How to choose an after-sun cream

Summer is closely related to sunbathing. The sun's rays, to some extent, have a health effect on your skin. But often sunburn satellites are burns and peeling. After sun cream will help reduce and prevent them.

Benefits of using

Benefits of using

Tanning gels and lotions are very good products. But, their main task is to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. After sun cream:

  1. moisturizes the skin;

  2. relieves redness and itching;

  3. replenishes lost items.

Exposure to the sun causes an imbalance of water in the cells, significantly reducing the amount of water. The cells cannot replenish it on their own, so the selected cream must contain enough water.

Also, this remedy soothes irritated parts of the body, relieves or reduces redness, and the burning sensation subsides.

In direct contact with the sun's rays, the skin loses important nutrients and becomes less elastic, which leads to premature aging. The product chosen must contain all the essential nutrients to restore balance and normal cell function.

By tanning, we actually damage our skin. Therefore, the cream after sunburn should have significant healing properties.

The right product can make your tan more even and prolong its life.

Cream selection

Cream selection

There are many home methods for influencing the skin after sunburn, of which only one kefir is worth. But a more rational and effective way will be to use a really high-quality cream. It can be inexpensive, but it must have the desired composition and properties.

Vitamin component

After sun cream is a must to nourish your skin. The very first in the contents should be vitamin E. It will not only tone your skin, but also create the necessary influence on the recovery processes of the deeper tissues of the epithelium.

Vitamins A and C are also good companions. They 'burn out' in sufficient quantities in the sun, and their absence will accelerate aging and sagging skin.

Lack of essential oils

On their own, these products are great, but not in after-sun creams. Not only do they not protect the skin in any way, but they also enhance the effect of aging and tightening. Therefore, avoid all kinds of citrus oils in the composition, as well as essential oils of bergamot and cumin.

Certain types of spices, like cloves and cinnamon, are also contraindicated. Leave them for the winter.

It should be noted that only mint and lavender oils are acceptable in an after-sun product. They relieve itching and soothe the skin.

Natural composition

The cream should contain as many natural ingredients as possible, all kinds of extracts from herbs or sea plants. Minerals and bee products are also appropriate.

It is great when chamomile, mint, apricot, grapes, aloe are added to the cream after sunburn. All these extracts soothe and heal the skin, of course, provided they are natural.

Other components

The presence of dexpanthenol, bisabolol, and silicones also have a beneficial effect on the skin. They are able to give the skin its former softness, accelerate the healing of areas damaged by ultraviolet light.

However, it is worth considering that excessive content of these substances is hazardous to health.

Recommendations for use

Recommendations for use

Do not use after sun cream once you have returned from sun treatments. Let your skin cool down and rest a little.

The same goes for the soul. Sudden changes in temperature will only aggravate the flaking and damage the skin even more. Taking a slightly lukewarm shower will help protect your skin.

After that, you can apply after sun cream. But do not smear it with a thick layer, only lightly touching the surface. Do not rub in the cream to avoid stretching your skin.

Do not use any scrubs or peels, your skin is already damaged, there is no need to aggravate the situation.


A correctly chosen after-sun cream will protect your skin from burns and redness, relieve itching, and maintain the duration of tanning.

The composition of the cream should include vitamins, from essential oils – only mint and lavender, as well as natural ingredients, extracts from herbs, minerals, bee products.

Do not apply cream immediately after sun exposure. Wait for the skin to 'cool down'. Do not injure your epithelium with a cold shower and all kinds of peels.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose the right face cream, the secrets of choosing a depilatory cream and the peculiarities of choosing a sunscreen.

Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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