How to choose the best women's epilator

The girl has to spend a lot of time maintaining beauty. This includes the issue of removing body hair. Various methods are used to remove unwanted vegetation, but the use of an epilator is considered convenient. The device is small and easy to use at home without additional costs.

choose a female epilator

The best epilator manufacturers, which company to choose

Modern epilators are technological and functional devices. There is a large selection of models from well-known manufacturers on the market. Verified brands generate much more consumer confidence and receive positive reviews from experts.


The German company Braun is the largest manufacturer of consumer and household appliances in Europe. The assortment includes many lines for beauty and health. Epilators of the brand are distinguished by quality, reliability and a wide range of functions.


The Japanese brand occupies leading ratings in the home appliance market. The range of electrical goods attracts with quality and durability. Each consumer will choose an epilator of the appropriate price range for easy and quick removal of vegetation.


The company from the Netherlands is known all over the world. It offers large and small household appliances, including those for beauty and health. The range of epilators is distinguished by a variety of devices, both in the budget and in the expensive segment.


A wide range of body care devices is produced under the Rowenta brand. Hair dryers, straighteners and epilators are popular. The main advantage of the products is simplicity, ergonomics and affordable cost.

The principle of operation and the device of epilators

Removing unwanted body hair is a common procedure for girls. When epilating, the hairs are pulled out of the skin along with the roots. This is the main difference from depilation, in which they are simply shaved off. The principle of the epilator is based on capturing hairs and pulling them out of the skin quickly and painlessly. It can be compared to tweezers, only it works more productively.

The design includes the following elements:

  1. ergonomic body;

  2. tweezers drum and additional attachments;

  3. power buttons and speed regulators.

The main part of the structure is a movable drum, on which small tweezers are located. When moving along the surface of the skin, they grab the hairs and pull them along with the bulbs. The jaws open and close alternately as the shaft moves.

The drum rotates quickly and makes up to 300 rpm. The movement of the tweezers is invisible to the naked eye, but they effectively deal with unwanted vegetation on the body. If necessary, the operating modes are selected or additional nozzles are installed.

Epilator types

Manufacturers offer a variety of devices for removing unwanted vegetation. Epilators continue to improve with new features.

The following varieties are on sale:

  1. tweezers;

  2. disk;

  3. hybrid;

  4. photoepilators.

They differ in features and cost. When buying, you have to evaluate features and functions.

Tweezers Epilators

Tweezers Epilators

This type of hair removal device is considered common. A drum acts as a working tool, on which small tweezers are mounted in a checkerboard pattern. They grab the hairs and pull them out along with the bulbs. The number of tweezers is on average from 20 to 40 pieces, which allows for effective hair removal.

Tweezers are attractive because of their small size. They are more suitable for treating small areas of skin.


  • massage effect when moving on the skin;

  • the convenience of use;

  • high quality hair removal;


  • it is necessary to process the skin area 2-3 times.

Disc epilators

Disc epilators

These devices are simple in design. Many manufacturers are already switching to other design solutions to offer consumers maximum functionality. The principle of operation is based on plucking with diverging discs rotating on a single shaft.

If you need a simple and inexpensive epilator, then disc models are a good option. But it is unlikely that it will be possible to use it often because of the painful sensations.


  • fast hair removal;

  • affordable cost;

  • ease of use;


  • painful sensations from the epilation process.

Hybrid epilators

Hybrid epilators

The most advanced models of most manufacturers are hybrid epilators. Their principle of operation is similar to disc and tweezers, but the set includes a special attachment that reduces pain to a minimum. The process becomes similar to shaving, but the hairs are pulled out with the bulb. These models are suitable for sensitive areas.

The universal painless epilator will suit many people, but it costs more than other models. In addition, due to a special attachment, some of the hairs are not pulled out, but cut off.


  • soft and painless hair removal;

  • minimal irritation;

  • universality of application;


  • high price;

  • some hairs are not pulled out.



An advanced device for removing unwanted vegetation that does not directly affect the skin. The action is carried out due to high-precision intense glow, as a result of which the development of the root slows down and even stops altogether.

