How to choose hairspray

Hair styling for girls causes a lot of problems. Mostly this applies to owners of unruly and coarse hair. For them, keeping the morning styling for the day becomes an overwhelming task. Hairsprays come to the rescue to help make them manageable. But even in this matter, not everything is so simple, because there are a lot of products from world manufacturers to choose from.

How to choose hairspray?

How to choose hairspray?

The girls are offered varnishes that differ in composition and degree of fixation. It is not difficult to achieve the desired result if you choose the right tool for this. First of all, pay attention to the products of brands such as Schwarzkopf, Estel, Wella, Revlon and others. They have an extensive line of aerosols to tame unruly hair.

Varnishes are selected taking into account the individual characteristics of the hair. But in the pursuit of beauty, one must not forget about safety, otherwise a poor-quality product can severely ruin the hair and even the scalp when used. Manufacturers use clear and detailed classifications.

For convenience, all aerosols are divided into the following categories:

  1. strong hold;

  2. normal fixation;

  3. dry varnishes;

  4. with decorative effects;

  5. children.

Each of them has personal characteristics. If you choose the right fixing agent, then it is easy to achieve the desired result without harm to your hair.

Strong hold varnishes

If a serious weapon is required in matters of styling, then give preference to varnishes for strong fixation. They are able to fix even coarse hair and fix an incredible hairstyle in the correct position for several hours, and sometimes for the whole day. But remember that they have a serious effect, so it is better to use them only with healthy hair.


  • reliable fixation for a long time;

  • complex styling without restrictions;

  • resistance to wind and moisture.


  • strong and even negative effect on hair when used;

  • difficulty in flushing.

These products are not intended for daily use. They are used in situations where a hairstyle is being done for a photo shoot and an evening event. It is better for girls with weak and brittle hair to refrain from using such strong products.

Varnishes for normal hold

This category includes most of the varnishes that girls use on a regular basis. Their purpose is to keep the hairstyle in place throughout the day. For example, collect hair in a ponytail and varnish it so that it does not get tousled. Thanks to this, the strands remain in place and do not deteriorate during walking or light gusts of wind.


  • use on a regular basis without severe harm;

  • reducing the amount of harmful polymers in the composition;

  • natural appearance with the possibility of combing;

  • fixation of simple everyday hairstyles and protection from wind, moisture.


  • do not save from strong winds;

  • hair has to be washed more often.

Such varnishes are found in every woman. They help in situations where you need to quickly secure the styling. But you should not count on serious styling. If you have to make a complex hairstyle for an event, it is better to choose something different.

Dry hairsprays

Hair requires careful handling, and first of all it concerns the choice of care products, including fixing sprays. If you want to protect them from dangerous effects, choose a dry varnish. It is a versatile product that can be applied over finished hair. A distinctive feature is that the varnish does not stick the strands together. At any time, the hair is combed, and even the styling changes.


  • individual hairs do not stick to each other;

  • creates an attractive shine;

  • strands do not dry out and do not break.


  • fixation is not long-term, as is the case with aerosol;

  • dry varnish causes allergies or breathing difficulties.

This remedy does a good job of taming unruly hair, but don't count on a long-lasting effect. Dry varnishes contain panthenol and amino acids that nourish the hair. But along with this, the dry mixture often crumbles and makes it difficult to breathe normally.

Varnishes with decorative effects

This category of varnishes is intended for those girls who are not used to limiting themselves to the framework of one image. This tool allows you to experiment and create new hairstyles. The decorative effect is that the hair takes on different shades. Glitter polishes are popular because they are a great way to create a hairstyle for a party or holiday.


  • high-quality fixation of curls;

  • simple application;

  • bright and beautiful styling.


  • allergic reactions from glitter or dyes;

  • difficulty in flushing.

Obviously, products with a decorative effect are not suitable for every situation. They are used only on special occasions – for going to a holiday, a walk or a party. With such rare use, there is no negative effect on the hair.

Children's varnishes

Little girls repeat everything after their mothers. They want to look bright and smart, so styling their hair takes a lot of time. Special children's varnishes will come to the rescue. A prerequisite is the absence of hazardous polymers and other substances that can affect the child's body. The choice of cosmetics and hair products for little girls should be approached carefully.


  • safety for children;

  • availability from 3 years of age;

  • hair nutrient content.


  • strong fixation should not be expected.

Lacquers for children contain glitter because they are only used on holidays. It is not recommended to use varnish too often, because children's hair is highly sensitive.

What should be the composition?

What should be the composition?

Hair fixing sprays belong to the category of strong and dangerous products, so their choice is approached with caution. Read the label carefully first. Manufacturers write the composition, so find out about the content of useful and hazardous substances.

The components of any varnish are:

  1. polymers directly responsible for fixing hair;

  2. film-forming agents that prevent small hairs from unwinding;

  3. propylene, used for varnish spraying;

  4. plasticizers responsible for elasticity and natural color;

  5. solvents that dilute chemical components.

These are the ingredients found in hairspray formulations. In addition, manufacturers add other tools:

  1. glycerin – used to moisturize and soften hair;

  2. panthenol – used for tissue repair;

  3. betaine – used to give a natural shine;

  4. vitamins – used for nutrition.

The varnishes contain nourishing and restorative components. They help reduce the negative effects of varnish.

Ethyl alcohol is released from hazardous substances in the composition, which is used as a solvent, but it dries out the hair and makes it brittle. If you choose the right one, then there are no problems with the use of aerosol. Curls remain shiny and healthy, and allergic reactions do not manifest themselves in any way.

We select the degree of fixation of hairspray

We select the degree of fixation of hairspray

Manufacturers offer varnishes that differ in the degree of fixation. This is the key factor that a girl pays attention to in the first place. Funds are divided into weak, medium and strong. The choice in favor of this or that remedy is made taking into account their own wishes and the general condition of the hair.

Stylists and other professionals pay attention to the following features:

  1. weak hair requires careful handling, therefore only weak varnishes are selected;

  2. medium varnishes are used for frequent use in small quantities, suitable for those leading an active lifestyle;

  3. strong fixation is required for owners of coarse and thick hair, because otherwise it will not work to cope with them.

If your hair is thin and breaks easily, then you should not endanger it by using strong hairsprays. It is better to do without them altogether or use a weak fixer in small quantities.

If the hair is healthy, but problems with the hairstyle are making themselves felt, then varnishes of medium hold are suitable. Such funds are recommended for athletes or just those who often move around and spend the day actively.

Strong hold varnishes are only chosen if your hair is coarse and thick, or if you want to make a complex styling for one evening. The fixation is enough for 5-7 hours, but be prepared for the fact that it will be difficult to rinse the strands.

Choosing a quality varnish

Choosing a quality varnish

To find a safe varnish, give preference to brand products – Schwarzkopf, Nivea, Estel, Taft. There are no serious complaints about the products manufactured under these trademarks. The assortment includes a choice of varnishes for any purpose.

Several rules can be distinguished:

  1. pay attention to the manufacturer;

  2. read the description of a specific varnish;

  3. view the composition of the product;

  4. assess the degree of fixation and effect on the hair.

The composition should not contain a large amount of harmful polymers and film-forming agents, because they negatively affect the condition of the hair. High-quality varnishes contain a large amount of regenerating and moisturizing agents, as well as vitamins.

What is a good hairspray?

A good varnish does the job effectively and does not harm the hair. Manufacturers clearly prescribe the composition, recommendations for use and contraindications. Thanks to this, the necessary product for hair care and hairstyling is easily selected.

In the following articles, our experts will tell you how to choose the right hair dye and the secrets of choosing a hair curler.

Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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