olive and bronze colors.

Brown eyes will shine if the model is red, purple or coffee shade. For gray or blue eyes, choose brown models or glasses with original metal behind the hooks. Green eyes shine brighter if they are surrounded by green, ruby red or orange rim.

How to choose a men’s eyeglass frame

Men's point of view

The main audience who want to choose the right frame are women. Although all the tips given are equally suitable for men. For men, glasses are not only a fashion accessory and are chosen by necessary, they are able to give expression to the face and hide limitations. A man with glasses gives the impression of being smarter, a solid and serious person, which beneficially affects the business image. When choosing a frame, be guided by what you should be comfortable wearing these glasses all day for several years old.

What frame to choose for the child

Nuances of children's frames

Modern kids often have problems with their eyes and acuity view. A large load on the organs of vision forces to resort to correction and wearing glasses. It should be noted that for a child it is important what frame does he have, how much does it correspond to fashion trends and popularity. In addition, glasses for children must comply specific requirements:

  1. be strong and unbreakable;
  2. light and comfortable;
  3. Do not cause allergic reactions.

Most often for children choose plastic frames made from modern materials. These glasses are lightweight, comfortable and inexpensive, therefore, you can buy several pieces of various styles and colors. Metal frames are more durable for children school age and adolescents mainly produced models from titanium and kevlar. Such glasses correspond to all medical requirements, while having an attractive appearance.

When choosing a model for a moving child, make sure that the nose pads fit and the glasses do not fall to the ground. Choose earhooks of sufficient length and stiffness to the frame was securely fixed. It’s better for kids to buy silicone frames or models secured around the head. Be sure to choose glasses with your child, be careful his opinion, because he should like them.


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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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