How to choose a fondue

Guests often come to you, but you do not like to stand at the stove? Try fondue. It will take no more than five minutes, and guests will enjoy a delicious meal.

The easiest to prepare is chocolate fondue. There is also cheese, fish and meat. Depending on the ingredients you will be using for the fondue, you should choose a fondue maker.

How to choose the right product and what to look for when buying, we will tell you in our article.

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Types of fondue dishes – which one to choose: electric or burner

Electricity or fire is used to heat the fondue. This is not to say that either of these two heat sources is better – both electrical and burner products have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Burner fondue

Burner fondue

To heat such products, a candle or burner is used, which is filled with special tablets or gel that does not emit odor, soot or smoke. Fondue burners are ideal for creating a romantic atmosphere in your home or just a cozy atmosphere on cold winter evenings.


  • Fondue pots with burners or candles are not 'tied' to one place. You can take them with you where there is no electricity (for example, to nature);

  • With a burner, the flame height and therefore the heating rate can be adjusted.


  • You need to buy fuel for the fondue. One liter of gel is enough for 8-10 times of use, one tablet – for one use (about 2-3 hours);

  • Thermoregulation is not possible in all fondue burners.

Electric fondue

Electric fondue

Thanks to their quick heating and the ability to adjust the temperature, electric fondue appliances are an excellent option for cheese, meat and dessert dishes that need to be cooked at a certain temperature. Such fondue dishes are connected to the mains, so they cannot be used outside the home.

Some fondue trays have magnetic cables. They open if a person accidentally touches the wire, and thus prevent spilling fondue on the table or an unlucky guest. There are also models with too short electrical cords. When buying such products, it is advisable to stock up with an extension cord so that you can 'get' from the table to the outlet.

Electric fondue trays are made of metal and often have a non-stick coating to make the dishwashing process easier.


  • Suitable for all types of fondue;

  • Safety. Suitable for home with small children.

  • No need to buy fuel;

  • Convenient thermoregulation system;


  • Cannot be used outdoors and indoors without electricity;

  • Creates a less cozy atmosphere in the house, compared to burners. However, some models are equipped with indicator lights that simulate a burner flame. This makes them look more like classic burner products.

What fondue to buy for chocolate, cheese, meat and vegetable fondues

What fondue to buy

Fondue containers are made from ceramics, clay and metal (stainless steel and cast iron):

  1. Ceramic and earthenware products are suitable for making dessert or chocolate fondues. They are not designed for meat, fish, or vegetable dishes that require higher temperatures. These products are very fragile and vulnerable. With a strong impact, they can crack, and when exposed to high temperatures, they can crack. Such fondue dishes should not be heated on the stove.

  2. Cast iron products are ideal for preparing meat fondues. They heat food evenly and keep heat for a long time. Such dishes are durable and strong, but they are not well suited for making cheese and chocolate fondues. In addition, cast iron fondue dishes are heavy and tend to absorb odors. If a cast iron fondue pot does not have a protective non-stick layer, it should be used to prepare one type of fondue (meat or fish, for example).

  3. The stainless steel fondue bowl is a versatile model. It is suitable for all types of food preparation and can withstand high temperatures. It can be placed on the stove to make fondue faster.

Which heating element is better – a burner or a candle

The candle is only used to heat earthenware or stoneware and make chocolate fondue. It is not hot enough to cook another dish. In addition, a burning candle cannot heat a large container and provide fondue for a large company (5–6 people).

The burner wins in this respect. It can cook any amount of fondue and can be used to heat any type of fondue dish. In addition, in most burner models, the height and intensity of the fire can be adjusted.

What else to look for before buying – practical advice

  1. Pay attention to the volume of the dishes. If you plan to enjoy fondue with a limited circle of friends or together with your loved one, choose containers for 0.7-1 liters. If you need to buy a fondyushnitsa for a large family, or you often relax in a large company, a 1.5–2.5 liter container is suitable. The standard volume of a fondue dish is 1.3-1.5 liters. Also consider the fact that for meat, vegetable and fish dishes, you need to choose larger containers, while 0.3–0.4 liters will be enough for preparing chocolate fondue.

  2. When buying, keep in mind that wood fondue handles have poor thermal conductivity, i.e. you do not risk getting burned. However, they are not particularly durable and do not like to 'bathe' in the dishwasher. Metal handles are more durable and unpretentious, but they get very hot.

  3. Pay attention to the forks included in the fondue set. Choose products with long handles. It is desirable that these handles are made of non-heating material (wood or plastic). To prevent guests from confusing their skewers, choose products with multi-colored marks on the handle. When buying, keep in mind that a person will need one fork to taste sweet fondue, while he will need to use two skewers for a meat dish.

Attention! This material is the subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a purchase guide.

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