How to choose mascara: make beautiful eyelashes

Mascara – the basic part of a girl’s cosmetic bag. Choose suitable mascara is difficult and girls agree to compromise options that will help make eyelashes long, thick, with curled edges, and eyes more expressive.

How to choose mascara?

How to choose mascara?

When choosing mascara, you must initially pay attention to what kind of eyelashes do you have, as the technique depends on their shape application and type of brush selected. Rate eyelashes by the following characteristics:

  1. length (long, medium or short);

  2. density (small, medium, dense or alternately dense);

  3. hair thickness (thin, medium, thick);

  4. hair bending level (straight, curved, straight at the base and pointing down at the end);

  5. rigidity;

  6. color (light shades, medium or dark).

Before buying a carcass, carefully study the composition for availability allergens or hazardous substances. When choosing mascara, you need to pay attention to the bend of the brush, its length, density of the villi and their type location.

The composition of mascara

Composition of mascara

Mascara should contain a minimum of chemical elements and additional substances that cause allergies or irritation. There are models that contain a whole vitamin complex for strengthening hair follicles. Mascara for Makeup is divided into the following types:

  1. water resistant;

  2. non-water resistant.

Composition of waterproof mascara

The composition of waterproof mascara can vary in depending on the purpose of the makeup. Some models are resistant to tears and random drops of water, while others apply to swimming.

The composition of waterproof mascara includes:

  1. volatile solvents;

  2. beeswax – in expensive models, paraffin is added to cheap Models

  3. vegetable wax – carnauba wax, wax from rice bran;

  4. dyes;

  5. water;

  6. polymers for eyelash flexibility after applying mascara.

The less water in the carcass, the better.

Composition of non-waterproof carcass

Non-waterproof mascara is made on the basis of water, in addition to it in the composition The following substances are included:

  1. surfactant additives;

  2. beeswax;

  3. vegetable wax;

  4. paraffin or ozokerite;

  5. dyes;

  6. polymer additives – hydrophobically-modified cellulose or gum arabic.

Additional elements of the composition

As additional elements, substances are included, anti-swelling, improves eyelash growth and protects against temperature differences.

The composition of the carcass can be diluted:

  1. proteins that improve hair growth;

  2. melanin that protects against temperature;

  3. keratin for strengthening eyelashes;

  4. UV blockers;

  5. panthenol, making eyelashes more “alive”;

  6. castor oil to improve eyelash growth;

  7. vitamins of groups A, E, F and B5, designed to moisturize, strengthen and nourish;

  8. substances from the development of microorganisms.

Mascara should be creamy if it is thick or thin – storage rules were not followed, but this does not apply to lengthening carcasses that can be thinner than carcasses to give volume which thicker. Be sure to pay attention to the expiration date, old mascara will dry out 40 minutes after application.

Which mascara to choose – lengthening, curling, dividing or giving volume?

Mascara rarely differs in composition, mainly differences hiding in the consistency and type of brush for applying mascara. On these For two indicators, all carcasses are divided into 4 types:

  1. lengthening;

  2. tightening;

  3. separating;

  4. giving volume.

Lengthening Mascara


Lengthening mascara is marked – “length” or “extend”, what is translated – length or elongation. Brush mainly made of silk or nylon that allow you to thinly apply and to fix the mascara on the eyelashes, lengthening them. After drying, create film coating, allowing not to crumble and lengthen hairs.

The brush for such mascaras is made in the form of a spiral with long, but rare villi. Expensive lengthening carcasses come in two tubah – with lengthening agent and mascara. Initially applied means and then mascara.

Use mascara if:

  1. the length of the eyelashes is not more than average;

  2. thick eyelashes;

  3. short and thin eyelashes (lengthening with the effect of volume);

  4. eyelashes are short and thick.


    • massive dyeing of eyelash tips;

    • pronounced pronounced effect;

    • a brush made in the form of a double spiral or cone.


