How to choose hair color? We change the image

Girls like to experiment with the image. Some make only slight changes, while others are ready for radical changes. More often the image changes with hairstyles. Hair condition, color and saturation play a crucial role for the female gender. If you want to change yourself and experience new emotions, then it’s worth try a new styling or pick up hair dye. In that it’s important to figure out which color to choose desired result.

How to choose hair color or hair dye color by color type?

How to choose hair color or hair dye color by color type?

Hair coloring is a popular and easy way to change. appearance. You can choose from hundreds of colors from global manufacturers – Schwarzkopof, L’Oreal, Estel and many others. Despite the apparent simplicity, it is better to seek help to an experienced stylist, at least for the first time.

The difficulty is to choose the right color gamut and shade. Girls love experimenting, but often the result not pleasing to the eye. First deal with the color type, which taken into account in the future when choosing paints and other products for hair care.

Color type – some natural coloring or color the gamut inherent in every person. In this case, it is taken into account natural color of hair, eyes and especially skin. Usually Two factors are taken into account:

  1. color intensity, its purity and muffle;

  2. the warmth of the palette (cold or warm).

These factors are combined among themselves, forming four color types. For convenience, stylists designate each of them as the season of the year – “winter”, “spring”, “summer”, “autumn” to make it easier to select colors for hair.

It is worth noting that knowledge of the color type helps to select objects wardrobe, lipstick, eye shadow, and create original and attractive hairstyle. Thanks to this, you will no longer buy things that don’t suit you.

Color type “Winter”

This type has a cool tint and clear color. Here include girls with dark and even black hair. At they have brown eyes and dark skin, so they are associated with Hispanic, Spanish or Arabian girls. Imagine Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek or Tina Kandelaki, to immediately understand how girls whose color type is “Winter” look like.

Recommended tones for the “Winter” color type:

  1. a range of shades related to brown;

  2. black and chestnut colors;

  3. Variations with violet or dark raspberry are allowed in strands.

Not recommended tones:

  1. straw;

  2. light brown and light brown;

  3. light (platinum).

Despite the name, “Winter” is incompatible with white flowers. Girls with this color type should pay more attention brown, rich black tones. If you want to add variety, then use purple, scarlet or dark raspberry interspersed.

Color type “Spring”

For girls with the color type “Spring” is characterized by a clean and warm gamma. This includes those who possess, as they say, typical appearance of the Russian beauty. They have light blond or wheat hair and fair, but not too pale skin. Eye color varies from saturated blue or green to gray. To understand this color type, look at girls from Russian or European appearance. Pay attention to Christina Aguilera, Nicole Kidman or Christina Orbakaite.

Recommended tones for the spring color type:

  1. straw or wheat hues;

  2. Golden color scheme with a reddish tint;

  3. almost the entire light brown range.

Not recommended tones:

  1. bright red color;

  2. dark and black tones;

  3. pronounced blond or platinum.

This color type is often found in our country, but it is easy mix up with others. Girls with such an appearance should not choose radical colors – too black or red. Also stands neatly relate to experiments with bright colors – red, purple, in blue.

Color type “Summer”

This color type is characterized by cold and slightly muffled gamma. This type is similar to spring, but the gamut is colder. The girls blond hair with a slightly ashy shade. The skin is also fair, but pale, therefore, a blush appears on it at certain points. The eyes are blue or gray, but sometimes there are walnut pupils. This appearance also corresponds to the idea of “Russian beauty”, but at the same time the beauty is strict. note to Sarah Jessica Parker, Maria Sharapova or Mila Jovovich with light brown hair, not red like in Fifth element “.

Recommended tones for the summer color type:

  1. light and dark chestnut colors;

  2. light brown;

  3. ashy shades.

Not recommended tones:

  1. burgundy and red shades;

  2. rich golden color;

  3. too dark tones.

Milla Jovovich is a great illustration. With brown hair she It looks elegant and businesslike, but the bright red color makes it extravagant, but at the same time similar to an alien. Too dark tones are also undesirable for this color type, because they visually spread over the years.

