How to choose an eyebrow dye

Often, the owner does not always like the natural color of the eyebrows. I would like them to be brighter, more expressive, but the use of shadows or mascara is not always acceptable, for example, at sea. To give the eyebrows a rich color, they use a special paint that lasts for a long time and gives them a well-groomed look.

How to choose a color for eyebrow dye

Variety of palette

For those who doubt the correct choice of eyebrow dye, there is a rule that allows you to choose the right shade: eyebrows should be darker than the hair on the head, and by several shades. And if you have dark hair, then the paint should be black.

However, manufacturers offer a wide range of colors to choose from, and even black tint can be presented in several shades. The options are varied – from soft and warm black to cold with blue or purple tints. To choose the right color, focus on the natural shade of the hair and keep in mind that in combination with the dye, the result may differ from the expected one.

Ladies with red hair and brown-haired women can choose shades of brown for themselves, because it goes best with their hair. When choosing light tones, the face will be lost and become faded, and black contrasting colors will stand out too brightly. It's another matter if you are the owner of light hair and ash tones will suit you perfectly. Young girls are allowed to experiment, because it is difficult to spoil the natural beauty of a young face. However, it is not advisable for older ladies with gray hair to use bright colors. Graphite will be the most suitable color.

Paint composition

Paint composition

Dermatologists emphasize that the use of natural dyes made from natural ingredients is the safest to use. But an allergic reaction can also occur to herbal products. Before using, it is important to familiarize yourself with the composition of the paint in order to avoid negative consequences.

The list of substances included in the cream:

  1. Water.

  2. Cetearyl alcohol, which promotes the distribution of colorants, but at the same time very dries the skin.

  3. Propylene glycol is a preservative that can cause allergies if used incorrectly.

  4. Ceteareth-23 is an emulsifier.

  5. Castor oil, which helps moisturize and soften active substances.

  6. Triethanolamine – designed to normalize skin pH.

  7. Epylene glycol polymer – helps to soften and moisturize the hair structure.

  8. Sodium erythorbate is intended to prolong the life of the paint.

  9. Henna.

The list of substances included in the oxide:

  1. Water.

  2. Hydrogen peroxide.

  3. Acrylate for adjusting viscosity.

  4. Disodium EDTA is a preservative.

Among the positive aspects, it is worth noting that the dosage of harmful synthetic substances is extremely small and in most cases it cannot be harmful. Manufacturers are trying to use more and more natural ingredients.

Many modern paints are produced without the addition of ammonia. But in this case, their resistance is slightly reduced.

! Important! Before using the dye, you should take into account the individual intolerance of the components, therefore, before use, carry out a test application in the area behind the ear. Types of paints

Eyebrow dyes differ not only in color, but also in consistency, so when making a purchase, be sure to pay attention to this fact.

  1. Cream paint is one of the most common products, because the main difference is the soft structure with a pleasant consistency.

  2. The paint in capsules based on natural henna ingredients is very convenient to use, because it is initially dosed.

  3. Gel paint looks like a jelly-like consistency, which is quite difficult to apply, so not everyone likes it.

  4. Permanent paint is very resistant, therefore it is used in tattoo parlors. It is advisable to use it with caution, as it has a rather persistent effect. And if you do not have the necessary skills for drawing straight eyebrows, then be careful with this dye.

Several rules

Several rules

After you have decided on a color, follow a few rules for using paint:

  1. never use paint with an expired shelf life, as it can badly affect the skin and cause an allergic reaction;

  2. to prevent exposure to synthetic materials, use paint where the greatest amount of natural ingredients and herbal extracts are present;

  3. it is necessary to paint according to the instructions, without violating the proportions and the order established there.

Your image will become bright and expressive if you take a responsible attitude to the choice and purchase an eyebrow dye the most suitable for your type of color.

In the following articles, our experts will tell you how to choose a hair straightener and the secrets of choosing a curler.

Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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