How to choose a bathroom scale: weight control

Home bathroom scales are suitable for those who are used to keeping fit. Today it is not only an attribute of a girl, but also men who think about health and choose the right way of life. Young mothers keep track of how their child gains weight. It will also be useful for people suffering from various diseases to monitor changes in the body using weights. They will be useful in any home, so it is worth choosing the right model from the available range.


  1. How to choose a bathroom scale – electronic and mechanical?
  2. Which bathroom scales to choose – mechanical or floor scales?
  3. What can be the maximum weight and measurement error?
  4. How much memory does an electronic floor scale have?
  5. Which case is better?
  6. Additional functions and capabilities of the floor scale
  7. Popular bathroom scale manufacturers

How to choose a bathroom scale – electronic and mechanical?

There are different models on the market. Such a device, simple at first glance, has undergone changes, taking into account the development of modern technologies. There are two categories of bathroom scales for household and specialized use:

  1. mechanical;

  2. electronic.

They have unique features, but overall, each type of bathroom scale does a good job. They show the weight of a person or objects with high accuracy.

Mechanical floor scales

Mechanical floor scales

This type is simple and common. Similar devices are found in the homes of parents or grandmothers. Despite the fact that electronic models have begun to spread over the past 10-15 years, mechanical scales are still common and popular.


  • high indicators of durability and practicality;

  • affordable cost;

  • do not require power supplies.


  • measurement errors;

  • fragility of the mechanism.

Such devices can last a long time in traditional operation, but the mechanisms are sensitive to shock or other damage. The main element is a measuring spring that can stretch under the influence of weight. The spring moves the disc showing the values.

Mechanical floor scales have a graduation rate of 0.5-1 kg, so the accuracy is low. But such devices do not require power supplies, so they can be used for measurements at any time.

Electronic floor scales

Electronic floor scales

Electronic devices are progressive. They are distinguished by unique advantages, including ease of use. Their construction is monolithic compared to mechanical counterparts, so they are not afraid of shaking and vibrations. In addition, they are compact and thin.


  • high measurement accuracy;

  • additional features;

  • compact size;

  • design reliability.


  • high price;

  • availability of an energy source (battery).

Electronic scales convert mechanical impact into electrical impulse, which is measured. A special module analyzes it and turns it into concrete figures. The result is shown on the display. Thanks to this design, a large number of elements are not required, therefore it is possible to reduce the size.

Additional features are easily built into such devices, so advanced models from brands will be a gift for those who are used to closely monitoring their weight. Otherwise, there are no differences, but electronic floor scales are much easier to store at home.

Which bathroom scales to choose – mechanical or floor scales?

Which bathroom scales to choose - mechanical or floor scales?

In general, there are no differences in terms of operating features between mechanical and electronic floor scales. If a simple device for measuring weight is required from time to time, inexpensive mechanical devices are fine. Those who prefer to pay great attention to health and just love modern technological things, prefer electronic scales.

Special attention is required for advanced models of scales with additional functions. They can be interesting for home use, especially for those who are on diets or just keep fit.

What can be the maximum weight and measurement error?

What can be the maximum weight and measurement error?

The main problem of all types of floor scales is the large measurement error. They show the approximate weight, rounded to the nearest kilogram. But the error is even higher. For example, some models require a flat surface, otherwise they start to 'lie'.

Errors are equal to the following indicators:

  1. for mechanical scales – from 0.5 to 1 kg;

  2. for electronic scales – about 0.1 kg.

Electronic models are accurate, but consider how they display your measurements. The small display shows numbers – whole part and fractional part separated by commas. This is convenient, since you do not have to put up with errors and monitor the division price.

Another indicator for bathroom scales is the maximum permissible load. For all models, this value is much higher than the weight of the average person, even a well-fed one. It equals 150-180 kg on average. It is noted that for some types of electronic scales, the maximum allowable value is 99.9 kg. People weighing more than 100 kg purchase appropriate devices. Some models are capable of weighing up to 300 kg, therefore they are used in the garage, in the country or in the workshop.

How much memory does an electronic floor scale have?

How much memory does an electronic floor scale have?

The features of electronic devices include additional functions. First of all, this includes the ability to memorize previous measurements. This is convenient for those who keep statistics or simply measure weight periodically to find out about the next changes.

For current technologies, memorizing information is not a problem, therefore, modern models of floor scales are equipped with this function. Availability depends on the manufacturer, so compare the specific characteristics of each type of scale before purchasing. Usually about 5 memory locations are offered – this is enough to keep track of changes. Some models can store up to 15-20 last measurements in memory.

Which case is better?

An important criterion is the material of manufacture. The case must be strong and durable because the scales are subject to stress. Manufacturers take this into account in the manufacture of devices, therefore, it is possible to start solely from aesthetic appeal.

Metal scales

Metal scales

Metal is a common material. Such a case is robust and durable, it evokes a sense of reliability.


  • high strength;

  • modern design;

  • feeling of quality.


  • the metal is cold and causes discomfort if you weigh yourself barefoot;

  • high price.

Plastic scales

 Plastic scales

This type of enclosure is common because it combines quality and affordable cost. Most manufacturers use plastic to make their appliances.


  • simple and concise design;

  • affordable price;

  • low weight of the device.


  • poor quality assembly in some cases.

Glass scales

 Glass scales

Glass is used much more often because it allows you to maintain a modern look and achieve other benefits. The glass platform with rubberized feet is a great option for home floor appliances.


  • compact size;

  • stylish appearance.


  • low strength and the possibility of cracking under strong impacts.

In addition, there are models for sale made of natural wood or stone. As a rule, these are expensive devices, but many are ready to pay extra for such an unusual appearance.

Additional functions and capabilities of the floor scale

Additional functions and capabilities of the floor scale

Modern electronic devices allow not only measuring weight, but also have a set of additional functions. You should pay attention to them when choosing, because there are many more opportunities. Advanced models offer the user:

  1. built-in memory for 10-15 last measurements;

  2. large backlit display;

  3. remote or remote control;

  4. body index calculation function;

  5. function of calculating the proportion of water, fat, muscle tissue.

Advanced devices can automatically turn on and off. Today there are floor scales that are controlled remotely using a mobile phone or a portable unit. Thanks to 'smart' technologies, such assistants are able to independently calculate body indices and determine the proportion of muscle tissue and fat. It will be useful for athletes and those who lead an active lifestyle.

Popular bathroom scale manufacturers

A group of trusted manufacturers has formed on the market, offering the most advanced and popular devices. Among them are:

  1. Supra;

  2. Redmond;

  3. Tanita;

  4. Polaris;

  5. Bosch;

  6. Beurer;

  7. IHealth.

They offer a wide range of products, ranging from budget to premium segment. When choosing, it is worth giving preference to those characteristics and those models that satisfy personal needs. Thanks to the large variety, it is easy to select a mechanical or electronic floor scale of your choice.

Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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