Color type “Autumn”

This color type is characterized by a warm and muted range. At girls with such an appearance light skin with a yellowish tint and saturated color hair. This type includes bright red, brown hair, leaving in a reddish tint. Brown eyes dark green or amber. To imagine such a girl take a look at Julia Roberts, Juliana Moore.

Recommended tones for the Autumn color type:

  1. rich chestnut color scheme;

  2. chocolate tones;

  3. copper and gold shades.

Not recommended tones:

  1. light brown color scheme;

  2. deep black color;

  3. platinum blonde.

Girls of this color type are associated with a warm image. Not worth it try to hide it with deep dark or too light colors. The best option is chestnut, reddish gold, copper.

Learning to choose the right color

Learning to choose the right color

Remember that each appearance is individual, so it’s difficult determine the exact color type. Brown hair girls eyes and fair skin – “Winter”. Freckled skinned girls golden or brown hair – “Autumn”. Girls with characteristic Russian or European appearance, with brown hair and fair skin – “Spring” or “Summer”. Depending on this hair dye is selected.

The basic rule: you cannot go against nature. If you the owner of brown wheat hair, gray eyes and fair skin, then do not try to turn into a burning brunette, nothing of this will come out. The situation is similar for girls with the color type “Winter” – brunettes should not become, for example, bright red. It’s better to experiment with that color scheme, which is reserved for nature.

When choosing, consider the following rules from experienced stylists:

  1. choose paint in the range that is defined by your color type;

  2. You can experiment with color depth and midtones;

  3. consider age-related features of appearance.

As mentioned above, mixed color types are found. “Spring” and “Summer” are very close to each other. “Autumn” and “Winter” may intersect. This somewhat expands the range. paints to choose from, so don’t limit yourself.

Special attention should be paid to age-related changes. Over the years the color type may be somewhat adjusted, but more importantly social status. Young girls themselves look brighter, so they are more often attributed to warm color types. With age, a woman’s appearance becomes stricter and more elegant, so “Summer” can turn into “Fall”.

How to determine your color type and choose hair color?

How to determine your color type and, depending on this, choose your hair color?

It is advisable to deal with the color type immediately, so that later there were difficulties in choosing paint or clothing. If you difficult to answer this question, there are the following recommendations:

  1. by external signs – the color of the skin, eyes and natural hair;

  2. for accessories and jewelry;

  3. according to the color scheme of clothes.

Rather, determine by external signs. If the skin is light with cold shades, blue veins are visible on it, then, rather, you refer to “Winter” or “Autumn.” Add color to it. eye and natural hair, and you will say exactly what color scheme suitable for you.

Any girl pays attention to jewelry. If suits you silver, then you have a cold skin tone. Gold goes more “Spring” and “Autumn.” Similarly analyze the color range of clothes. Look in the wardrobe, this will tell you what color hair will suit you.

Red, yellow and green clothes harmonize with chestnut, dark red hair. Navy and burgundy clothes will be better combined with light brown and platinum hair. Lilac turquoise and red clothes are suitable for chocolate, reddish, light shades of curls.

But remember that all this is conditional, so that in the strict framework of yourself it’s not worth driving. There is always a field for experimentation, so in trust yourself and your taste first.

We select the color of paint for gray hair

We select the color of paint for gray hair

With age, women have to consider additional factors. Appearance becomes elegant, but you have to mask gray hair or color them to restore depth. it it is necessary to consider and select the paint, taking into account additional requirements. Gray hair – hair devoid of natural coloring pigment. In addition, this hair has tight adjoining scales, which makes it difficult paint them.

To cope with this task, a tool is selected that loosen the cuticle. For this it is worth choosing paints with increased the content of ammonia and oxidizing agent (but not more than 6-9%). Reinforced pigment will help mask gray hair for a long time.

Some women just choose bright and deep colors. color scheme, but this is not the right approach. In this case, you can violate the color type, and the result will not be the best. Stylists for achieve results advise pre-treat hair oxide and apply additional funds. After that paint lays down better, and gray hair is impregnated to her.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose a hair dryer and the secrets of choosing a hair curler.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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