How to choose a back corset

The widespread popularity of medical corsets designed to support the lower back, back and posture adjustment. To selection models should be taken very seriously, considering all characteristics, individual characteristics of the body and diagnosis. Indications for use

Indications for use

You should not purchase a corset unnecessarily and, moreover, do not after consulting a doctor, as it is improperly selected the model will only aggravate the situation and lead to a complication of the disease. There are basic guidelines to use. belt:

  1. During the rehabilitation period after injuries and operations.

  2. With the development of scoliosis at different stages for additional correction and support of the spine.

  3. As support for the back during heavy physical classes.

  4. For people leading a sedentary lifestyle by virtue of their professional activity.

  5. In adolescence to align children’s posture.

  6. As a prophylactic to prevent development spinal deformities.

Types of posture corsets and their use

types of corsets

There are several different types of belts that differ its structure and material of manufacture. Use them necessary depending on your back problems. Distinguish models:

  1. elastic – made of special bandages with elastic structure. The models do not have hard inserts or any stiffening materials. They are great for modeling correction of small posture defects or as preventative measures. Such a device helps to remove tension in the spine, giving and fixing the right position.

  2. hard – they contain hard elements, allowing to fix the back, distributing the load evenly on all muscles. Different number of ribs allows you to choose a model in individually, taking into account all problem areas.

  3. lumbar – designed to adjust and reduce the load on the lumbar after injuries, in the presence of hernias or protrusions. They have a special insulated layer that allows warming the lower back with rheumatic pains or radiculitis.

  4. individual – are developed and sewn to order, taking into account all individual characteristics of the body. Thanks non-standard approach to sewing a corset can be adjusted some specific problems without affecting other areas. Production with asymmetric ribs is possible.

There are also modeling corsets that allow drag out the figure, giving it a seductive shape. They are indirect affect posture correction, which is only supported due to the tight fit around the body. As a species, special slimming corsets are produced, which in addition to shrinks actively affect fat cells due to the special composition on the inside of the belt. However, doctors recommend avoid constant wearing of this element of clothing, as scientifically harmless effect on the body is not proven.

! It is advisable to use such belts only if identified serious problems with the spine, as frequent wearing will relax muscle tone, which will lead to a complication of the situation.

Rules for wearing a corset

Rules for wearing a corset

Before you buy a corset and start using it, you should consult your doctor and choose the most suitable model. When choosing, pay attention to the material from whose manufacturing belt. It is desirable that these were natural non-allergenic and easy-to-wash fabrics. Also carefully inspect the clasps. Ideal if it’s a big Velcro, in this case, you can easily adjust the fit around the body. It is necessary to adhere to the basic rules for wearing corrective belt:

  1. Excessive abuse of a corset can lead to weakening of the spine.

  2. It is not advisable to leave the corset for the night sleep, as the spine takes its natural position and rests.

  3. Even with the advice of a doctor, you should not wear a belt larger than 6 hours. Take three-hour breaks during which you don’t abuse physical activity.

  4. The corset must be selected strictly in accordance with the figure, because the wrong size will cause discomfort and will not bring good. If it can be freely rotated at the waist, then too large, and if it complicates breathing and presses on the ribs – then little.

  5. Use the table on the label as similar dimensional the grids of each manufacturer are different, so you have to determined individually. Depending on the model, you you will need to know the volume of the waist, lower back, hips, chest or under breastfeeding in women.

! Wear it only if you have severe back pain or with heavy physical exertion. The rest of the time, try independently monitor your posture.

The right corset is the key to your health

Depending on the complexity of the problem, choose corsets with different stiffness. All medical models perform certain functions for correcting posture, maintaining the spinal column or warming the lumbar region. Fixing corsets immobilize the spine, allowing you to remove the load from it and contributing to the restoration of the injured department. If only slightly affect posture or correct defects using a corrective model.


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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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