How to choose an iron and straightener: make a beautiful hairstyle

Owners of long hair can calculate how much time it takes to get their hair in order. The result is not easy to achieve. It takes a lot of time just to lay down the hair, not to mention creating complex styling. In such situations, numerous curling irons, irons and hair straighteners come to the rescue. Today, devices from different manufacturers are presented to make life easier for girls.

choose a rectifier

How to choose a cover for the hair straightener plates?

The most important element of a hair straightener are the heating plates. Curls are passed between them, which are further straightened under the influence of temperature. Styling efficiency and safety for hair depends on the material of the plates.

Plates on older models were made without special coatings. They are made of aluminum or other conductive metal. Today they are being gradually replaced by rectifiers with plates made of tourmaline, ceramic or titanium.

Metal rectifiers

Metal rectifiers

These are simple and common models that today belong to the budget segment. The main problem with these devices is that they strongly cling and destroy hair. This is dangerous for brittle and thin hair, which can permanently deteriorate.

Such models are sold at affordable prices, but they should not be recommended for girls with weak hair. They are not suitable for frequent use, because they dry out the curls.


  • simplicity of design;

  • affordable cost.


  • danger to hair structure.

Ceramic rectifiers

Ceramic rectifiers

Ceramic plates are much more gentle with hair. This material distributes heat evenly, and the hair does not burn to the plates. Girls use them regularly without fear of hair.

Ceramic glides easily through the hair, so straightening is easy. But you need to take care of the material, because over time, the surface cracks.


  • even distribution of heat;

  • gentle attitude to hair.


  • high price;

  • fragility of the material.

Tourmaline Straighteners

Tourmaline Straighteners

Tourmaline curling irons are often found on the market. The surface is coated with a special powder for extra protection. This material is considered modern and safe for permanent use.

Tourmaline coating is considered to be progressive, so manufacturers increase prices as a marketing ploy. It is safe for hair due to the absence of positive ions and static charge. Hair styles quickly, so this is the best option for those who use straighteners frequently.


  • lack of statistical charge;

  • no burning effect;

  • even distribution of heat;


  • the complexity of choosing a suitable model;

  • high price.

Titanium rectifiers

Titanium rectifiers

Titanium comes to replace metal. It has improved performance, but is not devoid of some of the disadvantages of metal. This material warms up quickly, but at the same time the hair burns to it. If you choose titanium plates, it is desirable that they have an additional protective coating.

Titanium plates are the golden mean between metal and ceramic rectifiers. The cost of such a curling iron starts from several tens of dollars. Remember that titanium is a metal and hair burns to it. It is better to select models with a ceramic coating. Such plates retain their appearance for a long time and do well with tasks.

Many manufacturers present rectifiers with plates coated with silver particles. It improves the performance of the material mainly by reducing the ionization effect. However, be prepared for the fact that the cost increases, and significantly.


  • strength and durability;

  • safety for hair;

  • fast and uniform heating;


  • risk of hair damage;

  • high price.

Which straightener to choose – determine the size of the ironing plate?

Which rectifier to choose

In pursuit of quality material, do not forget that the width and shape of the plate affects the final result. The convenience of using this or that iron depends primarily on this. The standard parameters are as follows:

  1. plate width – 25 mm;

  2. the length of the plates is 100 mm.

This is the best option for most girls, although if you choose a straightener specifically for yourself, it is better to take into account the length and thickness of the hair. The main parameters differ both to a large and to a lesser extent. In addition, the working attachments are sometimes changed. Usually the width varies from 15 to 30 mm.

The wider the plate, the more curls it captures at one time. Here are some helpful tips to make your selection easier:

  1. for short hair, choose a narrow iron with plates no more than 15 mm, because it is much easier to handle;

  2. for hair below the shoulders, it is better to choose plates of at least 30 mm;

  3. for thick and long hair that is difficult to grab into a bun, it is better to choose wide plates up to 40 mm.

If you have thick hair to the shoulder blades, then with a small curling iron it will not be possible to straighten it. The procedure will take a long time, and the result will still not meet expectations. To style such hair, you will need models with plates at least 4 cm wide and with a power of 50-60 watts.

There are also professional straighteners on sale, in which the width of the plates reaches 8 cm. Such devices have a high power of 80 W and are intended for complex hair. But for domestic use, they should not be chosen because of their high cost. Nevertheless, if you seriously decide to deal with hair, then consider these options.

What is the heating temperature in a hair straightener?

Temperature performance is another important parameter if you plan to style your hair. High temperature helps to cope with thick and unruly hair, it shortens the procedure, but at the same time there is a risk of damage to the structure.

Most household rectifiers are heated to 200 ° C, but there are models that have a higher maximum temperature (about 230-250 ° C). Remember that irons that can heat up to high temperatures are more often classified as professional models and have additional capabilities.

A temperature of 200 ° C is the maximum for most devices, but it's still a lot. This mode can only be used by girls who have thick, dense or curly hair. For everyone else, a temperature 2 times less is enough to achieve the desired result.

Stick to the following temperature range:

  1. for thin and dry hair, temperatures above 80-100 ° C are not recommended;

  2. for normal and colored hair, a mode of 80-150 ° C is recommended;

  3. for coarse, curly and thick hair, 150-200 ° C is recommended.

Above this limit, you should not warm up the curling iron, because it is dangerous even for thick hair. These modes are classified as professional, so choose with care.

What else should you consider when choosing a hair straightener?

Different hair straighteners from well-known manufacturers have many functions. You should pay attention to them when choosing a hair straightener:

  1. ionization – to protect hair from excessive drying and magnetization;

  2. steam treatment – straightening curly hair;

  3. function '2 in 1' – smoothing and curling;

  4. 'Comb effect' – smoothing and straightening.

Some models also have functions for additional care of curls. The functions of ionization and steam treatment are popular, because in this case you can safely raise the temperature to 200-230 ° C. On some straighteners, the plates have small inclusions that create a 'comb' effect.

In the home appliance market, all segments have already been divided between manufacturers. Consumers trust trusted brands because they often offer a quality product. Among the irons and straighteners, these include:

  1. BaByliss;

  2. Scarlett;

  3. Vitek;

  4. Polaris;

  5. GA.MA;

  6. Philips;

  7. Panasonic.

They offer quality products. In the lines of manufacturers there are budget irons, which are sold in the range of 500-1500 rubles. Such simple devices do not have thermostats and additional functions, but they do well with the duties.

For frequent and safe use, it is better to select advanced models in the price range from 2000 to 3000 rubles. They, as a rule, allow you to choose the temperature regime, have ceramic plates and some additional functions.

Devices over 3000 rubles are distinguished by interesting features and impressive technical characteristics.

In the next article, our experts will tell you how to choose the right hairbrush.

Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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