Philips GC4929 / 80 PerfectCare Azur

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Specifications of the Philips GC4929 / 80 PerfectCare Azur

General characteristics

Power 3000 watts
Sole T-ionicGlide
Continuous steam there is, with adjustment, up to 50 g / min
Automatic steam adjustment not
Steam boost there are 220 g / min
Spray function there is
Volume 350 ml water tank

Safety and security

Auto shut off there is
Self cleaning system there is
Drip system there is


Cord length 2.5 m


Equipment beaker
Additional Information OptimalTEMP Technology

Dimensions and weight

Weight 1.75 kg

Philips GC4929 / 80 PerfectCare Azur Reviews

Pluses: Comfortable and beautiful iron. Hope that like the former irons of this company will last a long time. The main thing is not to drop high heights.
Minuses: Itself does not iron.
Disadvantages: This is essentially a compromise between a steam iron and steam generators, and accordingly has both pros and cons of each. I was afraid that without adjusting the temperature it would be inconvenient, but I was mistaken – conveniently. For large volumes, a steam generator is better, and for vertical ironing – steamer. This device does all this well too, but easier, does not take up much space and much cheaper.


Pluses: Outwardly very nice iron, wonderful steam, long convenient cable, convenient to pour water. Water does not leak nowhere. Weight is acceptable. A good sole, as the consultant assured, is not killed .. let’s see.
Minuses: 1) The most important disadvantage – no adjustment temperature !! Optimal term is complete nonsense. The bottom line is that temperature just does not rise above 200 degrees. Trite does not smooth shirt, not enough power, and steam is powerless here, it does not help! Given its price … it’s just a new chip from Philips marketers. 2) Again, mentioning the price, the plastic pen creaks, it kills and disappointing. I regret that I did not buy Braun, or the same Philips, but in one and a half times cheaper.
Minuses: In summary: buy an adjustable iron temperature !!! you will determine when you need high temperature, and when not.

Bazhenov Andrey

Pluses: Beautiful, comfortable to iron. No regulator temperature.
Disadvantages: The handle of the iron underneath is covered with a thin layer of rubber. So now a week after the purchase, the rubber began to peel off.
Minuses: I will return to the store.


Pluses: What you need! :)))
Minuses: It’s a pity that he hasn’t ironed himself yet 🙂
Minuses: Great! Everything as it is written in advertising, and is: no settings are needed: just take and stroke, Function self-cleaning – very convenient with our dirty tap water. Ironing perfectly: you need to iron the same place 100 times. One caveat: because the quality of water in our city near Moscow is very bad, then I pour in the iron not the tap water, but the filtered through a regular water filter. For those who write about the high price: consider the cost of a gift that is free (same marketing move), well, I ask you to consider the ruble / euro rate. For such I don’t mind giving the toy money 🙂

mini mini

Pluses: A large hole for water, the sole is good glides and does not foul things, you can iron any things without switching the temperature regime.
Minuses: For some reason, I have practically no steam boost, it upset me.
Minuses: I would like a stronger steam boost, and just Fuck a couple harder.

Margarita Kaledina

Advantages: Quickly and easily strokes, without setting modes. The nose also irones things well – easy to iron hard-to-reach places. It looks very representative, beautiful design.
Minuses: vertical steam does not iron deep folds, but it gets better 🙂 Anyway, a little leaking. On the my opinion is a little pricey.
Minuses: I am not a fan of ironing things and I do it only for obvious necessity)) Bed sheets and towels are not ironed in principle. And then, I decided to try a new iron … stopped only when all the things on the dryer, including linen and towels))) Ironing is a pleasure. Of course, it’s very convenient when you can turn on the iron and, without contacting, with any buttons, discs and levers can be ironed any fabric from synthetics to silks. Only for the first time maximum steam is enough install and that’s all))) Then just turn it on, wait until it warms up and stroking. It glides very easily, the steam supply is constant and powerful – not special efforts must be made when ironing. Fun fact, but, while stroking it, it also moistened the air in the room up to 44%))) Never and there were no such values ​​close! Vertical steaming here Ironing is not replaceable. At least for cotton very crumpled of things. Water is consumed just instantly – on average, enough for 1 thing. Therefore, you need to immediately pick up a pot of water and put nearby))) Then you will not experience inconvenience. Unfortunately, sometimes water flows slightly from the sole. But, in general, very worthy model and ideal for those who do not like to iron (like me, eg).

Smirnova Julia

Advantages: Lack of a temperature regulator, powerful steam boost, the possibility of using tap water
Minuses: High price
Minuses: Very good new from Philips

Yudina Julia

Pluses: Everything is perfect in it, from appearance to technical specifications
Minuses: no
Minuses: Very good iron! Modern, stylish exterior view. Innovative! I was glad that there is no temperature controller and at the same time very delicately strokes any fabric and a very powerful steam hit!

The user has hidden his data

Advantages: no need to adjust the temperature
Minuses: no
Minuses: Very cool iron! I bought it a week ago and in completely delighted with him. Very convenient, the fact that the iron is not necessary adjust the temperature as the new innovative stands technology in which it is not possible to spoil even the most delicate the cloth. The soleplate on the iron also pleases very well. tissue. Also in the iron is a powerful steam boost. I advise everyone after purchase of this iron is a pleasure to iron!

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: just take and iron without any troubles superfluous, very powerful steam, glides like clockwork.
Minuses: Itself does not iron
Minuses: Everything in this iron is done as it should, very pleasant the addition is a futuristic design, to me sooooo like.

Tarasova Anya

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