How to choose a hair straightener

Many women try to use professional hair styling products to always look attractive. Now on the market of professional products there are numerous devices designed to facilitate the care of any type of hair and help make it more manageable. A rather popular device is a hair straightener, which is useful for owners of naughty curls.

How does a rectifier work

How does a rectifier work

From the name it immediately becomes clear that the main and only purpose of this device is the ability to make hair even. Beautiful styling and stylish hairstyle will now become available, because the iron copes with any degree of curliness. It works on the principle of drying – the plates are heated to the desired temperature and evaporate moisture from the hair. During this, the cornea of ​​the hair is additionally smoothed and they acquire a smooth, shiny appearance.

Which coating to choose a hair straightener

Difference in plate coating

Since the plates are the main contacting element, special attention should be paid to them, moreover, with particular care. It is not worth saving, since the appearance of the hair, and, therefore, yours depends on the quality of the surface of the plate. There are several types of coatings:

  1. Metal;

  2. Ceramics;

  3. Tourmaline;

  4. Teflon.

Metal coating

The coating greatly affects the cost of the device itself, so this must be taken into account when buying an iron. Metal coated rectifiers are inexpensive, which tempts most shoppers looking to save money.

! Metal plates have a detrimental effect on the hair structure. Uneven heating and difficulty in temperature control leads to dehydration of the hair, which subsequently leads to breakage and split ends.

Ceramic coating

It is considered one of the most popular and loyal to hair. The plate is heated evenly and, thanks to the built-in programs, keeps the set temperature. Gliding easily and smoothly through the hair, such a straightener does not harm them, but, on the contrary, makes it beautiful and shiny.

Some models of irons are equipped with complexes for moisturizing, conditioning and nourishing hair. Therefore, your curls are completely safe and receive extra care. However, one cannot do without drawbacks, and they are quite significant in the ceramic coating: when using additional cosmetics, there is a possibility that they stick to the plates. But the problem can be solved by simply wiping the iron with a damp, lint-free cloth.

Due to their qualities, ceramic rectifiers differ significantly in price from metal versions.

Teflon coating

Modern women have long been familiar with this wonderful coating, which does not stick to anything even after intense heating. The Teflon plate straightener is no exception. With its help, the hair easily becomes even and smooth. There is no need to apply additional cosmetics to the hair. Due to the uniform heating of the entire platinum surface, the hair structure is not disturbed.

Experts recommend that owners of thin and brittle hair use this particular option of straighteners in order not to finally be left without a hairstyle. In terms of cost, they are much higher than their predecessors, but if we talk about quality, then they have no equal. The disadvantages include the comparative fragility of the Teflon coating, which wears off over time and because of this becomes unsafe to use.

Tourmaline coating

It is considered the most modern and expensive material that has a beneficial effect on the hair structure, retaining moisture in the middle and not overdrying it. The tourmaline coating prevents static electricity, so there is no need to treat them with additional agents. However, the high cost does not make it possible to make the iron as popular as it deserves.

Ionization function

As part of modern irons, there are various additional functions that help to make effective styling and at the same time keep your hair healthy. Among them is the ionization function, when the plates are covered with a layer of ions, which are absorbed when heated into the hair structure and retain moisture inside. This is why the hair does not get tangled when combing and does not become electrified.

Temperature regime

Temperature regime

When choosing the most suitable option for yourself, purchase with temperature control. Everyone's hair is thick, stiff, brittle and greasy. In order to improve the model range and adapt it to the consumer as much as possible, manufacturers use the temperature change mode. It is recommended to use a temperature of 150 ° C for thin and weakened hair. For normal hair, up to 180 ° C, and only heating up to 200 ° C can cope with coarse and dense hair.

In conclusion, I would like to note that everyone determines the purchase of a particular device according to their budget. We, however, suggest that you use the above tips and do not save on the rectifier.

In the following articles, our experts will tell you how to choose a hair curler and the secrets of choosing an eyebrow dye.

Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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