How to choose a hair dryer

A hair dryer is a useful and irreplaceable item at home. Them enjoyed by girls and all family members. It allows you to quickly dry and style your hair after a shower. Women often use similar devices, because they care about their appearance. Easy today select functional and inexpensive devices that will help do everyday and original styling.

choose a hair dryer

The best hair dryer manufacturers, which company to choose

The attention of consumers is drawn to proven devices from brands. Hair dryers are low cost, so the market a large assortment is presented. Global manufacturers offer models that differ from each other, both in appearance and functionality. They are of most interest.


French trademark under which functional household appliances and devices at low prices. Hair dryers companies are simple and easy to use. Them choose both for home and for hairdressers.


Another French company operating in the industry since 1961. She initially focused on professionals and interested persons. Today BaByliss hair dryers are ergonomically designed, reliability and additional functions, including ionization air.


The Russian brand Vitek is popular among our consumers. In almost 30% of houses in Russia there is a technique of this trademark. The company offers inexpensive hair dryers that are not inferior foreign models.


The German company offers a huge range of household technicians. Among the presented assortment, reliable hairdryers that professionals choose – hairdressers, stylists and so Further.

The principle of operation and device hair dryer

The hair dryer is intended for drying and styling hair. He is blowing a stream of air whose temperature varies depending on selected mode from cold to very hot. Design An electrical appliance consists of the following elements:

  1. plastic case with on-off buttons and modes work;

  2. fan;

  3. heating element in the form of a spiral.

This is a typical design for any hairdryer. Fan creates the necessary air flow that passes through the red-hot spiral. This creates a hot stream, allowing to dry hair. The choice of modes affects how the rotation speed fan, and the heating temperature of the spiral.

A heated stream of air enters the hair, contributing to the disappearance of moisture on them. Water molecules simultaneously deflate air and evaporate high temperature. Just iron curls comb to make them aligned. It also helps better. dry the root zone and scalp.

Heating with hot air performs another function – It makes hair soft and supple. This makes it easier the process of styling hairstyles after shampooing. For comfort nozzles are used. The nozzle is supplied in the form narrow nozzles, but others are also found, for example, in the form massage comb.

Types of Hair Dryers

The device itself is simple, and the design is the same, but manufacturers try to offer a variety of models. They are different from other characteristics, appearance and additional functions. Specialists distinguish the following categories of devices:

  1. household;

  2. professional;

  3. stylers;

  4. small-sized (road).

They differ primarily in terms of use. Each the device is suitable for a specific range of tasks, although all cope with drying and simple hair styling.

Household hair dryers

Household hair dryers

A simple and common type of hairdryer available at low cost. Power is in the range of 1000-1600 W, therefore they handle any wet hair. But they are not designed for frequent use, therefore it is important to monitor overheating. Some models are equipped with additional nozzles, but a set features limited.

Home appliances are suitable for most people, but they don’t cope with thick and long hair. Frequent use leads to failure.


  • ease of use;

  • affordable cost;

  • small size and light weight;


  • slow drying;

  • limited time use.

Professional hair dryers

Professional hair dryers

This type of device is found in hairdressers and salons. beauty. The difference from a household hair dryer is the duration operation – they are designed to work 5-6 hours a day. The power of a professional hair dryer is also higher – from 1500 to 2400 W, therefore, they can cope with thick long ones at a time hair.

Professional hair dryers dry and style hair perfectly, but such power is simply not needed at home. Buy it for daily use.


  • uniform heating of air;

  • additional nozzles and functions;

  • durability and reliability of the design;

  • high power


  • difficulty in work;

  • high price.


Hair stylers

The styler is different from the hairdryers in appearance and purpose. He has cylindrical and looks more like a hair brush. His used primarily for hair styling, therefore included additional nozzles are delivered. Styler allows you to dry hair after a shower and twist it in a special way. Thereby do not have to spend a lot of time and use additional styling products.

Stylers do not replace household hair dryers, they only help style your hair. This is an option for short haircuts, but thick pile owners should choose other models.


  • compact size and light weight;

  • affordable cost;

  • universality of application;


  • limited opportunities.

Travel hairdryers

hair dryers

Compact hairdryers are easy to use, especially when required take it on the road, to the pool or bathhouse. Such devices attract compact size and light weight, so they take up little places. But the power of such devices rarely exceeds 1000-1200 watts. Some models even work with a built-in battery, which makes them mobile and versatile.

Such hairdryers are primarily a travel option. They are drying wet hair, but are unlikely to become a full replacement for a household hair dryer. With frequent use, they will quickly fail.


  • compact sizes;

  • low cost;

  • ease of use;


  • low power;

  • limited feature set and attachments.

Hair dryer options

hair dryer selection criteria

Hair dryers are available in variety from different brands. At you can easily pick up a device for drying and styling hair, both at home and when traveling. For this you only need to evaluate the parameters of hair dryers:

  1. specific type of hair dryer;

  2. heating power;

  3. dimensions and weight;

  4. number of speed and temperature conditions;

  5. additional nozzles included;

  6. build quality of the body and motor.

With the right assessment, make the right choice of hair dryer for home, travel or a beauty salon is not difficult. For this you need First of all, pay attention to a specific type of hairdryer, since manufacturers indicate what they are intended for device.


One of the characteristic parameters of the device is power. It varies from 400 to 2500 watts. How speed depends on it fan rotation and heating temperature. High rates observed in professional hair dryers, and the smallest in road hairdryers appliances and stylers.

Speed ​​and temperature conditions

Several speed and temperature modes allow you to choose option for quick drying and styling. Simple household appliances offer three modes – weak and cold, medium, intense and hot. For naughty and thick hair requires high speed air supply.

Additional functions and nozzles

Additional tips help to style your hair. Here include hubs, diffusers, stylers, which Intend already for specific application. Modern hairdryers also have additional functions, such as ionization. It reduces the negative effects of hot air, gives hair smoothness and silkiness.

Which hair dryer is better to choose?

Each device is selected for specific needs. Not worth it overpay money for unnecessary nozzles or features. Household hair dryer perfectly copes with the tasks assigned to it.

First of all, you should pay attention to power devices:

  1. from 400 to 1000 W (road) – dries not too thick and long hair after a shower in a few minutes;

  2. from 1000 to 1400 W (stylers) – dry and style hair with using a styler;

  3. from 1200 to 1600 W (household) – it dries well and quickly hair;

  4. from 1800 to 2400 W (professional) – even dry quickly long hair helps in styling.

In domestic conditions, power over 2000 W is rarely required, even owners of long hair. Professional devices work every day for several hours, and this is rarely required at home conditions.

Separately, pay attention to the number of nozzles and modes work. They are not in demand at home, if you just need to dry your hair after shower. The ionization function that makes the hair will be useful. smooth, but you have to give more money for it.

A small compact hairdryer acts as a spare. His You can take with you on the road, to the pool or bath, if there is necessity.

How much do hair dryers cost?

  1. A simple hair dryer with a power of 700-1000 watts can be bought for 400-800 rubles.

  2. 1600 W household hair dryers with 2 speed and 2 temperature conditions are 700-1000 rubles.

  3. Stylers with nozzles are within 1000 rubles.

  4. Hairdryers with advanced functionality and additional nozzles cost from 1,500 to 6,000 rubles.

  5. Travel hairdryers can be bought for 400-500 rubles.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose hair color according to your color type and secrets of choice forceps for hair.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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