Household photoepilators appeared on the market relatively recently. They are inferior in quality to professional devices in the salon. In addition, the condition of the skin is taken into account and the time of the sessions must be strictly observed.


  • the effectiveness of hair removal;

  • short procedures;

  • lack of discomfort;


  • household devices are inferior in capabilities to professional ones;

  • high price.

The main criteria for choosing an epilator

epilator selection criteria

Girls are offered a choice from simple to multifunctional and professional models. To make the right choice, focus on your own preferences and requirements.

The selection criteria include:

  1. type and design features of the epilator;

  2. head structure and the principle of hair removal;

  3. the presence of additional attachments in the kit;

  4. protection from water (the possibility of hair removal in the shower);

  5. type of power supply (battery, network, mixed);

  6. number of speeds and additional functions.

Common models are multi-tweezers and disc epilators. They use drums with small tweezers or discs to grab the hairs. Tweezers pull out up to 40 hairs in one rotation, and disc models about 20-30. This is the best option, if the number of tweezers is less, then more time is spent on epilation.

Operating modes and rotation speed

The number of speeds affects the effectiveness of hair removal. With fast rotation, the drum can remove up to 600-700 hairs in one minute. This is enough to clean a large area of ​​skin.

The devices have 2-3 speed modes. The higher the speed, the faster the epilation. The rotation speed also helps to deal with long, coarse hairs. But along with this, the painful sensations increase, so it is better to have a choice. Low speeds are used to thoroughly remove fine hairs. Gentle epilation allows you to pull them out along with the roots.

Power type

By the type of power source, the devices are divided into battery and network. The first option is convenient, since you don't have to depend on outlets. The rechargeable battery lasts for 30-40 minutes, which is enough for several procedures. Convenient and effective epilators with a mixed type of power supply, which can be operated both from batteries and from the mains. They do not limit the owner in anything and are convenient in any situation.

Moisture protection

Water resistance is an important aspect, because epilators are used in the bath and shower. Modern models are equipped with a sealed housing that protects against moisture ingress. Thanks to this, the epilation procedure is carried out on wet and steamed skin to reduce discomfort.


Removing vegetation is painful. Modern epilators use techniques to reduce discomfort. There are several ways:

  1. vibration and massage effect;

  2. cooling or blowing;

  3. nozzle for gentle tightening of the skin.

The effectiveness of each method individually is difficult to assess, since it depends on the individual characteristics of human skin.

Features of a complete set

Modern epilators are functional devices. They are used as a razor, trimmer or epilator itself. To do this, you only need to change the attachments.

The kit may include:

  1. shaving heads;

  2. hair trimmers;

  3. peeling rollers;

  4. nozzles for spot processing;

  5. brushes and gripping stops;

  6. protective cover.

Thanks to this, epilation and many other procedures are carried out.

Which epilator should you choose?

Which epilator to choose

The choice of a particular epilator depends on financial capabilities and your own requirements. Functional devices with a large number of attachments will not be superfluous, they replace razors and trimmers, including those for men. Attachments and additional functions will help fight vegetation on all parts of the body.

  1. If you need a simple device to remove unwanted hair, then a disc epilator will do, especially if you don't suffer from severe pain in the process. Extra attachments make epilation quick.

  2. For thin and sensitive skin, it is better to choose epilators with special concave heads and anesthetic effect – vibration, blowing or cooling. They can help relieve excessive irritation.

  3. Pay attention to the type of food. Both AC and battery powered devices are the best option. It is also worth paying attention to other functions, for example, the presence of a backlight.

How much does an epilator cost?

  1. Simple models of disc or tweezer epilators cost between 1000-1500 rubles.

  2. Devices with additional features and attachments (floating course, double head, zone lighting, wet cleaning) cost from 3,000 to 8,000 rubles.

  3. The price of advanced models with a full range of functions and attachments reaches 10,000-12,000 rubles.

In the next article, our experts will tell you how to choose a hair curler.

Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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