Which pillow is better for cervical osteochondrosis

With cervical osteochondrosis, degenerative damage to the tissues of the cervical spine occurs, which leads to discomfort, painful sensations and even a threat to the health of the body. A person needs to take the right action. First of all, choose the right bedding to reduce the stress on the spine. We recommend the correct pillows that doctors advise to use for cervical osteochondrosis.

Rest at night is important for the body's recovery, but during sleep the spine is at risk. We are not able to control the position of our body, therefore, curvature and displacement of the discs occur. The orthopedic pillow fixes the cervical spine, reducing the discomfort for people suffering from osteochondrosis. Do not forget that the neck is an important part of the body, on which blood circulation in the brain and the functioning of the nervous system depend.

Which pillow is better for cervical osteochondrosis

Pillow sizes

People are guided by their own preferences when choosing bedding. But with cervical osteochondrosis, it is necessary to take into account the recommendations of specialists. The dimensions of the pillow are selected taking into account the width of the shoulders – it should not be much wider.

When choosing a suitable model, measure the distance from the beginning of the neck to the end of the shoulder. The dimensions of the optimal pillow correspond to the parameters of the human body, otherwise inconvenience arises.

The height of the product becomes an important criterion. High pillows lead to curvature of the spine, and too low pillows cause pain and headaches. People with cervical osteochondrosis should keep all parts of the spine at the same level. Therapists draw the attention of patients to the pressing of the mattress, due to which there are differences in levels.

  1. the height of the pillow for sleeping on the side is at least 10 cm;

  2. the height of the pillow for sleeping on the stomach and on the back is less than 9 cm.

  3. The width and length of the pillow are standard – 70×60 cm, but compact models are also on sale – 50×40 cm.

What form of pillows to choose for cervical osteochondrosis

The shape of the pillows for cervical osteochondrosis

In a dream, a person completely relaxes the muscles, getting rid of tension. With cervical osteochondrosis, it is important to relax the entire muscle corset, while maintaining the correct position of the head and spine. During wakefulness, the muscles support the spinal column, but at night the support is minimized. The pillow solves the problem without discomfort and unpleasant sensations. Otherwise, due to residual stress, the person will not rest, but will wake up with a headache.

Sleeping accessories should solve the main tasks:

  1. maintain the natural curves of the spine in the cervical spine;

  2. support the head at the level of the spine;

  3. give correct support to the vertebrae;

  4. promote muscle relaxation.

Doctors recommend paying attention to the above conditions when choosing an orthopedic pillow. If you experience discomfort or pain in your back or neck after sleeping, you may need to look for other bed accessories. Orthopedic pillows are used not only by patients with osteochondrosis, but also by healthy people for prevention purposes.

Pillow models differ in size, shape and materials of manufacture. They are suitable for different cases of the disease and the degree of progression of cervical osteochondrosis. But remember that doctors identify only two 'correct' types of orthopedic pillows:

  1. in the shape of a crescent;

  2. rectangular pillows with slightly convex edges.

Products of this type fix the vertebrae in the correct position and maintain optimal height. The head should be slightly raised to maintain normal circulation, but the spine should not bend at the distance between the back and neck. The person relaxes and enjoys good rest.

Crescent shaped orthopedic pillows

crescent shaped pillows

Crescent-shaped pads wrap around the cervical region and provide soft support for the head in the correct position. Fixation in one position eliminates curvatures, even if a person spends a restless night. Due to the correct position and distribution of the load, the muscles rest, so the person does not experience discomfort and pain.

The shape of the crescent fixes the cervical spine and prevents the vertebrae from shifting. Such a pillow is suitable for prophylaxis and for sleeping with advanced stages of cervical osteochondrosis. Due to wear-resistant and elastic materials, the products retain their appearance after prolonged use. But a person has to constantly sleep on his back, which not everyone will like.


  • reliable fixation in the correct position;

  • effective help for mild and advanced pathologies of the spinal column;

  • even load distribution;


  • only one sleeping position is available – on the back.

Orthopedic pillows with raised edges

Orthopedic pillows with raised edges

Rectangular pads with convex edges are closer to the classic look. Products do not limit a person in choosing a suitable sleeping position – on the back, on the side. During the night, the position of the body changes, which eliminates muscle numbness and normalizes blood circulation. Despite this freedom, the spine remains straight, without bending or stress.

Before buying, it is important to find out which pillow will work best. The head should be kept at the correct height – slightly raised above the spine line. When choosing, pay attention to materials of manufacture, strength and wear resistance of materials. Orthopedic pillows recommended by doctors do not slip and retain their original shape.

Rectangular pillows with convex edges are the best choice if you have the correct height, choose an elastic and durable product.


  • the usual shape of the head pillow;

  • optimal neck and head support;

  • freedom in choosing a sleeping position;


  • difficulty in choosing the right dimensions, especially height.

