Tefal gv8981

Tefal gv8981

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Specifications of Tefal GV8981

General characteristics

Power 2400 W
Sole Gliss / glide
Steam generator yes, maximum vapor pressure 6.5 bar, hose length 1.8 m
Continuous steam there is up to 120 g / min
Automatic steam adjustment there is
Steam boost yes, 450 g / min, vertical steam
Spray function there is
Volume 1600 ml boiler

Safety and security

Auto shut off there is
Anti-scale system there is
Drip system not


Network cable ball mount to housing
Cord length 1.8 m


Additional Information topping up while working, eco mode

Tefal GV8981 Reviews

Pluses: Elegant performance! Design, management (there are 5 modes for any type of fabric), a very powerful 450g steam boost. Easy to maintain thanks to the scale collector and sole with self-cleaning and you can use ordinary tap water.
Minuses: Not detected
Minuses: Excellent

Kochkin Igorek

Pluses: The best steam generator that was, though we have it second)) Firstly, it’s European, secondly it’s Tefal, chic vertical steaming, very powerful and crazy design))) Very Conveniently made protection from children in the form of a “helmet”, we just small)))
Minuses: Yes, they simply do not)))
Minuses: In normal mode, you can steam anything, but synthetics is better to switch to synthetic mode

Anisimov Andrey

Pluses: excellent ironing, powerful steam, automatic cord reeling, stylish design
Minuses: They just do not
Disadvantages: I have long thought about buying a steam generator, but with the birth of the baby, this item in the house became necessary. I will tell you honestly, ironing is not a favorite pastime at home. So it was before and now it’s just fantastic. Firstly a lot of steam, suitable both for vertical debugging and horizontally. Same it is very convenient that you can select the desired temperature. Basically I’m stroking the middle, bedding to the maximum. Also very I like that the cord itself is unwound. And you yourself steam generator will let you know when it needs to be descaled. Make it very just get the collector and just rinse it. And really liked inventor’s idea with a protective cap. Stroked and cleaned. Super! In general, I’ll be honest, the device works for five plus, I’ll like it to everyone!

Popova Ekaterina

Pluses: Powerful, comfortable and steamed all my top clothes!
Minuses: Not noticed!
Minuses: Bought not so long ago, took it, since work is needed (tailor and cutter all rolled into one), and is approaching winter, but to give everything to dry cleaning tired. Huge plus strong steam boost, steams everything from the 1st time (including mine coat), convenient to clean (cord with automatic winding, does not hang out, iron also fixed) and most importantly refreshed the wardrobe of our entire family on winter! I advise everyone)

Gabdikova Yana

Advantages: quickly heats up, powerful steam, perfect ironing, convenient storage.
Minuses: not noticed
Minuses: purchased to replace the old steam station, ironing I was surprised 450g of steam compared to 200g on the old system showed a very good result, where before it was necessary to iron walk two three times, now in one pass perfect result!

Fox alex

Pluses: good steam, removable container, automatic cord reeling, self-cleaning sole, powerful
Minuses: no
Minuses: Excellent steam generator, smooths everything very fast and good. They have long wanted, acquired and did not regret not so much! For those who iron a lot, who want not only to smooth either just to refresh things, but to spend much less on it time and effort – this steam generator is a must! To the maximum we don’t even use it, because steam is enough. It is conveniently reeled up the cord, the sole slides easily, there is descaling and much another …

Klimova Anya

Pluses: powerful steam boost 450g / min, 5 settings for any types of fabrics, auto power off, convenient storage
Minuses: not found
Minuses: I had to update my old iron, since with the appearance of the child, he ceased to cope with the task. my husband gave me this great machine !!! Ironing turned into pleasure and takes 3 times less time. Pleased with the exact temperature setting for any type of tissue (5 modes). Other’s there are no representatives. As well as a powerful steam boost, pastel linen takes in 4 layers !!! Easy to store, which is not enough important … closes with a protective cap, easy to carry and protected from dust and dirt! great model !!! Recomend for everybody! Do not regret money, regret the time spent ironing, not with family!

Sveilova Marina

Advantages: Powerful steam, easy descaling, easy can be customized to the desired fabric.
Minuses: Color does not fit the interior of the room. Big but with good steam they are all like that.
Minuses: Excellent steaming and ironing! Setting for the lazy – just pressed the button for my fabric and that’s it – he changes everything and steam and heating. Was in a large electronics store – girl the consultant very emotionally described this apparatus. I took a chance and took it – just super! One cleaning is worth it – just took it out scum collector and shook out the scum at the end. And that’s all! I liked the protective cover on top. If something falls, the steam generator not hurt. Convenient handle to put it in the closet. And by the way, funny power cord – in the end I just pull it and it’s all cleans up in the case, as on my vacuum cleaner. My daughter really liked 🙂 Says – mom, he hides the tail 🙂

I will not say Irina

Advantages: Powerful steam boost-450g / min, 5 adjustment modes temperature
Minuses: No
Minuses: I asked my husband for my birthday a steam generator, and then with two children and husband’s permanent shirts, I spent a lot of time ironing and very tired! Now ironing takes a minimum of time. Thanks to the high power of the folds are smoothed instantly !!! And five modes allow perfect Choose the right temperature for any fabric! No problem with descaling – there is a special collector. Also that could not please, very compact when stored, even the cord, like vacuums, reeling off! In general, very happy with the gift, everyone recommend)

Abanina Olga

Pros: Powerful steam that smoothes all types of fabrics Convenient temperature setting Easy glide Compact and comfortable storage, especially reeling cord
Minuses: not found
Minuses: A wonderful device that delights every day more and more. I saw a friend tefal steam generator, which she touted. I wanted to buy this gadget myself. Having read reviews and watched hundreds of videos, I decided stop also on tefal steam generators. It remains to choose which one! Of course, I was looking for the most powerful, since there are not a few of us in the family and the number of clothes and linen for ironing is growing every second, and so little time. 450 g / min is what you need! Steam smoothes any kinds of fabrics and very fast. Just select the type of fabric and go! Perfect glide handles even the most naughty clothes. Ironing turned into pleasant minutes, and most importantly compared with with an ordinary iron – it is really quick and easy. Himself the steam generator is very convenient to carry thanks to the handle, and the cord, which wraps around like a vacuum cleaner – this is generally a thing! Very worthy model that enthralls! Recommend.

Leigh Lissa

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