How to choose a waffle iron?

Tasty and healthy waffles are those that are cooked at home. An easy way to cook them is to use a waffle iron.


What are electric waffle irons?

Despite the breadth of the model range, waffle irons are divided into two large categories, and the thickness of the wafer is of decisive importance:

  1. American or classic style (products are intended for the preparation of thin products);
  2. Belgian style (ready-made waffles lush).

How not to make a mistake with the choice of a waffle iron?

To buy a useful thing that you will often with pleasure to use, consider simple criteria that facilitate the choice and allow you not to spend extra money on unnecessary device functions.

The size

The dimensions of the electric waffle iron directly depend on the size of the kitchen. In a modest-sized kitchen, a large waffle maker will look ridiculous and interfere wherever it is placed and kept.

  1. For small kitchens, look for compact models in which a compartment for the cord is provided.
  2. In large kitchens, the size of the waffle iron does not matter.


Modern models are only available with Teflon coating. Behind this can be cooked with minimal fat and easy take out the finished treat. Quality coating applied evenly, no noticeable bubbles, bumps or bald spots.


The body of the waffle iron is made of metal or plastic. Metal products are expensive. Plastic is cheaper and prettier, but will last less.

Pay attention to the presence of a thermostat

Choose models with thermostat that will support constant temperature inside the waffle iron. With such a function, not have to constantly turn it off and on with the appliance, make sure so that the waffles are not burnt and evenly baked – a waffle maker with the thermostat will do everything herself.

Pay attention to the presence of a thermostat

Look for models with a thermostat, with it you set temperature (from 180 to 250 ° C) depending on the recipe cooking waffles.

Among the useful functions can be distinguished – heating indicator and warning lamp. With the first you will know when it’s time pour the dough, and the control lamp will signal that the waffles baked and it’s time to take out.

With a quality waffle iron you will delight yourself and loved ones delicious ruddy waffles, the preparation of which does not take much time and effort.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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