How to choose a perfume with pheromones – the famous scent of love

Girls are pleased with the attention of others, especially if it comes from men. Smell has been a woman's weapon for a long time. Men also want to be more successful when meeting women. In such situations, special perfumes with pheromones help. Smells of seduction arouse people's interest.

choose perfume with pheromones

How to choose a perfume for men and women with pheromones?

Special perfumes for seducing the opposite sex are purchased in stores where you can check the composition, see the concentration of substances and request certificates. Manufacturers offer a huge range of fragrances and pheromone perfumes are popular.

Professional perfumers and just experienced people distinguish several selection criteria:

  1. Choose a perfume in the afternoon when your sense of smell works best;

  2. pay attention to the label, check the composition;

  3. choose a scent that suits your taste and image;

  4. use only those perfumes that you like first.

Manufacturers use complex formulations, and perfumes with pheromones sometimes do not have a pronounced smell at all. They are meant to blend with other flavors.

Natural pheromones include nutmeg, myrrh, ginger, patchouli, caraway seeds, sandalwood, and some other scents. Perfume based on them helps to create a romantic image that attracts the attention of the opposite sex. Artificial musk is sometimes used. It is forbidden to use natural musk in perfumes, as it causes deviations and affects psychosexual behavior.

Perfumes of this type do not contain alcohol, as it destroys odors, including, it has a detrimental effect on pheromones. If you add it to the composition, then we will have a regular perfume at an inflated price. Today, only oil-based products are used on sale.

What are pheromones?

The human body produces active chemicals that attract the opposite sex. This is a natural process laid down by nature to guarantee the procreation. Pheromones cause a subconscious reaction, increasing attraction and libido, so communication with a person develops successfully.

Men and women produce different types of pheromones. This circumstance is taken into account in the production of perfumes. They use synthetic substances created artificially in laboratories based on organic formulas.

Biologists note several types of pheromones:

  1. copulin is a female pheromone that increases testosterone in men;

  2. androstenone – a male and female pheromone that attracts the attention of others;

  3. androsterol is a universal pheromone that speaks at a subconscious level about the health of the owner;

  4. androsterone is a male pheromone that makes women feel safe and secure, and enhances the actions of others;

  5. androstadienone is a male pheromone that attracts girls and causes them positive emotions.

In other words, these chemicals are designed to attract the attention of other people. They make men interesting, attractive and strong in the eyes of girls. And the fair sex chemically inform men about their readiness for intimacy.

Benefits for men using pheromones:

  1. increasing male attractiveness;

  2. increased passion during simple communication or lovemaking;

  3. attracting attention from women;

  4. improving personal self-esteem.

Benefits for girls when using pheromones:

  1. strengthening personal confidence;

  2. increased interest in males;

  3. improvement of well-being, stabilization of hormonal levels.

The human body independently knows how to produce the necessary substances. Pheromones are released mainly in the armpits and nasolabial folds. But tobacco, odoriferous substances and synthetic perfume override the natural smell.

What to look for when choosing a perfume with pheromones?

criteria for choosing a perfume with pheromones

Remember that perfume with pheromones is a specific agent that is different from perfumery. They should not have an overly pungent or strong odor. If the goal is to seduce a partner, then perfumes with certain sex hormones are used for these tasks. Other means will simply help to attract attention and create a positive mood in the interlocutor.

It is important to note that natural sex hormones of animal or human origin are prohibited for use in most countries of the world because they have a strong effect.

When choosing a perfume, follow these tips:

  1. specify which pheromone or its analogue is used in perfume;

  2. choose products without alcohol, because it destroys the effect;

  3. check what scent the perfume forms and whether it will match the image.

Pheromones of plant origin are popular – patchouli, cumin, ambergris. These are natural aphrodisiacs that can be used in perfumery without restrictions. Perfume gives a slight attraction on the part of the opposite sex, it enhances passion and promotes pleasant communication.

Be careful with perfume. They should not cause any rejection or dislike. Such means act as a backdrop for some kind of romantic image for women or a confident image for men. It is better when the perfume has a wide range of aromas.

How to use perfume with pheromones correctly?

Remember that perfume only serves as an aid. There is no remedy that would affect every person equally strongly. Sometimes situations occur when the strong smell of perfume with pheromones even scares away other people, causing them dislike.

Consider simple rules:

  1. pheromone perfumes are sensitive to foreign inclusions;

  2. the perfume is applied to clean and open areas of the body;

  3. perfume should be combined with the creation of the right image.

Pheromones are complex aromatic structures that are easily changed and destroyed by extraneous odors. It is better to apply them indoors, where nothing prevents you from achieving the desired result.

The main places for application:

  1. neck in the carotid artery;

  2. the back of the earlobes;

  3. inner side of the wrist.

Another rule is that such perfumes cannot be used on an ongoing basis. Applying them to the body daily will attract unwanted people. The reaction of others is not the best. It is best to save them for dates or evenings where interesting acquaintances can be made. This will help you get a lot of new sensations, as well as find interesting people for close communication.

What should you watch out for?

Taking precautions will help you avoid unpleasant situations. Girls should be discreet about using perfumes with strong smells, including perfumes with pheromones. Pungent odors, as practice shows, simply scare people away.

Girls should not use such perfumes every day, because in this case they will probably have to fight off a mass of random men who are distinguished by inappropriate behavior or simply alcohol intoxication.

Perfume should be a small accessory to help girls drive men crazy. For the stronger sex, perfume with pheromones helps to gain confidence and emphasize masculinity. But first, such funds must be correctly selected for their purposes, so that no unpleasant consequences arise.

In the following articles, our experts will tell you how to choose a self-tanner and the secrets of choosing a powder by skin type.

Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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