How to choose a bath

More recently, when mentioning the word “bath” imagination certainly painted a heavy cast-iron bowl of white color, which was so hard to climb the stairs. Choice as such was not: people bought what they could find on sale and sincerely rejoiced at the purchase. At present, the situation is cardinal has changed: a variety of bathtubs are available for selection, differing as materials of manufacture, and design and appearance. And on this since the choice is complicated not by the lack of alternatives, but rather, a huge number of them.

choose a bath

The best manufacturers of bathtubs – which company to choose

Traditionally, the best-known European manufacturers of plumbing, the presence in the house of a bathtub of such a brand among connoisseurs are considered a sign of good taste. Lately Domestic manufacturers also pulled themselves up quite a bit, offering quality and aesthetic baths at a very inexpensive the price. When choosing a new bath, products should be considered for purchase. following manufacturers:

  1. Vagnerplast

  2. Cersanit

  3. Pool spa

  4. Kolo

  5. Aquanet

  6. Roca

Types of bathtubs. Which one to choose?

Cast iron bathtubs

cast iron bathtubs

Time-tested classics. As the main material for the manufacture of bathtubs, cast iron has been used for many years, It is popular to this day. The reason is physical properties of this metal. Cast iron holds perfectly temperature, and therefore the water in such a bath does not cool for a long time. The cast iron bathtub is highly durable, it is unpretentious in operation and allows you to use for cleaning even aggressive household chemicals.


  • High strength;

  • Durability;

  • Excellent thermal insulation characteristics;

  • Low cost;

  • Unpretentiousness in leaving;


  • Heavy weight;

  • Enamel sensitivity to heavy metal contact items;

Bathtubs made of steel


Inexpensive models that are made from solid steel sheets by stamping. Application of various molds provides the opportunity to obtain various shapes and geometric tank sizes. Steel baths are lightweight, and therefore extremely convenient for transportation. Outside and inside such bathtubs are covered with a layer of moisture-resistant enamel, which protect steel from corrosion and providing aesthetic appearance and pleasant tactile sensations.


  • Low price;

  • Long service life;

  • Excellent heat dissipation;

  • A variety of sizes and shapes;

  • Light weight;


  • Low stability, requires the use of additional emphasis;

  • Water cools quickly enough;

  • Noisy when filling;

Acrylic bathtubs


The most popular type of bathtubs at present, uniting in the advantages of cast iron and steel baths. Acrylic is special fiberglass reinforced plastic to give necessary strength and rigidity. As a result, the constructors achieved excellent thermal insulation with extremely low weight. And also Acrylic is very easy to process, which allows you to get the most bizarre and unusual shapes. This class of baths can be attributed and plastic models coated with acrylic, differing in similar functional features and low price.


  • Light weight;

  • Affordable cost;

  • High strength and mechanical resistance damage;

  • A huge variety of colors, sizes and shapes;

  • Excellent thermal insulation;


  • Low resistance to abrasive influences;

  • Afraid of high temperatures;

Kvarilny baths


Trying to level out the shortcomings of acrylic, the engineers went still further – they invented a new type of material, characterized as high strength and light weight, and excellent heat resistance. The name of this material was quartile, and in it basis, in addition to acrylic, quartz appeared. It is he who is responsible for basic characteristics of the bath and makes it so universal.


  • High strength;

  • Excellent thermal insulation characteristics;

  • Good sound insulation;

  • Long service life;

  • Excellent heat resistance;


  • High price;

  • A small variety of forms;

Marble bathtubs

Marble baths

Not everyone can afford marble baths, and, however, not everyone needs them. These baths are classified as the top segment and are considered to be elite. Home them feature – aristocratic appearance, as well as beautiful thermal insulation and low noise. Made from marble chips, which are combined with special synthetic resins.


  • Elegant appearance;

  • Absorb noise;

  • A huge variety of colors, shades and sizes;


  • High price;

  • It is whimsical to the maintenance and use of household chemicals;

  • Large dimensions and weight;

Artificial stone baths

Bathtubs made of artificial stone

The characteristics of such models are largely similar to those available in marble bathtubs. They are distinguished by aesthetic appearance. view, high strength and heat resistance Noise during water intake almost completely absent, and such a bath cools down long enough. Thanks to special manufacturing technology a variety of colors, shades and shapes are provided, which allows pick up a bathtub for almost any interior.


  • Classic design and stylish appearance;

  • Perfectly maintain the temperature of the water;

  • Almost completely silent;

  • A huge variety of colors, shades and sizes;


  • High price;

  • It is whimsical to the maintenance and use of household chemicals;

  • Large dimensions and weight;

Wood bathtubs

Bathtubs made of wood

Phoenix reborn from the ashes. Wooden containers for bathing was widely used by our ancestors several centuries ago back, and thanks to new woodworking technologies, wooden bathtubs have gained a new look. Stylish, practical and very beautiful, They have excellent thermal insulation and are virtually silent.


  • Elegant appearance;

  • Excellent performance;

  • Variety of models;

  • Moisture resistance;


  • High price;

  • The tree is whimsical in care and tends to dry out;

Bath selection options

bath selection options

Size and volume

The size and volume of a particular bath is important. Choosing suitable model, it is necessary to take into account the area and geometric the size of the room, as well as the width of the doorways.

The form

This parameter is purely individual, however, pay attention to it. close attention should also be given. Classic oval bathtub forms are popular to this day, but no less semicircular, angular, as well as square models are popular.

Availability of massage systems

A bath is not only a hot water tank. Most advanced models are equipped with a large number of modern systems that directly affect functionality. For example, the most expensive models are equipped with modern air massage by default or hydromassage systems that allow you to take a fresh look at bath procedures.

Easy care

Pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations, regarding care of the bath during operation. There is a number popular among buyers materials that are afraid of abrasive exposure or use of aggressive household chemicals. Data Features should be known not to spoil the bath after first wash.

Heat capacity

The parameter reflecting how this or that material is capable keep warm. It depends on him how long the hot bathtub turn into cool. For example, cast iron, marble and artificial stone perfectly “keep” heat, but steel cools quickly enough.


The indicator showing the resistance of the bath to mechanical impacts. The stronger the material the bathtub is made of – the lower the probability of damage due to a sharp heavy item.

Which bath to choose?

which bath to choose

  1. Acrylic is the best option for a small apartment. bathtub or model made of quaril. Such models are different excellent performance and low weight will allow you to easily lift it to the desired floor;

  2. For a large and spacious house, the best option will be bathtub made of artificial stone or marble, the color and texture of which will match the design of the room. You can choose as an ordinary single bath, and a model for two;

  3. For a summer residence, it is best to use inexpensive cast iron or steel model, simple and unpretentious in operation;

How much does a bath cost?

  1. Steel baths are the cheapest. The price of such models is in the range of 4000-8000 rubles;

  2. Quality cast iron bathtubs with enamel coating more expensive: their cost is 12-23 thousand rubles;

  3. Acrylic and quartz models are also quite expensive – average the cost of acrylic models is 20-25 thousand rubles, kvarilny baths are even more expensive, about 30-32 thousand rubles.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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