How to choose a curler? Making curly hair

Well-groomed curly hair looks attractive. But nature has not rewarded all girls with such styling, so you have to spend time creating an attractive image. Curlers, which have long been present in the arsenal of girls, help in this. With their help, at home and without complicated procedures, volume is given to the hair, they are stacked in the right direction.

How to choose a curler? Which ones are the best?

How to choose a curler?  Which ones are the best?

Curling with curlers is an old and popular technique. Nowadays, a selection of different types of products is offered. They allow you to achieve the desired result with minimal effort and time. The differences relate to the shape, size, materials of manufacture.

If you have to decide which curlers to choose, then you first need to focus on the purpose of use. Experts advise to consider at what time the styling is to be done.

In this case, follow a few tips:

  1. for morning styling, curlers are required to help reduce time and quickly achieve the desired result;

  2. for styling in the evening, choose products from a dense material that holds its shape well.

Today girls are not limited in their choice of curlers to create an attractive hairstyle for every day or for a festive evening.

It must be remembered that the volume of curls depends fully on the shape of the curlers. The characteristics of the materials affect the volume that can be obtained by this method. Dealing with the features is difficult, so you have to consult with an experienced stylist.

When choosing, pay attention to the materials of manufacture:

  1. plastic;

  2. metal;

  3. tape, fabric.

Despite the apparent simplicity, the quality of styling, the splendor and speed of work, and the safety of the hair depend on the specific material.

Plastic curlers

Plastic is a common option. Classic curlers are made from it to create different hairstyles. Plastic curlers are used in the morning and evening. They have a cylindrical shape with projections for curling hair.


  • conveniently twisted;

  • fast fixation.


  • easy to bend and damage.

Plastic curlers are used to curl any hair. However, the plastic mold is easily damaged, and it is not recommended to heat the plastic.

Metallic curlers

A strong and durable option is metal curlers. They are equipped with special holes for fixing and even drying.


  • you can not dry your hair with a hairdryer;

  • there is a risk of hair damage due to strong heat.


  • electrify hair;

  • provoke the section of the tips.

This material is durable and very hot, as a result of which there is a risk of hair damage when using a hair dryer.

Fabric curlers

A popular option is fabric curlers, in the manufacture of which soft materials and fabrics are used.


  • ease and lack of discomfort;

  • attractive appearance.


  • soft material cannot always keep the desired shape.

What are the types of hair curlers – their varieties

What are the types of hair curlers - their varieties

If you carefully study the proposal, you can find many varieties. Renowned craftsmen create their own products with unique designs. It all depends on the methods, goals, characteristics of the hair. Plus, fashions change quickly, so it's hard to keep track of everything.

However, the following varieties stand out:

  1. thermal curlers;

  2. Velcro curlers;

  3. velvet curlers;

  4. papillotes ('Boomerangs');

  5. 'Bobbin'.

Girls should figure out all the features of these products, and then you can achieve the perfect hairstyle with minimal effort. Incorrect use of curlers leads to undesirable consequences, and sometimes even damages the hair.

Thermal curlers

Heated rollers are one of the older varieties of these devices. Our mothers and grandmothers also used such models, so the principle of operation is clear to many. They are products of a simple form made of plastic or metal. Before use, they were warmed up in hot water, after which the curls were curled. Professional heat rollers have paraffin inside, which contributes to uniform heating and slow cooling.


  • ease of use;

  • effective curling;

  • fast heating and styling (no more than 20-30 minutes).


  • there is a risk of burns if used carelessly;

  • difficult to use with long hair.

Velcro curlers

For girls who do not want to waste time on their hair, Velcro curlers are suitable. A distinctive feature is the complete absence of special mounts. Instead, a rough surface is used, thanks to which the curls are seized without additional fixation. Such devices are used in conjunction with a hairdryer, if necessary, a suitable diameter is selected.


  • ease of use;

  • a variety of styling options to create the desired hairstyle;

  • quick giving of volume and splendor.


  • a rough surface leads to tangling of the hair if handled carelessly;

  • difficult to use with long hair.

These curlers are suitable for different hair. Without spending a lot of time, girls give their hair volume and make lush hairstyles. These curlers blow dry your hair to save time. They have many advantages, but they are not recommended for use with long and brittle hair, as there is a high probability of damaging them.

Velvet curlers

These styling fixtures are made of a special velor-coated material. Thanks to this, a soft and gentle effect on the hair is ensured, therefore they are recommended for those whose hair is too fragile. A distinctive feature of velvet curlers is that they can be freely used with any type of hair, regardless of length, color or other qualities. Fixation of curls is carried out using special plastic sticks.


  • a wide range of application possibilities;

  • high quality styling;

  • safety for hair.


  • the complexity of the application;

  • the duration of the procedure.

Velvet curlers are used even in beauty salons because they are safe. But the procedure itself takes more time and requires curling skills.


Papillots, or boomerang curlers, are a popular and effective styling tool. Girls love such devices because they are easy to use and do not cause any discomfort. The curlers are made of dense foam rubber on a flexible wire, so they can be left without any problems even overnight. With the help of papillotes at home, both small curls and a lush hairstyle with large curls are obtained.


  • ease of use;

  • no harm to hair and discomfort;

  • versatility (suitable for all types of hair);

  • lack of discomfort.


  • because of their softness, the curlers can flatten, which will lead to the appearance of uneven curls;

  • it is necessary to select the correct size and shape.

The bobbins are classified as small diameter curlers. Aluminum, plastic or wood is used as the main material of manufacture in some cases. The curls are fixed with an elastic band. By designation and features, they are similar to papillotes, but have a rigid structure. They are used to get small curls with a perm.


  • simple appearance;

  • large volume for hair;

  • convenience of fine curling.


  • not suitable for all cases;

  • metal has a bad effect on hair (it is better to choose wooden or plastic curlers).

Such products are classified as professional styling tools. They will help to get volume with minimal cost, but it is better to use them with a perm.

Which curlers to choose?

Which curlers to choose?

There is a huge assortment of different curlers to choose from, so choosing the right and only option is difficult. Specific varieties, depending on the characteristics, are suitable for specific purposes. You must first understand everything, consult with experienced stylists, and only then make a choice.

If you want to style your hair quickly, then you should pay attention to the thermo or electric curlers. They will help to add volume in half an hour without complicated procedures and salon visits. They are chosen for morning makeup when there is no time for long procedures. But remember that they cause injury or damage your hair.

Another option for quick styling in the morning or at other times of the day is velvet curlers. They perform gentle curling without harming the hair. Such devices are classified as professional tools.

Be sure to consider the type of hair and their characteristics before buying these or those curlers. If your hair is strong, thick and long, then you should get papillotes or bobbins. Such products are more suitable for overnight styling, because it takes more time to complete the procedure. Thanks to them, you will not have to make compromises, and the result will not be long in coming.

If the hair is short and not strong, then you can do with simple Velcro curlers or plastic devices. With the right choice, any girl will keep her hair healthy, and will also help to get a hairstyle with a natural volume.

In the following articles, our experts will tell you how to choose a hair straightener and the secrets of choosing an eyebrow dye.

Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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