How to choose a hair curler

The main weapon in every girl’s arsenal is a curling iron, which can turn naughty straight strands into beautiful lush mane. A huge selection of plates allows you to be every day irresistible and create a new image. However, it is worth careful look at some of the characteristics that influence the creation hairstyles.

Choose the right surface

Choose the right surface

The curling surface is one of the most important factors that should be considered when choosing. Quality depends on her the created curls and the further appearance of the hair.

  1. Metal surface. Curling irons with working area made of metal, have long been familiar to many Soviet women. Some models are found now, and they are distinguished by their comparative cheapness. Since the curling iron works on the principle of heating and drying the hair, it is very important at the time of winding not to overdo the curl. Uneven surface heating leads to damage hair structure.

  2. Teflon coating. It is an excellent alternative to the previous one. option, since such a curling iron warms up more evenly. Even when applying fixation agents to the hair, do not wring curls will be difficult, since nothing sticks to the surface. TO significant disadvantages include all Teflon too a coating that erases over time and exposes the metal, which unsafe to use.

  3. Ceramic coating. Modern material that has found wide application in many areas has several advantages. Such curling irons provide uniform heating and due to the smooth surfaces create stable curls. Sparing effect on hair structure is provided thanks to additional functions, built into some models. Choosing a curling iron from such a material, find out if it all consists of it or only has a cover. IN If only a coating, then after some time, Damage, hi to the unusability of the device.

  4. Tourmaline coating is the latest development, which proved itself on the positive side. Significantly more expensive previous analog, curling irons with this coating are not only safe affect the structure of the hair, but also remove the static electricity, eliminating the need for additional antistatic agents. After styling, the scales on the hair fit snugly together, which allows you to save moisture.

  5. The titanium coating in its characteristics is similar to tourmaline. When heated, negatively charged ions that evenly heat the hair and without electrifying it. A similar option is used for any type of hair, because how even on very weakened and thin curls the coating acts very carefully. Special strength and stability should be noted. titanium coating to damage.

Additional features

Additional features

Among the most important characteristics, the presence of thermostat. With its help, the curling iron will perfectly cope with the curl hair of any type. By setting the required temperature, you can wind both thin curls, and thick and hard. During styling it is important not to overexpose the hair so that after they do not start break.

Modern models allow you to set the temperature from 60 to 200 degrees. The highest possible temperature applies to receiving a steady curl only on hard and thick hair. IN depending on the coverage of the work area, you can experiment with temperature without harming the hair. For thin and weak hair it is best to set 150 degrees.

The presence of additional nozzles on the curling iron will become a significant plus to the acquisition, as in this case you You can change hairstyles depending on your mood. Possibility experimenting with corrugations, spirals and levelers you will appreciate in full. However, professionals warn that from constant change of nozzles it is possible to reduce the service life of the curling iron.

Diameter of the curling iron

Diameter of the curling iron

This parameter cannot be ignored, since it is from it the beauty of your hairstyle depends. Curling irons are made with different diameters that are adapted to different hair lengths. Is not means that long hair you can’t wind on a small diameter, but with short is unlikely to manage wide curling iron. On the hair of any type and long, the curls will be beautiful twisted and have a well-groomed appearance. The optimal diameter is considered 19-25 mm.


Following these helpful tips you will never make a mistake with the choice:

  1. Pay attention to the presence of the stand, which allows to avoid contact of the heated region of the curling iron with the surface the table.

  2. Choose the cord as long as possible, as this will create additional benefits to doing maneuvers before a mirror.

  3. It is advisable to choose a curling iron with a temperature regulator and a function automatic shutdown, which will allow the curling iron not to overheat.

  4. Many models are equipped at the ends with a special tip, allowing you to keep the curling iron on the other hand. It is very convenient during styling time.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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