How to choose a barbecue

The principle of operation of a barbecue is in many ways similar to that of a grill, however, unlike it, a barbecue does not have a top cover. Thus, the thermal effect is carried out exclusively from below. Choosing a quality barbecue is not difficult, and all that is needed is to determine the criteria that have the most direct impact on the functionality of the device.

how to choose a barbecue

Which barbecue to choose? Top manufacturers

The most high-quality and time-tested manufacturers are those brands that are able to process metal with high quality and obtain durable and reliable heat-resistant structures with an attractive appearance:

  1. Clatronic

  2. Camping World

  3. Doorz

  4. Megagrill

  5. Primo

The above brands produce a fairly large number of models suitable for both urban use and outdoor recreation. If the barbecue is selected with an emphasis on suburban operation, you can opt for an aesthetic custom model made by hand by folk craftsmen. Design, functional features, geometric dimensions – in this case, you will choose all these parameters yourself.

How the barbecue works

The main elements of any barbecue are the brazier itself – a container in which coals or another combustible element are placed, as well as grates, directly on which the meat is laid. The barbecue grate is almost always made of stainless steel, but the brazier, due to the constant exposure to high temperatures, must be made of thick-walled heat-resistant metal – cast iron, iron, steel.

Many modern barbecue manufacturers equip their devices with a metal cover fixed on special hinges. In addition to the protective and decorative function, it turns the barbecue into a full-fledged grill that provides thermal effect not only from below, but also from above. Such devices are currently very popular among lovers of outdoor recreation and owners of country houses and summer cottages.

Barbecue selection options

Device type

Depending on the mode in which the device is planned to be used, all barbecues are divided into:

  1. Stationary. By analogy with barbecues, these devices are designed for stationary operation in a specific place – in a suburban area, in the country. Massive construction, heavy weight, thick walls – these are their main characteristics;

  2. Mobile. The same stationary barbecue, equipped with wheels at the bottom. Allows you to transport a short distance if necessary – to a garage for the winter, under a canopy in rainy weather;

  3. Portable. A great option for those who like to fry meat in nature. They are foldable and fit easily into the trunk of a car. The disadvantages are the small thickness of the walls, as a result of which the device tends to burn out after a while;

Power supply'

  1. Coals are a classic option used in most devices of this class. Provide a high temperature and allow you to cook meat in the shortest possible time;

  2. Firewood. The principle of operation of such barbecues is somewhat different. Burning wood heats the work surface, which affects the food being cooked. Provides fast enough cooking, but the consumption of firewood during the operation of the device is quite high;

  3. Gas and electricity. Such models are popular, first of all, among residents of apartment buildings who are unable to cook food on traditional barbecues. Models that run on gas or electricity are very versatile, but they exclude the possibility of cooking the very 'smoky' steak that everyone loves so much.

The material from which barbecue is made

  1. Steel is widely used for making portable barbecues. Differs in decent heat resistance and unpretentious care. Among the shortcomings, they note the susceptibility to corrosion during intensive use, as well as the tendency to burnout after a while (especially typical for thin-walled models);

  2. Cast iron is a traditional material for making stationary barbecues and grills. High strength and thermal stability, resistance to oxidation and corrosion, simplicity in operation – these are the main advantages of this material;

  3. Granite, stone, brick. The owners of country houses very often equip an impromptu barbecue with their own hands, laying it out of stones, granite blocks, or other, similar materials. Such devices will become an excellent decorative element of your personal plot and a place around which friends gather for leisurely conversations.

Availability of additional accessories

  1. Grills for cooking meat are an essential attribute of any barbecue. The best are the thermally resistant Teflon-coated metal gratings. The size and shape is selected depending on the configuration of your device;

  2. The drip tray for collecting fat and juice is an optional accessory that not everyone uses. For some, this is a great way to get rid of unnecessary hassle when cleaning and washing a barbecue, while others believe that juice and fat dripping onto the coals and burning out with a fragrant smoke is an essential attribute of cooking meat on coals;

  3. A metal baking sheet for frying a variety of foods. Installed on coals and is a full-fledged analogue of a frying pan, allowing you to fry any food.

In the following articles, our experts will tell you how to choose the right smokehouse and the secrets of choosing a barbecue.

Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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