Which pillow is better: bamboo or eucalyptus

Bamboo and eucalyptus represent a worthy alternative to down fillings. Environmental friendliness is combined with practicality and comfort, so buyers opt for natural materials. We look at the pros and cons of fillers. A person should choose bedding according to their own preferences to create the conditions for a restful and healthy sleep. The presented fillers for pillows combine environmental friendliness and beneficial effects on the human body. But they differ in density and performance. Buyers have difficulty choosing a specific product.

Which pillow is better: bamboo or eucalyptus

Advantages and disadvantages of a bamboo pillow

bamboo pillows

From natural natural bamboo by the method of mechanical and chemical processing, a fiber is made used to create pillows with excellent performance characteristics. The plant grows 40-50 cm per day, so there are no problems with raw materials. Technologies make it possible to make a soft fiber from hard bamboo, which is pleasant to sleep on. The cushion filling is reminiscent of cashmere or silk due to its natural shine and is softer to the touch than cotton.

Bamboo is not the most durable material, although it has many positive qualities. The pillow with bamboo fiber will appeal to people who prefer good ventilation and temperature control. But with increased sweating, you will have to sleep on wet pillows, because the material practically does not absorb moisture. You should not trust manufacturers who claim orthopedic properties, massage effects, and health effects on the body. For cervical osteochondrosis and chronic pain, choose orthopedic pillows with quality support.

10-15 years ago bamboo products were expensive, but today processing methods are used to reduce the cost of the process. To create pillows, natural bamboo is used (information is contained on the label), and mixed products made of bamboo and synthetics will cost 1.5 times more.


  • natural antimicrobial properties that protect against microbes without additional effort;

  • antistatic properties that prevent dust particles from accumulating inside the pillow;

  • resistance to high humidity;

  • machine washable and compatible with temperatures up to 60 ° C;

  • due to its resistance to microbes, the material retains a fresh and attractive appearance throughout its entire service life;

  • strength and durability of the filler, thanks to the natural features of bamboo;

  • optimal heat regulation to ensure a comfortable environment for prolonged sleep;


  • unaccustomed people experience pain in the neck, especially with osteochondrosis, protrusions and intervertebral hernias;

  • bamboo fiber knocks and falls into lumps after 3-4 years of operation, so the original properties are lost.

  • low hygroscopicity – the fiber does not absorb moisture, so the pillow becomes damp during sleep;

  • weak head support during the night;

Pros and cons of eucalyptus fiber pillows

Eucalyptus fiber pillow

Another eco-friendly material used to make pillows is eucalyptus. A plant with a pronounced healing effect, which is widely used in pharmacology. Eucalyptus fiber is also suitable for pillows. Pillows create conditions for a full and healthy sleep. Unlike bamboo, eucalyptus is processed mechanically without the use of chemicals. The main positive point is safety for people with asthma or allergies.

Pillows with eucalyptus filling 'breathe', therefore they have a level of thermoregulation – on hot days the pillows are cool, and in cold weather they are warm. They are resistant to the appearance of microbes and the formation of fungi, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities have a beneficial effect on the skin. In terms of physical properties, the pillows are soft and comfortable.

Eucalyptus pillow is soft, even softer than bamboo filler. Over time, the softness remains, there are no problems with compaction. Eucalyptus does not fall off, which differs from the analogue discussed above. Products will require increased attention, especially when cleaning. The use of chemical reagents is not allowed, otherwise foreign odors will appear. It is allowed to wash in the machine, but you must turn off the drying. Leave the pillow to dry naturally after washing.

A light and soft eucalyptus-filled pillow will not provide adequate support for your neck. For osteochondrosis, choose orthopedic analogues, otherwise headache and discomfort will remain. Another problem is the persistent smell of eucalyptus that comes from the fragrances. Not everyone will like it, and sometimes even irritation arises.


  • hygiene and antiseptic properties guarantee people prone to allergic reactions, safety while sleeping;

  • long service life – 5 years;

  • essential oils contained in fiber have a beneficial effect on the skin and heal during sleep;

  • natural antibacterial protection that prevents the appearance of germs, bacteria, mold and mildew;

  • the softness of a silk-like material;

  • high-quality ventilation of the pillow, providing uniform thermoregulation and lack of discomfort in the hot season;

  • resistance to hand and even machine wash;

  • antistatic and deodorizing properties prevent the accumulation of dust and unpleasant odors;


  • permissible water temperature during washing – 30 C;

  • high price;

  • weak support and lack of orthopedic effect;

  • incompatibility with dry cleaners;

Which pillow to choose – eucalyptus or bamboo?

It is impossible to answer unequivocally which pillow is better – eucalyptus or bamboo. Combines both products with environmental friendliness, hypoallergenicity and antibacterial properties. They are recommended for people looking to create the best conditions for healthy sleep. These qualities make it difficult to choose.

  1. Bamboo cushions are denser, especially after 2-3 years of use. People who prefer to sleep on dry pillows will not like them – due to the low hygroscopicity, the pillowcase becomes wet, especially in the hot season. Neck support is weak, do not believe the claims of orthopedic effects.

  2. Eucalyptus pillows have a vivid healing effect. The oil contained in the fibers regenerates the skin. Products of this type are soft and comfortable, which also becomes a problem for people suffering from neck pain. Some people associate the pronounced smell of the plant with medicinal ointments, so not everyone likes this option. Eucalyptus litter is more expensive on the market – this is another problem.

In the following articles, our experts will tell you how to choose a pillow for a comfortable sleep and the secrets of choosing a pillow for cervical osteochondrosis.

Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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