    • not suitable for people wearing contact lenses;

    • not recommended for people wearing glasses;

    • possibly penetration of particles of mascara into the eyes, accompanied by itching and discomfort.

Curl mascara


Curling mascara is necessary to give a smooth and beautiful bending, the following points are distinguished from the features:

  1. the presence of a curved brush with short villi separating eyelashes apart;

  2. creamy consistency;

  3. drying out, it pulls together the hairs a little.

Twist mascara should be used for girls who have straight eyelashes without bending or long eyelashes with bending down, in the rest In some cases, use mascara carefully.


  • gives an expressive bend;

  • Suitable for many types of eyelashes;

  • effective replacement for spitz.


  • not suitable for short eyelashes.

Volume Mascara


Volumetric carcasses are always marked with the word “Volume”. Their main the task is to increase the volume of eyelashes, where it is not enough – rare eyelashes or with an uneven distribution of hairs. By consistency such mascara is thicker than combined mascara and tightening, as the composition includes paraffin and wax, sometimes silicone. Of the important characteristics it is worth noting:

  1. barrel-shaped brush;

  2. thick pile;

  3. after application, the eyelashes are fluffy, a little heavy.


    • suitable for owners of rare eyelashes;

    • makes the look expressive.


    • the possibility of lumps due to a thick consistency;

    • dries if used rarely.

Separating Mascara


The separating mascara is creamy in composition. The main difference is flat, dense brush with villi in a row or with a rare the location of the villi.


  • separates eyelashes without sticking them together;

  • emphasizes the expressiveness of the eyes;

  • no irritation.


  • high price.

Choose mascara for contact lenses

Choose mascara for contact lenses

For girls wearing contact lenses, the choice of mascara is limited, therefore, approach the selection carefully. For contact lens wearers water-based mascara is suitable, it is labeled “Aqua” or “V.A.”

Many mascara manufacturers produce whole lines for girls, wearing contact lenses. They are sold in pharmacies and contain on Ophthalmologist approved or recommended label packaging when wearing lenses. “Waterproof mascara is not suitable, it contains solvents that damage the lenses, in addition, it makes eyelashes heavier.

Use mascara with nylon brushes to lengthen your eyelashes. they do not crumble and do not harm the lenses. There are also a number of rules. for using mascara for contact lens wearers:

  1. apply mascara after putting on the lenses;

  2. makeup is removed every time after removing the lenses;

  3. mascara should be removed before bedtime;

  4. to remove makeup if silicone hydrogel lenses are long lasting or continuous wear, use wipes with hydrophilic oil.

What is the resistance of mascara?

The durability of mascara is determined by different characteristics, Among which are important:

  1. the presence of water in the composition;

  2. the presence or absence of volatile solvents;

  3. the presence of polymers in the composition.

The resistance of each manufacturer is different, the concentration of those or other substances may not be the same.

What to look for before buying?

What to look for before buying?

When buying mascara, you should always pay attention to the following:

  1. composition;

  2. consistency and smell;

  3. information on the container;

  4. a brush.

The consistency of mascara is different – the lengthening mascara is thinner, voluminous – thicker. The smell should not be sharp, a little sweet.

The information on the container must contain:

  1. composition duplicated in Russian;

  2. production time and shelf life;

  3. country of manufacture and barcode;

  4. mascara type (moisture resistant, for lenses and sensitive eyes, separating, volumetric, lengthening).

In addition to the above tips for selecting mascara, you need to pay attention to the brush, since the WOW effect depends on its type. Exactly so:

  1. for thick eyelashes, the brush should have a long pile;

  2. stiff and long eyelashes need to be processed long and stiff with a brush;

  3. soft and thin eyelashes do not fit silicone brushes, they too soft and bend, not allowing to apply normally mascara.

These tips will help you choose a mascara that accentuates the look. as natural and safe as possible. Remember, good mascara cannot cost cheap.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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