How to choose a hair dye

Girls spend a lot of time taking care of their hair. They try to pick a hairstyle or change color. This helps Hair Dye. 80% of girls exposed their hair at least once staining. Someone goes to a beauty salon for this, but many Do not be puzzled by trips to salons and stain in home conditions. To achieve the desired result and not to spoil the hair, you should carefully approach the choice paints.

What are hair dyes? Main varieties

What are hair dyes? The main varieties

If you decide to dye your hair, then dozens of colors are available to you different types. They differ not only in color, but also in physical properties. On the one hand, this opens up possibilities for creating image, and on the other hand, causes difficulties in choosing materials.

Safety for hair depends primarily on the ones used. components. Paints by origin are divided into the following types:

  1. natural;

  2. physical;

  3. chemical.

They are represented by large and little-known brands. Them the cost varies greatly, so there are budget and luxury materials for coloring for every taste.

Natural hair dyes

The categories of natural paints include henna and basma, as well as some other paints. Distinctive feature – content exclusively natural materials – fees of meadow herbs and flowers. Some formulations have onion scales or tea, which help get a dark color. There are many in nature shades, so girls are not difficult to choose the best option for an updated image.


  • soft and natural hair coloring;

  • variety of colors;

  • clear composition.


  • the difficulty of obtaining the exact shade;

  • the likelihood of an allergic reaction.

Naturally, natural paints are considered prestigious, but they have there are also disadvantages. They do not always give the desired result, and in some cases, natural components may be even more dangerous for the body due to allergies.

Physical hair dyes

This category of hair dyes is popular with girls because Intended for frequent use. They differ in principle. exposure to hair. The composition does not penetrate deep into the structure hair, and envelops them with a thin film. To the category of physical paints include special tonics, coloring balms and shampoos. But they are not suitable for dramatic changes for a long term.


  • safe effect on the hair structure;

  • additional protection due to invisible film;

  • rich and beautiful shine.


  • wash off quickly, so lasting results are not guaranteed;

  • change color only a few tones, a fundamental change will not succeed.

Physical paints are chosen by those who are not ready for the cardinal long-term image changes. They will help lighten or darken hair by several tones, give a bright shine, but it costs wash your hair and the result will begin to fade.

Chemical hair dyes

Chemical paints are sometimes confused with physical paints because they have there are common features. This category is divided into subspecies that differ properties. However, chemical paints are resistant because penetrate the hair structure. They are able to radically change color, and the result lasts longer than when using physical colors.


  • lasting result without the need for regular tinting;

  • significant changes in tone;

  • saturated color.


  • risk of exposure to hair;

  • increased requirements for choosing a palette;

  • the difficulty of flushing, if such a need arises.

If you are ready for radical changes in the image, and do not want repeat the procedure regularly, then choose persistent chemical paints. But remember about the possible danger to the hair structure, and also irreversible changes.

The period during which the result will be held, plays an important role. For girls, sometimes this factor becomes determining when choosing paint. According to this classification, you can distinguish the following varieties:

  1. permanent;

  2. semi-permanent;

  3. temporary.

Pay attention to this factor so that there are no problems in further.

Permanent paints

Permanent category includes chemical paints. They characterized by a strong effect in which the coloring pigments penetrate the structure of the hair. This ensures persistent coloring in any shade. Manufacturers release such paint in the form of mousse or gel, which is applied to the hair.


  • significant changes in color gamut;

  • saving the result for a long time.


  • danger to hair.

If you decide to dye your hair for a long time, choose high-quality paint. Pay attention to soothing and moisturizing agents that help reduce the negative effects of chemical components.

Semi-permanent paints

Semi-permanent paints are popular because girls do not want to radically change the image for a long time without the opportunity to return everything back. In addition, the result of exposure these colors can be corrected if desired. They do not contain ammonia and hydrogen, so the hair remains safe.


  • minimal threat to hair;

  • high-quality coloring.


  • updated hair color is gradually washed off.

Such paints are available in various forms, so you can choose without problems. They do less harm to hair than persistent chemical dyes, and the shade will change in 1-2 months.

Temporary paints

On sale there are temporary paints. They are intended for those who want to experiment with the image or just try something new. Such paint does not penetrate, but the color fixed only on the outside.


  • bright colours;

  • complete safety.


  • the result does not hold;

    temporary paints may contain hazardous components.

This option is only suitable for changing the image for a week or two. After washing his head several times, there will be no trace of staining.

How to choose the color of hair dye?

The choice of paint for a girl turns into a difficult task, because that you have to consider a lot of factors. It should be noted that shade is far from the first thing to pay attention to. For safe paint is selected to help achieve desired result.

Girls try not to change the natural color much. In that case the main purpose of staining is to give hair shine, elasticity, saturation. In matters of caring for hair also takes into account proper nutrition, the presence of vitamins in organism.

Experts advise before staining to determine color type to pick up paint. In this case, the role is played by the shade skin:

color type

  1. winter and spring;

  2. summer and autumn.

For “winter” pale skin is characteristic, therefore it is not necessary choose light paint. It is better to choose a dark blond or reddish shades.

“Spring” is a light but warm color scheme than “winter”. These girls have blue or gray eyes. They have a big freedom of choice, because they can afford, as dark, and light colors.

“Summer,” however strange it may sound, refers to cold shades. These girls have gray or bluish eyes. Platinum or ashen color is better for them.

“Autumn” includes girls with dark eyes and hair, but fair skin. Dark hair is the best option for them, but can be repainted in a chestnut or slightly golden hue.

Girls are attentive to hair, so the slightest color gamut changes play a role. To simplify the task of choice, the International Natural Tone Scale is used. It indicated by numbers that are printed next to the color name on a box.

For the name, gradation from 1 to 10, from dark to bright. For convenience, the following categories are distinguished:

  1. 1-2 – very dark or slightly chestnut;

  2. 4 – natural chestnut;

  3. 7-8 – light brown or light brown;

  4. 10 – blonde blond.

Thus, to select the shade, pay attention to the digital designation. In this case, the result of the selected paint will be correspond to the plan.

Learning to choose hair dye – studying the label

Learning to choose hair dye - studying the label

The paint box is able to answer the questions of how much it safe, and what color will be the result. But not all girls well versed in these matters. The cipher requires special attention, indicating paint characteristics.

It includes:

  1. the first digit indicates the saturation of dark or light shade;

  2. the second digit is the designation of the primary color;

  3. third and fourth digits – designation of additional shade.

So the two fours in the cipher denote what you get a chestnut color with a copper tint, and 4 and 5 will give already chestnut with a reddish tint. The third and fourth digit will report about the intensity of the coloring pigment, about cold or warm tone.

The problem is that every paint manufacturer for hair adopted its own gradation. Not everyone adhere to the standard international tone scale, therefore mistakes are made when choosing. On the package is also a shade displayed is not always reliable.

If you want to make an accurate choice, then study the scale in detail, provided by a specific paint manufacturer. Better check it in printed form or on a high-quality screen, so that there is no visual distortion. Some firms even use alphabetic or mixed designations, for example, Colorissimo or Palette. it difficult choice, but if you pay attention to the study of information from manufacturer, will be able to choose the right hair dye.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose hair spray and the secrets of choosing a hair curler.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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