How to choose sunscreen?

An even tan is a girls' dream. In pursuit of beauty, experts warn, do not forget about the safety of the skin. Use sunscreen for your body during the summer or while relaxing in a sunny resort. It will help reduce the negative effects of UV light, which leads to skin aging.

The best sunscreen manufacturers, which company to choose?

The best sunscreen manufacturers, which company to choose?

A wide range of cosmetics for face and body care is on sale. There are thousands of SPF creams, but not all of them justify the price and provide protection from UV radiation. In such matters, it is better to trust the products of trusted manufacturers and not risk your health.

  1. Nivea. The trade mark of the German manufacturer Beierdorf AG has been present on the Russian market since 1989. She adheres to progressive production methods and scientific research. The Nivea SUN line combines safe creams that are water resistant and easy to use. They are approved by dermatologists and other experts.

  2. L'Oreal. The French company L'Oreal is the largest manufacturer of perfumes and cosmetics. In Russia, she sells goods worth over 600 million euros every year. Loreal sunscreens are safe and reliable UV protection products.

  3. Librederm. Librederm stands out among the Russian brands on the market. The company is not well known, but offers some types of high quality products. The production uses developments in the field of cosmetology and pharmaceuticals. The brand's sunscreens have received a lot of positive feedback from consumers.

  4. Vichy. The French cosmetics brand is named after the resort town where the springs with healing water are located. It was used for the production of cosmetic products. In our country, the brand model is popular. It is sold through pharmacy chains, which speaks of quality and safety.

How sunscreen works and structure

How sunscreen works and structure

The sun emits radiation in different ranges. Ultraviolet light has a dangerous effect, which is divided into three types – UVA, UVB and UVC. C rays are dangerous to the human body, but they are completely absorbed by the earth's atmosphere. Beams B reach the surface in an amount of no more than 5%.

The basis of all ultraviolet radiation affecting human skin is A-rays (their number is 95%). They lead to the formation of sunburn, and with prolonged exposure to the sun, to negative consequences – hypersensitivity, tissue damage (burns), cell mutations and oncology. Lovers of sunbathing without protective creams face loss of skin firmness, rapid aging and the appearance of wrinkles.

Dermatologists and oncologists recommend using sunscreen when out in the sun. This will avoid burns and prevent photoaging of the skin. The products do not interfere with the appearance of a bronze tan.

The principle of action of sunscreen is based on neutralizing the action of the A and B rays of the spectrum. Their action is as follows:

  1. creation of effective UV filters;

  2. preventing the penetration of dangerous rays into the layers of the skin, reducing the risk of burns and oncology;

  3. chemical conversion of ultraviolet light energy into thermal energy.

The beneficial effect depends on the type of specific cream, composition and other features. Look out for the SFP rating, which ranges from 4 to 50, it determines the level of protection against exposure to harmful radiation.

Types of sunscreens for tanning

Types of sunscreens for tanning

Cosmetologists offer a variety of sunscreens for the face and body. They are selected based on individual needs and skin type. A simple classification of tanning products is by the type of skin they are intended for:

  1. for very light;

  2. for light;

  3. for normal;

  4. for the dark.

People with pale to very light skin should be careful about UV protection. It is better to choose products with intensive protection and SPF of at least 35. It is also recommended for those who find it difficult to achieve an even tan, so they have to be in the sun for a long time. Intensive protection creams prevent burns and signs of premature aging, damage to the skin, but they are applied every 2 hours.

Means for fair skin – creams with SPF from 25 to 35. They are recommended for pale-type people with light blond hair, who develop burns on their shoulders and back in 1-3 hours in the sun. These sunscreens help even out your tan without any negative effects.

Normal skin creams are a common category. Their SPF indices are from 15 to 25. The effect consists in protection from burns, tonic and regenerating properties. The products are easy to apply and absorb. Recommended for people with slightly dark skin and dark hair shades.

For swarthy people it is better to choose creams with SPF of no more than 15. Such funds are needed more to maintain skin elasticity and prevent wrinkles. Thanks to their light texture, they are quickly absorbed and protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Sunscreen selection options

Sunscreen selection options

When choosing, it is important to choose the right cream so that it is suitable for a specific skin type. Otherwise, the beneficial effect will be minimal.

The parameters include:

  1. degree of protection against UV rays;

  2. physical and chemical filters;

  3. water resistance;

  4. consistency;

  5. additional substances for moisturizing and strengthening.

People with fair skin who plan to be in the sun for a long time need creams with an SPF rating above 30. For the rest, light tanning products are also suitable.

Physical and chemical filters protect against specific types of UV rays. To do this, it is worth studying the weather forecast for the region where the UV index is indicated. The packaging of the cream usually indicates protection against UVA, UVB radiation. In this case, the marking IPD, PA + appears. PPD.

The useful additional substances include vitamins A, B, C, F, first of all. They strengthen and moisturize the skin, have an antioxidant effect. Undesirable additives include alcohol, parabens, oxybenzones, and so on.

Water resistance is an important parameter. Even if bathing in water is not planned, a person sweats in the sun. Good water resistance indicators guarantee long-term exposure, otherwise the beneficial effect will disappear after 15-20 minutes.

Dermatologists and allergists pay attention to the fact that such cosmetics have a serious effect on the skin. Each product must undergo clinical trials that demonstrate safety. First of all, this concerns hypoallergenicity. Otherwise, the person will experience dryness, burning, irritation.

Which sunscreen should you choose?

Which sunscreen should you choose?

First of all, tanning cream is selected for a specific skin type. Cosmetologists recommend having 5 types of creams on hand – for intensive protection, dark skin, face and body, children. It all depends on how you plan to spend time under the sun.

For people with very white and sensitive skin, products with an SPF of at least 35-40 are recommended. This also includes those who undergo cosmetic procedures or skin surgery. Intense protection is also important in the early stages, when the skin is not yet tanned. This will avoid burns and hypersensitivity.

Remember that babies also have sensitive skin, so they need intensive protection.

If you plan to buy the cream for daily use during walks or a short stay at the beach, then standard products with an SPF of 10 to 20 will do.

Filters play an important role. If a person wants to get a quick tan, then it is worth choosing creams with filters only from UVB. If you plan to spend a lot of time in the sun, then pay attention to safety. In this case, UVA and UVB protection products are used.

Pay attention to the water resistance indicators – the higher the better. Such a cream will not be superfluous, because it is taken with you for walks and the beach.

How much does sunscreen cost?

The price of cosmetics varies depending on the brand, components, and the complexity of production.

Simple sunscreens are sold from 100 rubles.

Expensive funds can cost more than 10,000 rubles.

In the following articles, our experts will tell you how to choose the right face cream, the secrets of choosing an after-sun cream and the peculiarities of choosing a depilatory cream.

Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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