Choosing a filler: which pillow is better – bamboo or camel hair

The pillow should be selected taking into account individual preferences, because a sound and healthy sleep depends on it. There is a rich assortment on the market that helps you choose the best shape and size of bedding. The correct filler will relieve headaches and neck pains, create normal thermoregulation and ventilation. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of popular fillings such as bamboo and camel hair.

Down pillows are considered a classic option – soft, cozy and comfortable, but many people prefer more resilient and hard pillows. In addition, down products are often too warm, which can cause discomfort. Bamboo fiber and camel hair are worthy alternatives.

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Advantages and disadvantages of bamboo pillows?

bamboo pillows

Bamboo is a solid material by its nature – it is used to make furniture. In its natural form, it is not suitable for making pillows, therefore it is subjected to chemical treatment using carbon disulfide, and it belongs to toxic reagents. So that there are no dangerous traces left, the pillows are processed on special devices.

The finished product goes on sale after certification and mandatory verification, but many people have concerns. However, there is no good reason for this, so bamboo pillows are suitable for decoration or even for a bed.

For lovers of natural materials, bamboo fiber obtained from real natural bamboo by mechanical or chemical processing is suitable. In structure, the filler does not look like fluff, but rather resembles cotton wool or synthetic winterizer. The raw materials used in production are environmentally friendly, but reagents are used in the process of chemical processing.

Don't believe the claims that bamboo fiber has a health-promoting effect on the human body – this is nothing more than a commercial gimmick. But the material is safe because the toxins are completely washed out during processing.

Despite the chemical treatment, bamboo fiber remains a clean and environmentally friendly material. No harmful substances are released even after prolonged use.

The material is easy to maintain and the bamboo filler is hand washable, although the pillows themselves do not need to be cleaned regularly. Such products are a budget option for people who do not like to sleep on fluff. But it is important to remember about the fragility of pillows with bamboo, because after 2-3 years the filler becomes denser and becomes not so comfortable.


  • resistance to the appearance of microbes and harmful microorganisms (mites and midges), fungus and mold, therefore, the filler does not cause allergic reactions;

  • the bamboo fiber filler does not accumulate germs and dust, so the pillows do not need to be cleaned regularly;

  • bamboo retains its shape due to its elasticity and provides proper head support;

  • the cover and bamboo filler retains a porous structure, thanks to which the air circulates freely and regulates humidity;

  • bamboo fiber becomes completely chemically inert during processing, so the pillows remain hygienically clean and safe;


  • over time, the bamboo thickens, so the rigidity changes, which leads to pain in the neck;

  • the service life of the material does not exceed 3-4 years;

  • bamboo fiber has low hygroscopicity, so the pillow becomes wet with heavy sweating;

What is a camel wool pillow for?

camel wool pillow

Natural camel wool is obtained by shearing the Bactrian camels, which are bred in the countries of the Near and Middle East. For the manufacture of pillows, a downy undercoat is used, the thickness of the villi of which does not exceed 16-20 microns. Since one standard product requires a lot of wool, pillows are made in two sections – the base is made of a synthetic winterizer roller, and around it is soft camel wool. This solution extends the service life over 5-6 years.

This type of filler conducts heat, so in summer it is not as hot to sleep as on synthetics. Camel's wool is quite elastic, including due to the inner roller. But the usual problem with wool remains – the likelihood of allergic reactions. Dust accumulates inside over time and mites start, so it is important to clean it regularly.

The two-piece pillow, made of synthetic and natural down, has an optimal combination of price and durability. It regulates heat and breathes while maintaining softness and comfort.

It is important to examine the label before purchasing. The simple designation 'camel wool' indicates the manufacturer's desire to hide the exact ratio of natural and synthetic. Thermally bonded filler is used instead, so the exact percentage must be found.


  • camels have to live in conditions of drops from -40 to + 50 ° C, therefore wool perfectly regulates heat and maintains comfortable conditions in winter and summer;

  • camel wool contains natural lanolin, which provides softness and has a beneficial effect on human skin;

  • the hairs are not electrified, therefore dust particles are not attracted inside, and the hairstyle remains 'calm';

  • camel wool – a light material (2 times lighter than sheep wool);

  • hairs have good hygroscopicity, so even with increased sweating, you will not have to sleep on a damp pillow (unlike synthetics and fluff);


  • like any natural wool, it causes allergic reactions;

  • high cost – natural camel wool is expensive;

  • limited service life – no more than 3-5 years;

  • regular dusting is required to remove mites and harmful microorganisms;

  • the pillows are too soft and do not provide support in the anatomically correct position in the neck;

Which pillow is best for pregnant women – the main types

Which pillow is best for pregnant women

Both pillows have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, so you need to choose based on individual preferences. Lovers of sleeping on soft pillows choose camel wool. It surpasses the characteristics of ordinary swan down – better thermoregulation and air permeability. It is not hot to sleep on, it keeps cool in summer. But she will need regular cleaning, otherwise dust accumulates inside and mites start.

Allergy sufferers choose bamboo filler. It is hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly and clean. This pillow does not require regular cleaning, and dust does not accumulate inside. But not all people will like the structure itself, because bamboo is sometimes elastic and harsh, and after 2-3 years of operation it becomes denser and rolls into lumps.

The choice of pillow shape requires special attention:

  1. U-shaped;

  2. 'Bagel';

  3. G-shaped;

  4. C-shaped.

U-shaped pillows evenly wrap around the abdomen on all sides and support the back. The products create coziness, and the filler adds its own benefits. But large pillows require free space on the bed, which is not always convenient. If a girl is taller than 160-165 cm, a model with a size of 340×35 is needed, and a size of 280×35 cm is suitable for miniature mothers.

The size of the 'bagel' is usually 340×35. This type of pillow will help you get comfortable at night or while watching a movie. The shape allows you to fully wrap your body even on a small bed. At the same time, it is difficult for a mom with a tummy to roll over in such a pillow, and the bamboo filling gives additional density.

G-shaped pillows are presented in the shape of 350×35. Models are similar to a 'bagel' but leave room for the belly in the front. The shape of the English letter G opens up freedom in the choice of body position. The specific properties of the pillow depend on the filling – bamboo or camel hair.

The C-shaped pillow is an easier option for pregnant girls. For short women, the size 170×30 is suitable, and for girls with a height of 160 cm or more, a model 190×30 cm is needed. The 'C' form factor creates conditions for sound sleep on the side. Bamboo filler gives extra support, and lovers of softness and comfort choose camel wool.

In the following articles, our experts tell you which pillow is better – bamboo or swan down and the secrets of choosing an orthopedic pillow.

Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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