How to choose a face cream

The abundance of the cosmetic market plunges most women into state of confusion. Choose a tool that gives the maximum result in a short time, can either professional cosmetologists, or those who use the following advice.

Cosmetic axioms

Cosmetic axioms

About skin

The epidermis is coated with a water-lipid membrane that inhibits moisture evaporation and is a barrier to pathogens microorganisms. Active biological components of cosmetic funds must penetrate the shell to deliver the necessary restorative components to deeper layers of the skin. Barrier with recovers with time, but healthy ingredients are already filled cells, returning radiance, elasticity and healthy skin. To make the right choice, you must firmly grasp a few cosmetic axioms:

  1. cream for dry and delicate skin – moisturizes and saturates the upper epidermis layers;

  2. for oily skin – nourishes and closes pores;

  3. Both problems are solved by cream for combination skin.

About composition

We pay attention to the composition, which each cream includes specific set of ingredients:

  1. water – is present in each composition;

  2. biologically active substances – active components of a unique formulas providing the desired result;

  3. emulsifiers – needed so that the consistency of the cream is homogeneous;

  4. preservatives – keep the cream from spoilage for the duration, specified by the manufacturer;

  5. vitamins – in pure form are absorbed by the skin only with the help of emulsifier lecithin. In other cases, they are added as extracts;

  6. cosmetic oil – the basis of the cream, with a specific function (coconut – softens, olive – moisturizes, etc.).

Scary Ingredients

The mark on the tube that contains “mineral oil”, that refined hydrocarbons from oil were used. Distinctive feature of the component is an increase in stable consistency creamy mass and improving its appearance. It affects emulsification of vegetable oils included in the composition. Insofar as “mineral oil” is a highly refined but still technical, in it’s not absorbed by the skin, but creates a kind of film, preventing the loss of own moisture. Effect in some cases – morning swelling of the face. Interesting fact: in 2005 there were experiments were carried out to clarify the fact of gum minerality oils. Even those cosmetics in whose composition about 30 percent of this substance was present, not provoked the development of comedones in subjects. (DiNardo, J.C. Is mineral oil comedogenic? J. Cosmet. Dermatol., 2005, 4, 2-3).

In order not to get lost while reading the composition, remember: all components, indicated on the box, jar or tube are located in degree decrease (the first is the component that is most, the last – the one whose presence is minimal). One more rule – do not take cream if formaldehyde is present in the composition. This carcinogen destroys cells and leads to their mutations, with prolonged use.

Last Axiom: The Paraben Ingredient Is a Preservative necessary, and present in all creams saturated natural ingredients. The antifungal property of paraben is like and antibacterial, helps maintain cosmetic cream longer for later use. However:

  1. its content should not exceed a figure of 0.3 percent;

  2. the name “para” should be absent in the name of the paraben.

The allergic reaction to the cream is usually due precisely to allergic to paraben. In this case, it is better to pay attention to “organic” cosmetic product.

Proper packaging

Proper packaging

Beautiful jars look more attractive on a toilet home a little table. However, professional beauticians insist: the best packaging – an opaque tube. First, direct light will destroy fragile plant compounds. Secondly, the oil base of the cream is ideal environment for the reproduction of bacteria. Third, one-time the portion is small, and it is more convenient to get it using a special dispenser (or by pressing the tube). But also among lovers jars have a way out. Better if the cream is recruited using a special scapula, after which they quickly close the lid.

It is advisable to test a cosmetic product before purchase. This service is offered by many large cosmetics stores whose marketers have created disposable sachets (probes). Perfectly, You must try the product at home, on cleansed and prepared skin. If an allergy does not appear within 24 hours – feel free to buy like cream.

