Which electric shaver is best for men

Starting in adolescence, regular shaving becomes an annoying routine for a man. Every 2-3 days you have to shave your face and neck, putting up with irritation and other unpleasant factors. Even the owners of the beard have to spend a lot of time to keep it in order. Modern electric shavers for men come to the rescue, which can replace traditional machines.

Choosing an electric shaver

Types of electric shavers

Products of large brands are on sale. The products of Braun, Philips, Panasonic and so on are of interest. These companies offer products of both budget and advanced class, differing in the set of functions and the number of additional attachments. This makes shaving and grooming your beard much easier.

There are two types of electric shavers, divided according to the principle of operation:

  1. mesh;

  2. rotary.

Both of these classes are popular and there are many of these types on the market.

Electric mesh shavers

Electric mesh shavers

These devices work like small hair removal machines. The working tool is blades that vibrate at a frequency of up to 13,000 times per minute and gently cut hairs. They are separated from the skin by a special mesh, thanks to which the razors got their name. This means you don't have to worry about cuts.

The thinner the razor mesh, the more effective your shave is. But not all models can boast of good performance. Such devices are suitable for sensitive skin, but often it is necessary to drill one area to completely remove vegetation.


  • comfortable and comfortable shave;

  • functionality;

  • minimal irritation to the skin;


  • often you have to go through one section.

Rotary electric shavers

Rotary electric shavers

Rotary-type devices are equipped with a special round-shaped shaving unit, consisting of discs with slots, into which vegetation falls. Behind them is a working tool – a rotating blade. Modern models are equipped with self-sharpening knives for longer service life. The operating principle and mechanism are old, but reliable.

Rotary razors shave much cleaner and faster, but they are much more irritating to the skin. The head, consisting of three small discs, can handle even unevenly growing bristles, but such a device cannot be recommended for people with sensitive skin.


  • the convenience of use;

  • combination blade for hair of different lengths;

  • efficiency and cleanliness of shaving;


  • rough effect on the skin.

Which shaver is better – rotary or foil?

Modern electric shavers are technological and functional devices. Manufacturers use innovative technologies and materials, so each model copes with the tasks. The main difference lies only in the design features and the effect on the skin.

  1. Foam razors gently cut hairs above the skin so that irritation does not occur. The mesh gently pulls on the hair and prevents the impact of moving parts on the skin. At the same time, the efficiency of this process is low.

  2. Rotary razors handle even stiff and tangled bristles with multiple blades and 2-3 floating heads, but at the same time, during the process, you have to put up with unpleasant sensations.

The choice primarily depends on personal preference – some like neatness, while others prefer the efficiency and speed of shaving.

The number of shaving heads and their mobility in the electric shaver

The shaving heads of the razor are responsible for the quality and speed of hair shaving. In modern rotary models their number is 2 or 3, and in mesh from 1 to 3. The more heads with blades, the cleaner the razor shaves. First of all, you should focus on this.

The heads are located on a special shaving block of a special design. For easy shaving, it is made movable to follow the contours of the face. This is done to both reduce irritation and increase efficiency. Advanced models are equipped with floating heads.

Wet and dry electric shavers

Wet and dry electric shavers

Shavers from different manufacturers differ in functionality. Separate units are suitable for both dry and wet shaving using gel or foam. Shaving methods differ in features and benefits.

  1. Dry shaving is the standard method for an electric shaver. In this case, no additional means are used to cope with the vegetation. This option is suitable for those who do not want to spend a lot or who often use the razor when traveling or away from home.

  2. Using a foam or gel is a comfortable way to help you shave more effectively. For this, it is not at all necessary to use a machine, because some models are suitable for this. Such devices are not afraid of water, and in some cases they themselves are equipped with reservoirs for water and foam. Wet Shavers are also available without gel or foam, so they offer more choice.


  • high efficiency;

  • simple razor wash;

  • minimal reduction in irritation;


  • it takes more time.

What is a trimmer for?

what is a trimmer for?

The electric shaver is a functional device and many models are equipped with a trimmer. This device is indispensable for those who like to wear a mustache, beard or prefer light, neat stubble. Today all devices are equipped with trimmers, they are of the following types:

  1. retractable;

  2. floating;

  3. fixed.

The integrated trimmer is designed as an extra blade in mesh blocks. The retractable knife is a separate knife that emerges from the shaving unit only when needed.

For men who devote a lot of time to beard and mustache, floating trimmers are suitable. They follow the contours of your face, making shaving much easier. With the help of trimmers, sideburns are equalized, hairs on the neck and other parts of the body are removed.

What are the best sources of electricity for an electric shaver?

Manufacturers offer AC or battery operated electric shavers. The best option is mixed types of power supply, when a battery is used, and if necessary, the shaver is connected to a 220V outlet.

Nowadays, batteries for such small electrical appliances are efficient and lightweight, which is why there are many stand-alone models on the market. The main parameters are battery life, charging speed, capacity.

Additional functions of the electric shaver

Each electric shaver of well-known brands is equipped with approximately the same set of functions. She shaves clean, straightens stubble or removes long hairs. If that's not enough, consider devices with additional features.

Advanced models have the following features:

  1. automatic protection against voltage surges;

  2. battery recharge stop function;

  3. charge level indicator;

  4. self-cleaning function of heads and so on.

Indicators and overcharge protection help extend battery life and preserve the instrument itself. It is also convenient to see how long the battery will last and when it will need to be charged. If you don't want to spend a lot of time cleaning the device, or you often have to use it on the road, then it is better to choose a model with a self-cleaning function.

Razor attachments deserve special attention, allowing you to trim a beard, straighten stubble or trim a mustache. They can be changed quickly and easily while shaving. With such an electric shaver, you can achieve the perfect result effortlessly.

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