How to choose a fire extinguisher

A fire hazard occurs unexpectedly, and therefore, it is necessary to be prepared for it. The best solution to this tasks will become a compact fire extinguisher that will not occupy a lot of space and is always at hand, and when an emergency will help localize the source of fire. Everything, that required – choose the right device.

choose a fire extinguisher

Top Fire Extinguisher Manufacturers

The choice should be given to models of those manufacturers, products which has been certified in our country and has the appropriate Documents issued by fire authorities:

  1. “Fortress”

  2. Pozhservis-M

  3. Source Plus

  4. “Rospozhoborudovanie”;

  5. “SAM-Spas”

The above manufacturers are included in a single register manufacturers of fire fighting equipment, and their products It is certified and undergoes regular verification, which guarantees performance during the entire period of operation. About it also say and user reviews that have had the misfortune to apply real-time fire extinguishers found on the net The Internet.

Types of fire extinguishers. Which to choose?

All modern types of fire extinguishers can be divided into several conditional groups depending on what principle of action laid by the manufacturer.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers

They are a tank filled with carbon dioxide, transferred to a liquid state of aggregation under the influence of high pressure. A chemical reaction occurs during extinction, instantly lowering the temperature of carbon dioxide to -70 degrees and translating it into a snowy form.


  • Extinguishing Effectiveness;

  • Widely used in residential and public buildings;

  • Suitable for extinguishing liquid and solid substances not burning without oxygen access, as well as electrical installations for voltages up to 1000 Volt;

  • Large stock of the tank;


  • Not suitable for extinguishing metals burning without oxygen, as well as high voltage electrical installations;

  • Toxicity of carbon dioxide vapors;

  • Large overall dimensions;

Powder Extinguishers

Powder extinguishers

Compact models suitable for field use conditions. They are a reservoir with special powder, placed in a container with working gas. After pressing the handle the ingredients are mixed, and from the nozzle of the fire extinguisher a special foam is released that isolates the ignition site from oxygen and thereby stopping combustion.


  • Compact size. Powder extinguishers most often used in cars;

  • Relatively good efficiency;

  • Affordable price;

  • Light weight;


  • Not suitable for extinguishing items that you do not need to burn. oxygen as well as high voltage electrical and electronic technicians;

  • Demanding on storage conditions;

  • Not always effective in extinguishing strong foci flame;

  • They do not have a cooling effect, as a result of which the process burning may resume;

Air foam fire extinguisher

Air-foam fire extinguisher

Classic type of device using water foam as a source of extinguishing an open flame. Used to extinguish a fire of solids, wood, and all kinds of oily and paints and varnishes.


  • Maximum time of action;

  • No risk of re-ignition;

  • Fully cope with the tasks assigned to them;


  • Not suitable for extinguishing electrical wires and electrical installations, as well as all kinds of alkaline materials;

  • Causes corrosion;

Freon extinguishers

Freon extinguishers

Model chemical type, the main fire extinguishing agent in which is freon (the scientific name of the substance hexafluoropropane). The principle of operation of such devices is isolating open flame sources from oxygen, which replaced by neutral halogen, absolutely not supporting combustion. Suitable for extinguishing all types of combustion, including high-voltage electrical installations, as well as all sorts of valuable artifacts that need to cause minimal damage when quenching.


  • Effective;

  • Allow to extinguish all sources of flame, without exception, including including computer technology and high-voltage systems without fear damage them;

  • Significant tank capacity;


  • Quite expensive;

  • Fancy in storage and maintenance;

Fire extinguisher selection options. What to look for?

fire extinguisher selection criteria

In order to choose the most suitable fire extinguisher, it is necessary to determine the conditions in which or another model, identify the source of ignition, which theoretically will have to eliminate, as well as consider the main selection criteria similar devices.

Fire hazard class

In accordance with this criterion, all fire extinguishers are divided into five conditional groups:

  1. A – fires of organic materials (paper, wood, textile);

  2. B – burning of solids prone to reflow, as well as all kinds of liquids;

  3. C – ignition of gaseous substances;

  4. D – burning metal alloys;

  5. E – fires in electrical installations;

If possible, combined source of ignition choose the best universal fire extinguishers.

Device runtime

Directly depends on the capacity of the applied tank. Its capacities should be enough for the assigned tasks to extinguish fires with some reserve capacity in case of secondary fire.

Regular maintenance and verification

Depending on the design, all fire extinguishers require regular technical inspection and verification. It is performed once every 1-2 years and indicates the suitability of the device for further operation. After the procedure, a special certificate with the specified dates of the passed and next verification.

Features of choosing a fire extinguisher for the home

Fire may cause fires at home. solid household items or the same electrical wiring, and therefore, a compact carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is more than enough. If a large number of household appliances are installed in the house, sensitive to carbon dioxide, should be preferred Freon extinguisher.

Features of choosing a fire extinguisher for a summer residence

Sources of fires that occur in summer conditions are practically always are careless handling of fire or malfunctions of the wiring, and therefore the optimal choice will be quite powerful carbon dioxide or air foam fire extinguisher.

Features of choosing a fire extinguisher for a car

Due to fire extinguisher requirements technical inspections of cars by interested special services in the choice of such devices car enthusiasts are limited to compact powder models. In some cases, such functionality is enough, to deal with the source of ignition.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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