Cream purpose

Appointment cream

The cream chosen with taking into account the following nuances:

  1. daytime – has a light and delicate texture, absorbs quickly, does not leaving greasy marks. Their function is to protect the owner from harmful environmental influences (aggressive sunlight, wind, dust and dirt) and preserve the natural moisture inside the cells;

  2. night – dense and greasy consistency helps to regenerate epidermal cells. Their composition is more saturated than in daytime creams;

  3. for summer use – pick moisturizing lungs compositions;

  4. for winter – nourishing creams that protect the skin from chapping, peeling and low temperatures.

Different areas of the face require suitable cosmetic formulations. For the skin around the eyes (under which there is no own fat interlayers) light creams, saturated with vitamins, are needed to the maximum. For the face – the cream should match the type of skin. The main nuance: only with trusted manufacturers of branded cosmetics use expensive reduction technology molecular weight of the constituent ingredients. This allows you to penetrate in epidermal cells, 30 percent of the active ingredients (of the total mass) applied cosmetic products. Therefore, application any cream should be long and systematic.

Age gradation

Age Graduation

For a “stunning” effect, one cream is not enough. how only a woman stepped over the age mark “30 years”, caring for face must become integrated. However, pay attention to notes from manufacturers are also needed.

After 30;

The main problems of this age:

  1. weakening elasticity of the epidermis;

  2. faded tone of the face;

  3. beginning pigmentation;

  4. subtle violation of lines and contours.

As the natural cell renewal cycle slows down, it is necessary to exfoliate the keratinized upper cells with peelings. Then you can apply the cream, the main components which are:

  1. hyaluronic acid (for moisturizing) and ana-acid (e.g. milk or fruit) affecting molecules, tissue and cells skin

  2. niacinamide – a water-soluble vitamin B3 that improves elasticity of the epidermis and enhancing barrier function. Powerfully fights pigment spots, smoothing the tone of the face and its relief;

  3. Vitamin C – Vitamin accelerating cell growth and regeneration;

  4. Sun Protection Factor (SPF) – a sunscreen that protects skin from active sun exposure. The numbers indicated next to marked SPF, indicate the amount of time that you can fearlessly hold in direct sunlight (SPF 25, eg).

Make sure that the cream contains retinol, collagen and glycerol. These are components that actively restore elasticity and skin tone.

after 35;

The main problems of this period:

  1. “crow’s feet”, expression lines;

  2. swelling of the lower eyelids;

  3. dark circles from overwork;

  4. decreased skin turgor.

In this case, it is better to take care of strengthening the cells, their revitalization and sufficient hydration. Helping ingredients:

  1. collagen – the component from which skin cells are built cover;

  2. elastin – a protein twisted in a spiral, easily stretched and returning to its original state (consist of facial muscles of the face);

  3. algae extracts, vitamins;

  4. fruit acids;

  5. EGF is a protein containing 53 amino acid residues.

Care must be taken to thoroughly moisturize and nourish the skin, why the cream is applied in several layers.

after 40;

Tasks solved at the “Balzac” age, even more extensive:

  1. skin nutrition and leveling of relief;

  2. fight against wrinkles and sagging “brylyam”;

  3. elimination of the “second or double” chin;

  4. restoration of facial contours and the elimination of age spots;

  5. pulling up the facial folds.

The number of necessary active components increases:

  1. glycerin and lanolin – soften the skin, smoothing wrinkles;

  2. ceramides – restore the water-lipid membrane;

  3. peptides – chains of amino acid residues that restore internal processes in the cells of the epidermis;

  4. collagen and hyaluronic acid – mentioned earlier;

  5. ANA-acids and dimethicone – smooth the relief and protect against external destructive and irritating factors;

  6. vitamins A (retinol) and E (tocopherol) – elements that provoke skin for self-repair.

The main request is a constant lifting effect, which achieved using a complex of the above ingredients.


Choose cosmetics, in particular creams, from trusted (branded) manufacturers are much safer. Do not forget: professional cosmetics are quick, but contain chemical Components. The action of natural and organic cosmetics will become explicit in a couple of months.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose a cream for depilation, the secrets of choosing a cream after tanning and features of the choice of sunscreen.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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