How to choose a floor mop: keeping your home clean

A well-sized mop can significantly shorten cleaning times and make cleaning more comfortable. In addition, with the help of some models, you can clean not only flooring, but also windows, tile joints, furniture, carpets and plumbing fixtures.

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Which mop to choose – handle and attachments

When buying, you need to pay attention to the handle and the head of the mop you like. The handle should fit comfortably in your hand and not slip. To hold the product comfortably, many metal models are equipped with rubberized or plastic handles.

Mop handles can be telescopic (sliding) and one-piece. One-piece handles are considered the strongest and most durable, but they are not very comfortable. Telescopic handles win in this regard. They allow you to adjust the height of the mop to your height and, if necessary, lengthen it enough to get to the farthest corners of the apartment. Some handles can slide along the platform (from the middle to the edge of the nozzle), making it easier to flush out the most difficult to reach areas. Unfortunately, telescopic and sliding handles break much faster than solid ones.

Mop handles are:

  1. Wooden handles are used in classic 'Soviet' T-shaped models, for which ordinary floor rags are used. They are durable and reliable – their service life is more than 10 years. However, wooden handles can be scratched or damaged. In addition, their surface can be poorly sanded, so when buying, you should pay attention to the quality of wood processing – it should not have chipping and splinters.

  2. Metal handles are most often made from aluminum. It is often combined with plastic and steel. Aluminum is a lightweight and durable material that resists corrosion, but can be bent or scratched. In general, metal handles are considered to be among the most reliable.

  3. Plastic handles break faster than others. But the most convenient telescopic handles, handles with a rotating platform and other devices are most often made of plastic. In addition, this material is lightweight, which greatly simplifies the cleaning process for fragile girls or teenagers.

If the attachment for a wooden product can be any floor rag or even old clothes, for modern plastic and metal models microfiber materials, cotton or synthetic ropes, sponges, etc. are used. The main characteristics of the mop depend on the type of attachment.

Rope floor mops – pros and cons

Rope floor mops

These products consist of a plastic or aluminum handle, to which is attached a rounded platform with thick cotton and / or synthetic ropes. They are usually sold with a spin bucket. To squeeze out the nozzle or clean it from dirt, you do not need to touch it with your hands, for this it is enough to press the bucket 'pedal' several times. Some rope models are squeezed out by lowering and turning the cylinder located on the handle of the product, or twisting the handle.


  • Affordable price. The simplest rope mop can be bought for 200–500 rubles, and a cleaning kit, consisting of a mop and a bucket with a wringer, costs 1,400–2,000 rubles;

  • Washes corners well;

  • You can wash and wring out the nozzle without getting your hands dirty;

  • Removable nozzle. It can be removed and washed in a typewriter or replaced with a new one;


  • The bucket 'pedal' can break if you press it too hard;

  • The rope nozzle absorbs a large amount of moisture that is released during cleaning. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it in rooms with wooden floors or low and middle class laminate;

  • Before cleaning the floors, it is advisable to vacuum the room – the mop does not collect debris, wool and hair;

  • Fragility. The nozzle becomes unusable after 4–5 months of operation;

Sponge Squeegee Mops

Spin mops

This mop consists of a plastic handle and a roller sponge. To squeeze out the nozzle, you need to pull on the special lever located above the sponge. The product is very easy to use – even seniors and schoolchildren can clean the floor with it.


  • If necessary, the nozzle can be removed and replaced with a new one;

  • Good at collecting wool, hair and debris around the apartment;

  • Washes skirting boards well;

  • Ease of use – no need to wring out or wash the attachment by hand. The most that is required of you is to bend over to pull the lever;

  • Low price (from 250 rubles);

  • Little weight;

  • Good absorbency – spilled water can be quickly removed with a mop;


  • Poorly squeezed out, so the floor can dry for a long time after washing. Because of this, the mop is not suitable for cleaning wood flooring and laminate;

  • Due to the rectangular shape of the roller sponge, the floor bucket must have a large diameter or the same shape. A standard bucket does not fit;

  • Before use, the mop should be soaked in water for about 10 minutes, otherwise it will be 'wooden';

  • Washes out corners and hard-to-reach places poorly;

  • Often the release lever or the structure that holds the attachment breaks. Budget models (up to 400 rubles) withstand about 3-4 months of operation;

Platform mops – features

Products with a platform can have different attachments (mops) – microfiber, cotton fabric, synthetics, sponge, etc. Platforms are also different – they can have different dimensions and functional features.

