How to choose a smokehouse

Cooking a delicious and aromatic smoked meal is a great way diversify the diet and treat your loved ones with the real ones delicacies. For a long time smoking was only possible on the street, with open fire, however, the current situation has changed in the most dramatic way – a large number of devices suitable for use in ordinary urban apartment.

choose a smokehouse

Which smokehouse to choose? Top manufacturers

In order to get the most functional device, allowing to prepare tasty and fragrant in the shortest possible time smoked food, preference should be given to the products of the following manufacturers:

  1. Clatronic

  2. Camping world

  3. Doorz

  4. Megagrill

  5. Primo

In addition to the above-mentioned brands, on sale you can find a large the number of traditional metal smoke houses made custom craftsmen taking into account preferences regarding geometric dimensions, shapes and functional features.

What are smokehouses?

A modern smokehouse is no longer a “grandfather” barrel with smoke exhaust pipe. It is portable and compact a device that allows you to cook delicious foods for short time. Depending on the functional features, all smokehouses can be divided into several main types:

  1. Metal mini smokehouses. Well known to many devices, which is a stainless steel box. To the bottom wood chips are stacked, and placed on a special grill products. The lid closes tightly and the drawer is mounted on coals. 30-40 minutes – and you’re done! The advantages of such a device is compact and cheap, and the disadvantages include the need for an open source of fire, which makes impossible to use such a device in urban conditions;

  2. Smokehouse apartment type. Devices whose functionality similar to the above, but they are intended for operation in apartment. They are made, as a rule, of cast iron and suggest use on a gas stove, and for smoke removal a special fitting is applied to which the hose is connected, taken to the street. The advantage of such devices is the ability to cook right in the apartment bulky design and inconvenience of use;

  3. Electric smokehouse – a new and very interesting type devices. The heating process here is carried out using special powerful heating elements; smoke is supplied through special smoke generators installed inside the device. The benefits such a model is complete autonomy, compactness and simplicity operation, because of which you can cook almost anywhere 220V socket. The disadvantages are considered high complexity designs, the need for regular maintenance and high cost – similar models are much more expensive than the above apartment analogues;

Smokehouse selection options. What to look for?

Criterias of choice

Criteria to consider when choosing smokehouses, quite a lot:

  1. Smokehouse depth. Affects the total amount of product that can be cooked at a time. The deeper the smokehouse – the more it will be productive and the greater amount of time required to prepare the product;

  2. Reliability and ability to withstand adverse effects. A good smokehouse should be resistant to carbon deposits, not afraid of exposure to open flame, do not rust and do not oxidize. In most cases, smokers from thick-walled about 3-5 millimeters, stainless steel. In the case of home smokehouses intended for use on gas, preference should be given to cast-iron models, because, as stainless steel when exposed to an open source of fire has burn out property;

  3. The presence of holes for ventilation. The design of the device should be able to remove smoke generated during smoking, out;

  4. The presence of a special tray for fat and juice. During the process smoking inevitably produces fat and excess fluid called juice. If there is no special collection pan in the structure, the above liquids will drip to the bottom, thereby filling wood chips;

  5. Choosing an electric smokehouse for home use, preference should be given to models equipped with various cooking modes and adjustable temperature of the heating elements during cooking. Only in in this case, smoked fish or meat will turn out as delicious as possible and fragrant.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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