Hardness of pillows

The task of the orthopedic pillow for cervical osteochondrosis is correct and uniform support. But orthopedists advise you to choose the stiffness based on your own preferences. For people who sleep mainly on their backs, pillows of medium hardness are suitable.

The hardest pillow is needed for people who sleep mostly on their sides. In this position, it is more difficult to keep the spine in the correct position. People who spend the night mostly on their stomachs choose soft pillows, because otherwise there is an additional load on the cervical spine.

Quality of materials

Pillows for cervical osteochondrosis have important properties that depend on the specific material of manufacture and filler. The list of requirements includes:

  1. keeping the shape;

  2. hypoallergenic;

  3. wear resistance;

  4. easy cleaning.

The first point is the most important, because otherwise the pillow simply will not cope with its tasks. A dozen of materials are offered to choose from, but only 3-4 of the list are leading in popularity.

Bamboo fiber

Bamboo fiber

Bamboo cellulose fiber is made from plant stems by mechanical or chemical processing. It is difficult to find models with pure bamboo fiber on the market, and a synthetic winterizer or holofiber is often added inside the pillow. The fiber does not cause allergic reactions, but it evenly supports the spinal column.

A pillow with bamboo fiber is suitable for prevention, but with an already formed cervical osteochondrosis, other options should be sought.


  • hypoallergenic;

  • budget;

  • ease of care;

  • light weight;

  • lightness, breathability;

  • hygiene, ecological cleanliness;


  • low hygroscopicity (does not absorb moisture, therefore it becomes wet);

  • fragility (short service life);

  • increased softness (crumpled under heavy load);


Latex pillows

Synthetic latex is used to fill the pillows. The material is created with characteristics specifically for orthopedic products. If the latex foam contains no more than 15% synthetic additives, the filler is labeled as natural '100% Latex Natural'. These pillows have the correct shape and always return to their original position.

Latex-filled pillows provide the best support, resist crease and retain their shape. But you have to put up with a specific smell and high cost.


  • firmness and elasticity;

  • ease of care;

  • antibacterial;

  • durability;

  • noiselessness;

  • relieving tension in the cervical spine;


  • allergic reactions in 1% of people;

  • high price;

  • harsh odor;

Buckwheat husk

Buckwheat husk

Pillows with buckwheat husk relieve painful sensations in cervical osteochondrosis. The products are dense and elastic, so the head is kept at the same level. The filler evenly distributes the load and guarantees a comfortable sleep.

Buckwheat husk is gaining popularity among those who suffer from neck and spine pain. Pillows with such a filler in 20-30% really relieve discomfort, and in the rest they help to achieve a restful sleep. But 5-10% of people note the stiffness of the pillow and the noise that makes it difficult to fall asleep. The average product weighs 4-5 kg. It is important to remember that the husk wears out, so the service life of one pillow is 2-3 years.


  • elasticity and even support;

  • hypoallergenic;

  • massage effect;

  • breathability;

  • decrease in pain;


  • noise and rustling of husks;

  • fragility;

  • severity;

  • rigidity;

Cooling gel

cooling gel pillows

Gel orthopedic pillows for cervical osteochondrosis are advised by doctors and therapists. The products attract with their precise anatomical shapes – they follow the curves of the cervical spine, providing ideal support during sleep. In terms of its properties, the filler is similar to latex, but the gel has a higher elasticity and a different density.

The gel-filled pillows are pleasant to the touch and the cooling gel refreshes the skin. The average thickness is 10-12 cm, but it is important to choose the right dimensions. If you follow the recommendations, then the person will enjoy a quiet rest. Gel, unlike latex, is odorless and usually more durable.


  • hygiene and environmental friendliness;

  • durability;

  • the 'memory effect' of the material;

  • exact repetition of the curves of the human body;

  • lack of unpleasant odors;


  • suitable for one specific position of the body;

  • you need to accurately select the dimensions and shapes individually for each person.

How to choose a pillow for cervical osteochondrosis?

The right pillow makes life easier. Sleeping supplies help with neck pain and are used for prevention. The models presented on the market have a set of characteristics and properties. The pillow holds the head in a position in which the muscle corset relaxes and the spine straightens. If unnatural curves appear, the pillow should be replaced.

Doctors recommend paying attention to the width of the shoulders – the width of the correct pillow is 1-2 cm larger. Manufacturers make the height proportional, so you don't have to measure it. The shape determines the position of the body during sleep. Anatomical products and crescent-shaped pillows restrict movement, but eliminate the displacement of the vertebrae.

The elasticity of the pillow, the service life, the presence or absence of odors, the noise level, etc. depend on the filler. For persistent pain, choose anatomically shaped pillows with dense filling, and rectangular products with bamboo fiber or husk are suitable for prevention.

In the following articles, our experts will tell you which pillow is better – bamboo or eucalyptus and the secrets of choosing a pillow for a comfortable sleep.

Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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