The following types of mops are distinguished:

Microfiber mops

Microfiber mops

Products with a microfiber mop absorb moisture well, but unlike rope mops and models with a sponge-roller, they wipe the floor dry without leaving streaks. Thanks to the flat swivel platform and telescopic handle, they clean up hard-to-reach places and far corners well. They make it easy to clean up spilled water, making them suitable for cleaning bathroom and kitchen floors.

To remove or put on the attachment, it is necessary to fold the platform by pressing a special button. You need to wash and wring out the nozzle manually.


  • It washes the floor well, removes wool, dust, hair and other debris;

  • With a mop, you can clean the floor under low furniture and vertical surfaces;

  • The attachment can be washed in a washing machine;

  • Washes dry, greasy and stubborn stains (such as from spilled jam);

  • The nozzle can be removed, washed, if necessary, replaced with a new one;

  • Suitable for cleaning all types of floors, including coatings sensitive to moisture (laminate, parquet, etc.);

  • Can be used for dry cleaning;


  • The nozzle must be wrung out and washed by hand;

  • Microfiber must not be ironed, tumbled dry, or bleach or softener used during washing;

  • After cleaning, microfiber needs to be washed and dried so that it does not lose its properties;


Mop Flounders

The flounder is considered one of the most comfortable mops. It has a flat rotating platform with Velcro, to which the attachment is attached. The attachments can be made from microfiber and cotton materials.


  • Due to the rotating platform and low weight, the mop can be used for cleaning hard-to-reach places, steps, walls, loggias and ceilings;

  • The attachment can be washed or replaced;

  • It removes dust and debris well;


  • The nozzle must be rinsed and wrung out by hand;

  • High price;

  • Hair, threads and wool can cling to Velcro.

Butterfly mop

Butterfly mop

A butterfly mop consists of a plastic or aluminum sliding platform handle with Velcro, to which a sponge attachment is attached. It also accepts microfiber and cotton attachments. Spinning is carried out by lifting and pressing a special lever on the handle of the product. In this case, the two parts of the platform, together with the attachment, fold like butterfly wings and straighten out again.


  • The attachment can be replaced with a new one;

  • Suitable for quick cleaning in an office or any other area with a lot of traffic, especially during slush;

  • Can be used for carpets;

  • Well wipes dirt and removes animal hair;

  • During operation, you do not need to wet your hands in water;


  • The sponge wears out quickly, and the nozzle has to be changed;

  • If the dirt is dry, it will not wipe away stains well. But some models are equipped with an additional abrasive brush, which can remove stubborn dirt;

  • The side spin lever breaks down quickly;

  • In some models, the sponge squeezes out poorly, so the floor dries for a long time after cleaning;

How to choose a steam mop

How to choose a steam mop

The steam mop allows you to perfectly clean surfaces without using household chemicals. It is powered by a steam generator that converts water into steam. The hot steam penetrates the deepest pores and micro-cracks, making the dirt more 'pliable'. Thanks to this, the most difficult and old stains can be removed. In addition, the steam disinfects surfaces.


  • Helps get rid of mold, dust mites and mildew.

  • Suitable for all types of flooring, including laminate and parquet. In addition, it can be used to clean carpets, plumbing fixtures, tile joints, clothing, etc.

  • After cleaning, the floor dries instantly.

  • No need to use detergents.

  • Reduces cleaning time.

  • Removes stubborn and stubborn stains.


  • High price.

  • Budget models break quickly.

  • Cannot be used on waxed parquet floors or clothing that is sensitive to high temperatures.

  • Great weight. Some models weigh 4–5 kg, which makes it difficult to hold the mop for a long time.

When buying a steam mop, pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Double steam supply. A mop with this function is suitable for cleaning very dirty surfaces. It is useful for cleaning the premises after renovation.

  2. Power. Steam mops are available in 1200-2100 watts. The efficiency of work and the rate of steam generation depend on this value. The optimal power is 1500 watts.

  3. Maximum steam pressure. The higher the value indicated by the manufacturer, the higher the bactericidal effect of the mop. An indicator of 1.5-2 bar is considered optimal.

  4. Steam control. If the mop has this function, you can set the working speed and the intensity of the surface steaming.

  5. Water tank volume. The larger the volume of the tank, the longer the device can work without rest (usually about 20–40 minutes) and the longer it will heat up.

  6. When buying, pay attention to the attachments that come with the mop. The functionality of the product depends on them. For example, the point nozzle allows you to clean joints and other hard-to-reach areas. It can be used to clean the bathroom and kitchen. And the electric brush makes it easier to remove old stains, but is not suitable for cleaning wood and plastic surfaces. Also remember, the more attachments are included, the more expensive the product will be.

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Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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